25 Most Beautiful Ways To Decorate For Fall With Lanterns

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Fall is such a warm and cozy time of year and to celebrate the season, why not decorate your home with lanterns both indoors and out. Decorating with fall lanterns will add the perfect ambiance to your interior and exterior living spaces. The great thing about lanterns, you can fill them with gourds, pumpkins, nuts, leaves and other seasonal materials to create a beautiful autumn display.

Consider adding a candle inside your lantern for a festive touch. You can select from a fall colored pillar candle or a battery operated LED so you can set it on a timer and forget about it! Have a look below for our inspiring collection of Fall lantern ideas that we have put together for you. Readers, don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite and why in the Comments!

1. Outdoor Tablescape. Miniature pumpkins and gourds fill a glass lantern. Place a few outside the lantern to enhance the appearance of your tablescape. This same look can be done as an indoor table centerpiece. (via Celebrate Magazine)

2. Fall Porch Decor. Accessorize your front porch with pumpkins and decorative pillows. Add lanterns for evening ambiance. (via On Sutton Place)

3. Rustic Fall Porch. On this front porch, a lantern takes center stage, filled with a white, battery-operated pillar candle. (via Taryn Whiteaker)

4. Fall Decorated Outdoor Lantern. This black lantern features a flameless candle that could be set on a timer. The lantern is decorated with dollar store finds, fall leaf and berry garlands. (via Home Talk)

5. Porch Decor. These lanterns were found at TJ Maxx, filled with pinecones and pumpkins, giving an instant fall decor. (via Jenna Burger)

6. Fall Tablescape. When decorating your fall table, there are plenty of autumn-inspired details you can add, including lanterns. (via Home Is Where the Boat Is)

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7. Console Table Decor. Pumpkins are used to decorate inside lanterns, green, brown and orange. Place the lantern on your console table for some fall flair. (via A Southern Blossom)

8. Dining Table Centerpiece. A long basket is brimming faux leaves and berry garlands, while lanterns adds height and ambiance to the centerpiece. (via Opulent Cottage)

9. Lantern DIY Decor. Fill lanterns with pumpkins and other fall pieces for an easy DIY-decor idea! (via Hobby Lobby)

10. Fall Lantern Centerpiece. A regular lantern gets a new life, spray painted Rustoleum’s heirloom white for this centerpiece. Moss and floral stems and small faux pumpkins have been inserted into the lantern, all from Michaels. (via Home Talk)

11. Small Fall Porch. If you have a small porch, this simple idea will do the trick, adding a touch of fall to your outdoor space. (via The Crafting Chicks)

12. Rusty Lantern and Bittersweet Fall Table Centerpiece. This old rusted lantern features the perfect French farmhouse patina. Additional decor includes bittersweet and a ring of grapevine on an old piece of ivory matelasse fabric. (via Serendipity Refined)

13. Fall Mason Jar Lanterns. These mason jar lanterns filled with fairy lights and faux leaves only take a minute to put together. They will look great in nearly any space in your home — on your mantel, bookshelf, entryway table, anywhere! (via Crafts Unleashed)

14. Autumn Rustic Lantern Centerpiece. This beautiful wooden lantern is painted in a distressed black. Decor features dried lotus pods, orange paper flowers, dried orange buds, small red fabric flowers and white fabric oak leaves. The lantern can decorate any table in your home, or be used on your porch, set on a hay bale! (via The Knot)

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15. Rustic Fall Coffee Table. There are plenty of spaces in your home to accent with fall decor, don’t forget your coffee table. Lanterns are a simple way to add some ambiance, a faux leaf garland adds a touch of autumn. (via The Frugal Homemaker)

16. Dining Table Centerpiece. Fall centerpiece with pumpkins burlap flowers and berries in a vintage dough bowl. (via Pinterest)

17. Lantern Centerpiece. A fall themed centerpiece with candles and leaves. (via Michelle Edwards)

18. Fall Patio Decor. Lanterns are a beautiful way to decorate your front porch for fall! The glow from a lantern can make your home look and feel cozy. If unattended, it is best to use LED lights. For a more rustic style, place it in a planter! (via Kirklands)

19. Dining Table Centerpiece. This tabletop is layered a tablecloth, a burlap runner and an old table top with the legs removed. Set on top is a white lantern with a pumpkin orange candle. An artificial berry wreath is set around the lantern for dimension and color. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

20. Jack-O-Lantern. Top a cinderella pumpkin with a miniature lantern filled with a tea light, moss and succulents to create a beautiful holiday display. Get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Tilly’s Nest)

21. Rustic Lantern. A wooden lantern is filled with an LED candle and surrounded by nuts and pinecones. Adorn the top of the lantern with a burlap bow and some faux leaves. (via Nob Hill)

22. Fall DIY Lantern. A weathered wood lantern from Kirklands gets a warm stain applied to it for the harvest season. The lantern is filled with gold ornaments and a couple of mini faux pumpkins. The lantern is topped off with a burlap ribbon (Hobby Lobby) and faux leaves (Dollar Tree). (via The Endearing Home)

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23. Welcoming Fall Porch Decor. Bring a touch of ambiance to your front porch with iron lanterns in varying sizes. Group the lanterns together for more impact and select pillar candles or LED candles in autumn hues. (via Rustic White Photography)

24. Fall Display. A rustic wagon is decorated with fall arrangements, a lantern and candles. This is perfect for a fall party or an outdoor fall wedding! (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

25. Outdoor Decorating With Fall Lanterns. Bright fall colors and metal lanterns makes this outdoor display inviting both day and night. Use LED candles for outdoors to leave them on unattended and create an inviting ambiance for guests. Add some fall foliage, pinecones, pumpkins and mums for autumn color. (via Stone Gable Blog)

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