28 Warm And Inviting Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas To DIY

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To spice up your kitchen for fall, trying add a few pops of autumnal color with these simple fall kitchen decorating ideas that we have put together. It is amazing how just a few little touches can quickly transform your space for this wonderful pumpkin spice season! A few simple tricks to infuse your kitchen with fall may include changing up the colors in your space. It could be as easy as switching out your towels to fall hues.

You can layer in a few pumpkins, add a fall-scented candle, an autumn-inspired sign and a vase filled with an arrangement of real or faux flowers. Freshen up your space by using items you would normally keep stored, such as a beautiful bowl, dish or even a serving tray. Use one of these items to create a centerpiece fill with fall-inspired elements. Have a look below for some inspiring ideas on how to get started with decorating your kitchen for the fall season.

Tell Us: Which one of the fall kitchen ideas below most inspired you? Do you normally decorate your kitchen for fall, if not, which space in your home is your most favorite to decorate? Please share your feedback in the Comments below!

1. This warm and cozy kitchen is styled with a neutral color palette. The wreath on the hood is from Target. A rustic wooden tray displays a variety of pumpkins. On the other island, a vase is filled with real fall branches from a flower mart. (via @sanctuaryhomedecor)

2. This cozy farmhouse kitchen is styled for fall with orange accents. Simple decorations includes a pumpkin, a glass jar filled with candy corn and a vase full of autumn faux foilage from Hobby Lobby. (via @karleegailbowman)

3. This farmhouse style kitchen shows that just a few simple fall touches can add warmth and bring in the season. (via @redbrickfauxfarmhouse)

4. This charming vignette features a tray with pumpkin-inspired decor. The mug and the “Sweet” jar are by Rae Dunn, found at Hobby Lobby but is also at Kirklands. The “Morning Pumpkin” is from Target. Kitchen towels are from HomeGoods. (via @ondaisyhilldrive) 

5. On the kitchen island, a fall centerpiece features an oversized tray found at Home Goods. This vignette is full of fall color, including a a colorful rooster to stand guard. An LED candle is surrounded by autumn scented potpourri in a glass hurricane. (via Adventures In Decorating)

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6. Simple yet effective decor adorns this kitchen, including a trio of pumpkins next to the Viking Range. On top of the range is a vase of fresh flowers and a scented candle from Bath & Body Works. (via Pink Peonies)

7. A tiered server has been turned into a colorful pumpkin patch on a kitchen island countertop. These pumpkins can be found at both Pier 1 and Kirklands! (via Pinterest)


8. This fall kitchen features a traditional orange color scheme, where the orange pops beautifully off the crisp white. Next to the sink, the limited edition scent — Mrs. Meyers Pumpkin Spice. Faux berries from Crate & Barrel adds some additional color. An apple corner is ready for fall recipes! (via Clean & Scentsible)

9. This beautiful island features a sprinkling of autumnal colors, nubby textures and candles for romantic ambiance. A burlap runner serves as the base, adding warmth to the soapstone countertop. Large glass vases are filled with faux fall leaves. (via Stone Gable Blog)

10. A crisp white kitchen features simple pops of fall color. The dishtowels are from Crate & Barrel. A vase full of faux autumn foliage adds a nice touch to space. (via In My Own Style)

11. Pops of orange are abound in this festive farmhouse style kitchen. Small orange pumpkins are set atop various dishes on the floating shelves. A glass vase on the island is filled with pretty faux stems. (via @sarahwilliamshome)

12. This cozy vignette on the kitchen island features a tiered tray of fabulous autumnal finds. The Cream and Sugar containers are by Rae Dunn, found at Kirklands. Pumpkins and gourds add fall color while adding a festive touch. The plaid scarf adds a layer of cozy texture. (via Kelly Elko)

13. A kitchen dining nook features faux pumpkins adorned with decorative cabinet knobs. This simple DIY involves removing the stems and replacing them with the knobs. If you would like a more permanent solution, use hot glue. This adds an elegant touch and can be displayed anywhere in your home… including your kitchen counter! (via Home Made Lovely)

