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25 of the Best Gray Paint Color Options for Kitchens

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Looking for the perfect gray paint for your kitchen walls and no clue which to choose? Check out this article to find out which are blue, green, and true silver colors that will compliment your kitchen and not take away from it no matter the size of your current footprint.

I have always found the idea of painting a room in my house to be incredibly stressful. It is not because of the actual painting, but because of actually picking the color to put on my walls. The color never ends up looking the way I want it to once all of the walls have been painted with two coats. If you always feel the way I do, I am going to help you out a little bit by highlighting the 25 best gray paint color options for your kitchen. This will give you an idea of what these colors really look like.

I compiled a list of the best gray paint options from the top paint brands:

Lazy Gray (SW 6254)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This is a great color for your kitchen because it gives you a calm and soothing feeling. If you want to make your small kitchen seem bigger, Lazy Gray really opens up the space to make it appear larger than it really may be. It will not give you any more room, of course, but the appearance is everything. This is not the lightest color in this range but it has a deep color. One downside to this color is if you are looking for true gray color, this paint has a blue undertone making it look more blueish depending on the light.

Morning Fog (SW 6255)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This gray color from Sherwin Williams also has blue undertones but adds a touch of lavender. This is a unique looking color that makes an awesome accent wall. If accent walls are not your thing, you can use this as your base color. This is a great color for your kitchen to give it a slight touch of color without really smacking you in the face with color.

Gray Screen (SW 7071)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This gray is a really true gray and stands out because when you look at it, it appears gray. This paint will look on your kitchen walls the same way it does on the swatch. It is a cooler color and like many, has blue undertones. Sherwin Williams claims that this is their most popular paint shade. Now, the downside to that is your kitchen walls may look like many others if that sort of thing bothers you. This paint reflects about half of the light that comes into your kitchen. This color looks great with dark and middle brown floors. If you have stainless steel appliances, this is a great color for you.

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Passive (SW7064)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This gray paint is a cool color and more of a neutral gray. This color is great for your kitchen because it blends in with any color in the room. It complements just about everything that you have in your kitchen. This is aptly named as it takes a passive role in your kitchen. It does not stand out or get in the way of all of the decorative pieces in your kitchen.

Steely Gray (SW7664)

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Source: Sherwin-Williams

This paint from Sherwin Williams is also perfectly named because this gray color is a steely gray. This is a deep and cool color with blue undertones. One thing you must keep in mind about this paint is it is really dark. It is going to make your kitchen look dark and closed in. If you are not going for that look, this is a great color for an accent wall.

Dustblu (SW 9161)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Dustblu is considered a generic gray color, however, it has a blue undertone to it. This is a medium gray color. This gives you a feeling of simplicity and sincerity. It makes your kitchen feel welcoming. This color is often found in restaurants. This color will make you think of sturdiness and accessibility. It pairs well with a light tan, almost beige color, and browns.

Summit Gray (SW 7669)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Summit Gray is a solid gray color. When you think of gray, this is the color that immediately comes to mind. It brings a classic look to any kitchen. It does not matter if you have a small or large kitchen, this is a great color to add to your kitchen. It does not matter what style your kitchen is, no matter if you have a classic or modern kitchen, this will pair nicely with all of your decorations and appliances. This is a great choice for any kitchen or look.

Unique Gray (SW 6260)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Unique Gray is a lighter gray color. While it is a lighter gray color, it is a solid gray that also brings classic style to your kitchen. This is a great color for your kitchen regardless of its size. This is a great color to add to your kitchen, no matter if you have a small or large kitchen. This is a great addition to your kitchen no matter what style your kitchen is, no matter if you have a classic or modern kitchen, this will pair nicely with all of your decorations and appliances. This is a great choice for any kitchen or look.

Overcast (PPU26-21)

Source: Behr

This Behr gray color has a blue undertone. This paint gives your kitchen a slightly bluish tint. It will not look like the sky in your kitchen, but it definitely has a blue hue. It is a great contribution to your kitchen. It goes well with any type of appliances or decorations. You will not have to make any additional changes to have this bring light to your kitchen.

Sage Gray (710F-4)

Source: Behr

Sage Gray has a slight green undertone to it. This is a great color to bring a lush and relaxing feeling to your kitchen. It will help your kitchen feel open and refreshing. This color has a strong green color, so you should be sure that you want your kitchen walls to have a green look to them because this color is very green.

