30+ Fabulously Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Today we have put together a collection of spooky outdoor Halloween decorating ideas to help you get your yard all decked out for this festive season. Under each image we have included further information. Be sure to click on the source links on any of the images if you are interested in getting the full description of how to make these spooktacular ideas. Readers, please share with us which one of these outdoor Halloween decorating ideas most inspired you. When do you start your Halloween decorating? Tell us in the Comments!

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1. Gourds As Spooky Ghosts. Gourds have been painted white and given spooky faces with black paint. Dangle the ghosts from vines, porch rafters or even tree branches. Adding to this spooky scene is dried bittersweet, faux wasp nests and a twig wreath. (via Marie Flanigan Interiors)

2. Pumpkin Topiary. This Halloween pumpkin decoration spells the word “BOO”, using string art. The other materials you will need are faux pumpkins and some glittery spiders. The pumpkins are glued together and set on a grapevine wreath. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

3. Chalkboard Sign Pole. A DIY wooden sign is painted with chalkboard paint and given spooky street names. Place it on your yard amongst other creepy decor. (The Wood Grain Cottage)

4. Spooky Tombstone Halloween Porch. This front porch is all decked out with spooky outdoor Halloween decorating ideas. This includes white pumpkins, crows, a pumpkin scarecrow, tombstones and a lighted twig gate. (via Dekorella)

5. Spooky Style Porch. The centerpiece of this porch is the tree decal on the door. Decorated pumpkins are abound, along with crows and a wood ladder with craft store letters spelling “BOO”. (via Midwest Living)

6. Halloween Porch. The entire front of this home was converted to the “Dead & Breakfast Inn”. The decor is complete with plenty of custom signs and skeletons… there is even a bellhop! (via Daybreak)

7. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries. Hung from clear hooks and fishing wire, these hats are illuminated with LED light sticks. You can also use tea lights or glow sticks. (via Polka Dot Chair)

8. Witching Hour. This front porch features a witch theme, which includes hanging witch hats. The hats can be hung with clear fishing wire, strung through small clear hooks. Three-dimensional bats from a party store adorn the pillars. Party fans are hung in front of the door. A stacked pumpkin lighted topiary steals the show (see image below). (via Tatertots & Jello)

9. Stacked Pumpkin Lighted Topiary. A black and white topiary features (5) faux lighted pumpkins with scary faces found at Lowes. The pumpkins were spray painted, using a primer first. A one-inch diameter wooden dowel was painted black. Holes were drilled into the pumpkins to insert the dowel. The topiary sits in a pot with flowers. The lights were threaded down the back of the pumpkins and plugged into an extension cord. (via Tatertots & Jello)

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10. Spooky Decor. Burlap is used to frame the entrance of this home, while a “Beware” sign adds to the overall spooky effect. A creepy man sitting on a chair is sure to give trick-or-treaters a fright! (via Fine Craft Guild)

11. Front Porch Crows. Stacks of hay bales feature crows, white pumpkins and lanterns for ambiance. Love the skeleton on a chair (see more of him below). (via Nob Hill)

12. Skeleton on a Rocking Chair. This skeleton is awaits trick-or-treaters on a rocking chair. A dog leash keeps with pet skeleton dog on guard. (via Nob Hill)

13. Spooky Bats. The front door features bats flying across the door. The instructions on how to make the DIY burlap wreath can be found here. (via It all Started with Paint)

14. Haunted House. Bales of hay are laid out at the front entry, while crow skeletons are placed into the hay for scare factor. Pumpkins and cobwebs are layered in, along with black candelabras, taper candles and LED black branches. A large vulture and a dinosaur skeleton hangs above the “Trick-or-Treat” sign. Gauze is used for the backdrop. (via House of Five)

15. Yard Haunt. Add a spooky warning on your yard for your visitors “Enter At Your Own Risk! Touch Nothing and Nothing will Touch You!” (via Fulcrumsites)

16. Cauldron Crashing Witch. This DIY outdoor Halloween decorating project features witch legs with thrift store ruby slippers in a giant cauldron. Get the full how-to tutorial at the provided link. (via The Tip Toe Fairy)

17. Keep Out Front Door. Cobwebs cover the front door, secured with masking tape. Cut cardboard pieces resemble wood slats. Two of the slats are painted for the “Keep Out” sign. Bolts are glued to each corner of the cardboard pieces. Tape the cardboard slats to door. Additional features includes a plastic chain, tombstones, a sheet covered ghost (held up by wooden dowels and styrofoam ball for head) and dripping green slime cut from sheets of vinyl. (via Woman’s Day)

