25+ Amazing Conservatory Greenhouse Ideas For Indoor-outdoor Bliss

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If you are wishing to add a conservatory to your home, consider also including a greenhouse component to bring in nature and really make your space feel inviting. A typical conservatory will have plenty of translucency, with walls and a ceiling of glass to bring in sunlight and nature. Your space should feel magical, from the lush greens and comfortable furnishings that invites you to relax and stay awhile. You may also wish to add string lights for ambiance.

Even better is adding a dining area to your conservatory greenhouse, as this would be the perfect space to entertain family and friends. The important thing to note is that this space can be used through all seasons. When its pouring rain or snowing and frigid outside, you will be indoors enjoying your plants and curled up with a blanket. Below is a collection of ideas to help you get inspired! Please let us know which of these conservatory greenhouse ideas is your favorite and why in the Comments below!

1. A greenhouse in Sweden offers the perfect sanctuary. “When my friend Micael explained that a greenhouse changed his life, I thought he was a bit overly exaggerated. But when I sit in here, I feel how green life cripples in the body. Yes, a very own greenhouse is vitality that contains expectations and dreams. To harvest a juicy cucumber..to taste cucumbers..Everything to drink a cup of tea next to the sky blue sky of the lead flower while a slight rain falls against the glass roof. A bowl of sweet tomatoes on the table. Yes, it’s greenhouse life!” (via @victoriaskoglund)

2. A garden conservatory is much-loved family gathering spot in the home of London designer Rose Uniacke. The family uses this luminous space to enjoy activities such as reading, lounging, dining, and entertaining. The flooring features terra cotta tiles picked up from a salvage yard in France and was supplemented with handmade Italian tiles from Italian Terrace. (via Matthew Williams for Garendista)

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3. A glass greenhouse bedroom is nestled waterfront on a remote Finnish island. (via Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth)

4. A garden room with a spa and greenhouse was created to enjoy year-round. The greenhouse is kept at a steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit all winter. Fresh herbs are grown for cooking, ferns and exotic palms are stored here in the winter and seedlings are prepared for spring planting. This greenhouse was purchased as a kit from BC Greenhouses. (via Garden Tech Horticultural Services)

5. A swimming pool with a slide can be used year-round thanks to it’s greenhouse pool cover.  “The Crescent” boasts several unique features including a beautiful hip roof design, two sets of custom double doors in the sidewall, and intermixing aluminum bars to create a heavier aesthetic. Dimensions: 19’ 9” x 50’ 2 ½”. (via Meridian Estate Greenhouses)

6. Make it a greenhouse too. This beautiful conservatory in Chanhassen, Minnesota works hard as a greenhouse, potting shed and sanctuary with a backyard view. (via Conservatory Craftsmen)

7. A Cape Cod style greenhouse features a jungle of plants and a water feature for a tranquil setting to enjoy potting and relaxation. (via BC Greenhouse Builders)

8. A 12’x16′ conservatory-greenhouse offers space for living and dining with potted plants including fruit trees. The beautiful, organic looking ceiling blind is called ‘Pinoleum’. A bamboo base with fabric originating in France. The stone is a full thickness ledge stone native to southern Pennsylvania. It has been on this house for 80 years! (via Conservatory Craftsmen)

9. This greenhouse room in the backyard of a London home is so bright and open. The perfect spot for entertaining guests, with a chandelier adding a touch of elegance. (via Forbes Rix Design)

10. A conservatory for plants and people, this space encompasses 400 square feet. The paint color on the walls is Farrow & Ball Bone. (via Town and Country Conservatories)

11. The Tatton glasshouse in England was designed for people and plants. This is from the National Trust Greenhouse Collection. (via Alitex Greenhouses and Conservatories)

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12. The ultimate in greenhouse living, this space features an abundance of plants, comfortable furnishings and a dual-sided fireplace. (via Groundswell Design Group Inc.)

13. A cozy conservatory lounge offers plenty of fresh oxygen thanks to all the plants. (via Town and Country Conservatories)

14. A backyard greenhouse in New England becomes an entertainment space that sparkles with twinkle lights when the sun goes down.(via Mary Prince Photography)

15. This is a fantastic space to bring in your summer potted plants for the winter and spend time relaxing and entertaining year-round… minus the elements! (via DBR Builders)

16. A French country estate in Michigan features a plant-filled conservatory with a cozy dining space for two. (via VanBrouck & Associates)

17. Create a sophisticated entertaining space with this domed greenhouse that blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries. A cozy zebra striped rug, green garden stools from Bungalow 5 and elegant cushioned seating provides just enough space for entertaining guests. (via Last Detail Interior Design)

18. This beautiful timber frame greenhouse features stone planters and a charming dining space to entertain family and friends. (via SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction)

19. A casually designed conservatory with comfortable wicker furnishings offers a fantastic indoor-outdoor feel. (via B. Jane Gardens)

20. This Lake Washington sunroom faces into a private outdoor courtyard. Oversized, double-pivoting doors, blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries. In the winter months, this space is a warm enclosed space bathed in natural light and surrounded by plants.(Scott Allen Architecture)

21. An English village house in Philadelphia features two brick walls that originally framed an alleyway parking spot. Everything else was added to create a flourishing garden in the city. The custom greenhouse windows were fabricated by Solar Innovations. The room is 7′ x 14′. (via Terra Studio)

22. This greenhouse in Pennsylvania is used for morning tea. The ironwork planters came from a mosque in Pittsburgh that was torn down, spotted at a salvage company. The iron gate is from an estate sale, while the wooden scrolls are from a flea market in France. (via The New York Times)

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23. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania is this cozy plant-filled conservatory to enjoy family dining and entertaining all season long. (Period Architecture)

24. This conservatory overlooks a rear garden and a wetland beyond. The mostly glass structure sits on a stone base, its transparency gives a sense of spaciousness. (via Saroki Architecture)

25. This conservatory has a greenhouse-effect with its large palm plant and surrounding nature outside. The plant is set in an Italian antique ceramic planter. Elegant wicker furnishings and a chandelier decorates the space. The checkered flooring is Absolute Black granite (no grain) and Carrera marble honed very slight grain. (via Get Back JoJo)

26. This fantastic space features vines growing up the wall and a center island countertop for dining. The brick matches the rest of the home and a glass-enclosed roof illuminates the space with natural light. (via Bruce Clodfelter and Associates)

27. This conservatory is part of an early 19th century Dutch farmstead, nestled in the hillside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. One of the great things about having a greenhouse is that plants can grow, giving the space an outdoor feeling. (via JLF Design Build)

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