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Zero Gravity (N450-2)

Source: Behr

Zero Gravity is a light and airy color. It is not a stand out color so it will not take away from the natural beauty of your kitchen. You will love the way this color makes your kitchen feel. This adds a subtle difference to your kitchen. You will notice the change, but it will not be drastic.

Planetary Silver N460-2

Source: Behr

This gray color has a silvery undertone to give your kitchen a feeling of old comfort. It reminds you of the antique silver your grandparents had when you were younger. It works well with other silvers, tans, and greenish blues. If you have stainless steel appliances, you may not want to consider this color as they have a tendency to blend in with the walls. This color has a strong silver color that you may want appliances that are a darker color.

Gotham Gray (MQ5-29)

Source: Behr

Gotham Gray has a blue undertone that is a slight hint of color and not too much blue. It is a great color to give your kitchen a cool look without feeling distant and cold. It is a great match for any appliances but works really well with stainless steel.

Dark Pewter (PPU18-04)

Source: Behr

This is a much darker gray color. It is going to make your kitchen look a little smaller, so if you already have a small space, this may not be the right color for you. This is a cool color but does not make your kitchen feel cold or unwelcoming. This color matches really well with various shades of blue and browns. It is a classic color that will not get old on you.

Chance of Rain (PPU26-19)

Source: Behr

This gray color has a heavy blue tone to it. It is going to look like a light blue on your wall. It does not matter how the light hits it, it will still appear bluish. If you are looking for standard gray color, this is probably not the best color for you. It pairs well with browns and blues that have a teal tone to them. If you have a classic style kitchen, this is a great addition to your kitchen.

Coney Island (N440-5)

Source: Behr

This color is a dark gray color. It has a deep blue color it. This is not a subtle color. It is not going to stand in the background of your kitchen. This color is one that you will stand up and take notice. This is a great color if you have an open kitchen and want to bring it together. If you have a small kitchen, you should probably stay away from this color because it will only make your kitchen look smaller.

Gray Owl (OC-55)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl is a calming color that makes you want to sit for hours in your kitchen. It does have blue-green undertones. Depending on your light, it may look greener or more blue. The appliances and decorations in your kitchen can bring out the either color. This gray makes you feel at home quickly and looks great with stainless steel appliances. It is perfect for a modern style kitchen.

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Vapor Trails (1556)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has this gray in its Classic Color Collection. This is a classic color that remains timeless and gives your kitchen an elegant look. While this color is a classic, it does not feel dated or make it feel like your mother’s kitchen.

Moonshine (2140-60)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Moonshine is on the softer side of gray. It does have a slight green undertone. It is a great color for your kitchen because while it is a subtle gray, it gives off a welcoming vibe. It truly makes you want to stay in your coffee and enjoy your coffee a little longer.

Alaskan Husky (1479)

Source: Benjamin Moore

This color makes me think of a fluffy dog running in the snow. While this paint will not make a lovable dog appear in your kitchen, it does make you feel enclosed in classic beauty. This is the perfect neutral shade and it has a light silvery color.

Sterling (1591)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Sterling by Benjamin Moore is a subtle antique color. It resembles flatware or a tea set that has been in your family for generations. It makes you think of the generations of history that are in your family. This paint at Benjamin Moore brings forth those feelings and emotions while you are sitting in your kitchen.

Gray Cashmere (2138-60)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Gray Cashmere is part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview collection. This gray is a bold color that really lights up your kitchen. This color really spices up your kitchen and it is a great choice if you want a subtle way to brighten your kitchen.

Pebble Beach (1597)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Pebble Beach brings a different look to your kitchen because it changes with the light that comes into your kitchen. It has blue undertones, as well as lavender ones. Despite the undertones, this is a solid gray color. This gives your kitchen a soft look. This is part of the Classic Color Collection with its promise to give you solid and timeless color.

Arctic Gray (1577)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Arctic Gray is a cool gray color that has a deep sage undertone. If your kitchen faces the North, it really brings out the green tones of this paint. This color is also part of the Classic Color Collection.

Oystershell (864)

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is also part of Classic Benjamin Moore’s Color Collection. It does look lighter on the walls than it appears in the swatch, so you should keep that in mind. It is also brighter on your walls than it is when looking at the swatch. This is a great color for your kitchen walls because it has an airy and light feel to it. It does not feel heavy in your kitchen and allows the focus to be on your actual kitchen and not the walls.

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