18. Spooky Halloween Graveyard. For this outdoor Halloween decorating project, drape faux chains over a fence or tombstones. Add skeletons, an urn with a faux scary pumpkin face, skeleton pets and tombstones. (via Entertaining Diva)

19. Lawn Ghosts. These DIY ghosts are easy, here is what you will need: plastic drop cloths, white paper, newspaper or even leaves to stuff the heads, 6 or 8 Lengths of rebar- 3 to 4 feet high, clear packing tape, a bunch of older outdoor white Christmas Lights with a long extension cord. Get full tutorial at provided link. (via The Pink Pixie Forest)

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20. Spooky Halloween Front Porch. If you have a bench, deck it out with some spooktacular decor. A skeleton, crows and pumpkins adorn this porch. If you want to add more of a scare factor, carve the pumpkins with spooky faces and add tea lights. (via Design Improvised)

21. Ding Dong. The witch legs are made from pool noodles, cut to 30″ tall. The knees require 3″ half-circles cut out from the middle of each leg and secured with duct tape. Quilt batting should be taped to noodles to fill in hips, thighs and knees. Add tights over legs and secure with batten-filled witch boots with laces. The wooden sign is made by hot glueing together six paint stir sticks. Hot glue another to the back and paint the signpost with lettering. Add into barrels and fill with apples. (via Woman’s Day)

22. Spooky Front Porch. The decor includes vinyl spider webs, pumpkins in urns, spiders and webs, lanterns, black painted branches and a graphic picture frame on the front door. (via Thistlewood Farms)

23. Hanging Skeletons. Hang skeletons from your trees with rope nooses. One of the skeletons has skeleton heads hanging from it and a crow. (via Flickr-wshealy)

24. Sleepy Hollow Movie Yard Display. This spooky scene features a skull in a large cauldron with a stir stick. A life-size witch stands behind the cauldron, with a skull in her hand. (via Civs Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

25. Packing Tape Ghost. Scare the neighbors with a packing tape ghost in your yard! If you do not have a mannequin or dress form, you can use a real person to shape the ‘body’. Wrap your form with the packing tape (you will need 3 rolls) sticky side out first so the model can get out of it. Affix white plastic bags to the ghost form to create the dress or even as its hair for movement. Get full how-to tutorial at the provided link. (via Ideas2Live4)

26. Lighted Packing Tape Ghost. This is the same idea as above, except this ghost uses LED Lights to create its scary look. To keep the figurine upright, use PVC Pipes or any stand you have available. You can also use a hook and strings if you wish to suspend these from a porch or tree. (via Ideas2Live4)

27. Scary Front Porch. Lighted pumpkins, hay bales, candles, cobwebs, a large spider and a creepy butler greet you at the front of this home. (via Pinterest)

28. Mummies Guarding The Front Door. On the front porch, the mummies are 5′ and 6′ tall. A tall light tree with spooky bats and a lighted skeleton face adorn the other side of the door. (via Opinionated Gamers)

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29. Ghostly Outdoor Draperies. Add a spooky touch to your front porch with billowing, tattered draperies made from budget-friendly cheesecloth. (via HGTV)

30. Halloween Front Porch Decor. The decor includes some dangly ‘flying’ bats (made of black poster board and strung with fishing line and clear command hooks) and glitter pumpkins along with garland and lights around the door. There is also a DIY “BOO” sign. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Honeybear Lane)

31. Make A Frightening Sign. This DIY sign can be painted on a piece of wood and set or hung at your front door. Don’t forget the witches broom and shoes! (via Daramuscat)

32. Count Down To Halloween. “When witches go riding and black cats are seen…tis 23 days until halloween”. Use burlap inside to hang the chalkboard, then paint the words on the outside with tempura paint. (via Kiwi Lane Designs)

33. Spooky Spiderweb. Love this clever yet simple idea. If you have a front porch swing, or even a free wall on the outside of your home (use clear command hooks), you can copy this idea! All you will need is clothesline, scissors and a super huge fake spider. (via Lalymom)

34. Halloween Porch. Hanging ghosts and spider webs covering rocking chairs adorns this front porch. (via Life Love Larson)

35. Fa-BOO-lous Halloween Front Door. A chalkboard sign can be used to create a personalized spooky message. Pumpkins, broomsticks and spider webs completes the look.

36. Spooky Cauldron Creep. What an amazing Halloween prop to add to your outdoor decor! (via True Halloween)

37. Scary Halloween Yard. (via Pinterest)

38. Scary Halloween Yard. (via Pinterest)

39. Scary Halloween Yard. (via Pinterest)

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