12 Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs

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In lieu of the formal dining room, many modern homes are utilizing the kitchen space and adding an eat-in feature whether it be an island, bar or full dining area to accommodate a place for individual dining or family meals. For even the smallest of kitchens, there is an eat-in solution. In addition to meal time, these kitchens facilitate other activities such as working from home on the computer, the kids doing homework, and simply hanging out with family and friends. We’ve gathered around a dozen stunning modern kitchen designs that we think will certainly inspire some kitchen design ideas of your own.

Gallery for 12 Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs

compact-modern-kitchen-with-eat-in-islandThis extremely compact kitchen utilizes one side of the kitchen island to accommodate seating. | Source: Cyril Atmachidi.

feminine-pink-kitchen-with-dining-spaceThis lovely feminine kitchen in brilliant pink and white features a tiny dining area furnished with small modern furniture. | Source: Olga Tikhonova.

industrial-modern-kitchen-with-dining-areaThis sun-filled industrial space offers a wonderful place for full family dining with a table set for six. The bamboo flooring adds an extra glow to the room. | Source: Deviant Art.

large-modern-kitchen-with-dining-areaEven with a full size dining table for six in the middle of this kitchen there is still plenty of room to move freely while preparing meals. | Source: Cyril Atmachidi.

modern-kitchen-with-dining-area-2This kitchen allows for meal prep while family and friends can relax and visit with the chef. A wall of windows makes the room appear larger and floods the space with natural light. | Visualizer: Ivan Pecis.

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modern-kitchen-with-extended-barAn extended bar allows for four to dine comfortably while still allowing for a full island for work space. | Via: Slick1291.



modern-kitchen-with-island-bar-2An open plan modern home features a full-size kitchen with bar island that opens to the living space. | Via: Vic Nguyen.




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