10 Rooms That Are Designed Around Televisions

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In the late 1990s, many expected televisions to be obsolete in a decade and replaced by personal computers. We’re into the year 2010, and it hasn’t happened yet. The current generation of televisions is vastly different from what we had in the past. There was no such thing as an interactive television set, and there was no way to broadcast Xbox games or YouTube videos. The TV still has the impression of being a “laid-back entertainment device,” despite how much the distinctions between TVs and PCs have blurred over the years. Television viewing is all about kicking back and taking it easy, with the viewer having no active role in the experience.

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2-living-room-by-addoy52 Living Room By Addoy5 | 2 Living Room By Addoy5.

7-living-rooms-by-archmodels27 Living Rooms By Archmodels2 | 7 Living Rooms By Archmodels2.

6-living-by-archmodels6 Living By Archmodels | 6 Living By Archmodels.

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5-Modern-Living-Room-by-Flavius-C5 Modern Living Room By Flavius C | 5 Modern Living Room By Flavius C.

4-living-room-by-Ertugy4 Living Room By Ertugy | 4 Living Room By Ertugy.

10-living-by-premium3Dmodelsdotcom10 Living By Premium3Dmodelsdotcom | 10 Living By Premium3Dmodelsdotcom.

3-Living-by-deguff3 Living By Deguff | 3 Living By Deguff.

9-gorgeous-living-by-keremcobandotcom-19 Gorgeous Living By Keremcobandotcom | 9 Gorgeous Living By Keremcobandotcom.

2-Interior-Living-Area-by-vivifyer2 Interior Living Area By Vivifyer | 2 Interior Living Area By Vivifyer.

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