14. This charming kitchen vignette features a bowl full of gourds adorned with fall leaves and a scale with a Rae Dunn mug. An adorable handmade sign uses “Rae Dunn Inspired” letters. (via WordsWithMeans)

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15. An antique tool caddy sits on this kitchen island, filled with various pumpkins, Indian corn and berries collected from a Pyracantha bush. This centerpiece adds a big splash of seasonal splendor to the heart of the home. (via Stone Gable Blog)

16. This crisp white kitchen gets an autumn makeover with a cozy palette of burnt orange and green. We love how all of the open shelving gives plenty of opportunity to display seasonal favorites. (via @kozycolonialhome)

17. The copper accents in the kitchen adds warmth while infusing the feeling of fall. How cute is the small squirrel set in front of a glass jar of shelled nuts! The towel bar with a shelf is from Decor Steals, while the “Gather” sign is from @lollyletters. Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider scented hand and dish soap adds a decorative —and useful— touch. (via @foxhollowcottage)

18. Lighted glass pumpkins adds some inviting ambiance to this kitchen. These pumpkins were found at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. You can also find similar at Pier1. The “Gather” banner is from Target, hanging from Pottery Barn pendant lights. (via @the_seasoned_home)

19. This beautiful farmhouse style kitchen features a centerpiece focal point on the island. A rustic wooden bowl is filled with LED pillar candles, accented by faux fall leaves. (via @lizmariegalvan)

20. This kitchen is decorated with a neutral fall color palette. A dough bowl is filled with faux pumpkins from Home Goods. The “Hand-Picked Farm Fresh Pumpkins” sign is from Pier 1, “Hello Pumpkin” sign is from Michaels, and The “Sweet Tea” sign is from Decor Steals. (via @b.homedecor)

21. This timeless kitchen features simple yet beautiful fall inspiration. All you need is pumpkins, a ceramic vase for faux and a fall-scented candle. (via @farmhousechic4sure)

22. This fall kitchen features open shelves styled with red and orange accents, using antique Tiger cans and pumpkins. On the island, a dough bowl is filled with orange and white pumpkins along with deer sheds found in the woods. Kitchen backsplash is “old Chicago brick” with a white mortar wash. The custom hood is made of white oak. (via farmhouse4010)

23. How charming is this vignette? On top of a log slice sits a “You are the pumpkin to my spice” sign by @farmtotablecreations. The pumpkin spice mug is by Rae Dunn. The small pumpkins and garland are from Michaels. (via @farmtotablecreations)

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24. A fabulous centerpiece to showcase on your kitchen island. This tiered tray features small white pumpkins, pinecones, sprigs of greenery, a Rae Dunn mug and an “Autumn Blessings” sign. (via Jarful House)

25. This beautiful Velvet Pumpkin Centerpiece features a mix of neutral, blue and traditional fall russet. The velvet and chinoiserie pumpkin arrangement is composed of Hot Sqwash pumpkins from LoveFest Shop. A white cake pedestal elevates the arrangement. Crinkly paper is set underneath, layered by pumpkins, moss, Spanish moss, straw, feather boas, pinecones, leaves and acorns. (via Stone Gable Blog)

26. A tiered tray is adorned with fall decor, faux pumpkins, pinecones and a Rae Dunn mug. The mug can be found at Kirklands, similar pumpkins can be found at Pier 1. The table balls can also be found at Pier 1. (via Pinterest)

27. A rustic wooden tiered tray is used a centerpiece for this kitchen island. The tray is filled with Ray Dunn handmade pottery with faux cotton sprays, leaves and foliage. (via Pinterest)

28. This simple yet elegant kitchen features a neutral fall color palette. Decor includes natural elements such as wood, greenery, and baby boo pumpkins to lend an earthy feel. (via The Grace House Interiors)

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