25 Examples Of Awesome Modern Kitchen Lighting

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When you’re forking out the big bucks for a brand new kitchen, you don’t want the finished scheme to fall flat. It’s usually the most expensive room redo you’ll do in your home so you want that wow and you want all the drama. You want all of your friends to wish that your kitchen was their kitchen, right? Maybe. Well at the very least, you’ll want your friends to see what an amazing cooking and dining space you’ve created to enjoy together, and what do we need to see clearly? Light! Lots of awesome, mesmerizing kitchen lights like the ones we’ve gathered together here to inspire you!

Gallery for 25 Examples Of Awesome Modern Kitchen Lighting

Yellow-backsplash-1The cheerful yellow backdrop of this kitchen decor is framed by warm light. A thin LED strip also runs above the full length of the kitchen bar. The dining area towards the far end is marked by two large industrial pendant lights over the table. | Visualizer: Plasterlina.

White-bar-stoolsIndustrial style lighting, like this row of five individual hanging bulbs, is simple yet effective. A larger pendant shade finishes off the run and marks out a casual dining area. LED strip lights beneath the base units make the cabinets appear as though floating slightly off the floor. | Visualizer: Mady Beissner.

Industrial-style-stoolsThis colourful boxed light installation over the central kitchen island illuminates the eating area, basin and a set of indoor herb planters. | Visualizer: Plasterlina.

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Modern-kitchen-design-1Under shelf lighting has became a popular choice for the kitchen. You can draw attention to your favourite culinary items this way, and benefit from the extra task lighting that will be shed over your countertop beneath. | Visualizer: Maxim Goryachev.

Grey-backsplashThis kitchen uses shelf lighting to make their collection of pots and unique coffee mugs shine. The lights reflect nicely over the adjacent glossy surface. | Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang.

Green-dining-chairs-1This kitchen has an illuminated cabinet to show off a set of unique wine glasses, as well as a task lighting strip beneath the wall cupboards. The rooms ceiling also has a matching inlay of recessed lighting around the perimeter. | Visualizer: Ogovio.

Modern-kitchen-countertopEach nook and cranny of a kitchen could present an opportunity for an interesting lighting installation. Lighting doesn’t have to be restricted to practical task lighting, or illuminating work areas and decorative display items. | Visualizer: Dmytriy Kaleniuk.

Grey-white-kitchenGrey and white kitchens provide a good base for many styles. This one is in a contemporary home but the colourway of the dining chairs and the style of the pendant lights look retro. | Designer: Destilat.

Textured-kitchen-cabinetsTextured kitchen cabinet doors should always have good lighting bestowed upon them, to bring out the depth of their design feature. The kitchen design seen here also has an illuminated feature wall. | Source: Delta.

Open-kitchen-shelvingWith peg-board style open kitchen shelving, the open wire-framed pendant shades make a great combination. | Visualizer: Vu Tan.

White-kitchensWhite kitchens can be on the icy side. Consider adding a lighting scheme that brings a little visual warmth to the room. | Source: Paul.M.

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Marble-kitchenMarble kitchens have added interest in the unique veins seen in the material. Simple lighting effects let the marble speak for itself. | Visualizer: M3 Architecture.

White-green-kitchenWhite lighting edges a bank of natural shelving in this fresh green and white kitchen colour scheme. | Visualizer: Denys Kozak, Daria Ozhyhanova.

Yellow-white-kitchenThe happy sunshine yellow in this kitchen is further enhanced by the introduction of warm LED edging and three large yellow lined pendant lights over the centre island. | Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja.

Kitchen-LEDsA strip of intense blue light makes a bright impact upon this pale kitchen scheme. | Designer: Mal Corboy.

Kitchen-tilesNot all lighting plans have to be dazzling in effect. This softly glowing kitchen appears warm and relaxing, an inviting place in which to cook or dine. | Visualizer: Tracy Ong.

Kitchen-islandThe lighting feature in this kitchen is the main event, standing out against understated plain black cabinets. | Visualizer: Soffit Interiors.

Unique-kitchen-pendant-lightsUnique kitchen pendant lights will always have a place. These ones find their ideal place over each end of a long central island that’s used for casual dining. | Visualizer: Ihor Bednarchyk.

Marble-countertopCheck out this illuminated marble magic! Why have under-lighting or over-lighting when you can have through-lighting! | Source: Marble Of The World.

Unique-kitchen-countertopsYou can even use light to colour your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Check out our unique kitchen countertops post for more cool products like this. | Designer: CBD Glass.

Black-white-kitchenBlack and white kitchens already have a strong contrasting look but add a few recessed strips of cool white LEDs and you can take things to a whole new level. This one looks like something you might see in a space-station on a sci-fi movie. | Visualizer: Roman Kolyada.

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Kitchen-bar-stoolsThe black kitchen bar stools are the initial attention grabber at the front of this kitchen but the recessed lighting over the counter draws the attention all the way to the back. Grey kitchens like this one can sometimes appear cold, so an area of warm white lighting really cozies the scheme up. | Designer: DesignSpace London.

Modern-kitchenModern kitchens can be quite minimalistic, so atmospheric lighting is an important addition in creating extra interest and warmth. In this dark coloured kitchen, a simple small pan and crockery cubby takes on a cozy look with the help of some internal lighting. The resulting glow appears almost like a contemporary letterbox fireplace. | Visualizer: Igor Sirotov.

Black-kitchenThis handle-free black kitchen fades into the background of a dining area. The LED strip over the centre of the work area is the only attention grabbing element. | Visualizer: Igor Sirotov.

Geometric-kitchen-1This futuristic geometric kitchen composition is pretty striking all on it’s own. The introduction of warm white under lighting just simply adds to its awesomeness. The length of each run of base units and wall units have an illuminated underscore, including the central island. | Visualizer: Burak Lafcı.

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