Gorgeous Green Living Rooms And Tips

30 Gorgeous Green Living Rooms And Tips For Accessorizing Them

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A splash of green, whether in the shape of an accent wall or some seafoam green throw pillows, can drastically change the feel of a room. Choose rich, moody hues like emerald green and dark moss for an opulent, dramatic effect. Seeking peace and quiet Use a soothing color like mint to decorate your walls. The ever-popular lime green is another option for individuals who want to make an impression. We’ve got your back if you have no idea what hue would flatter your skin tone. Scroll down to check out our curated gallery of top green living rooms from top designers and visual artists around the world.

Gallery for 30 Gorgeous Green Living Rooms And Tips For Accessorizing Them

Scandinavian-Green-Living-Room-DecorProof that small living rooms can be both stylish and functional. The bright pop of lime green found in the ottomans, throw pillows, and vases throughout this modern living room play amazingly well off of the geometric blue couch cushions and wood accents. The combo of a bright color paired with wood is a wonderful way to help create an inviting and fun space. | Designer: Karenza Jewell.

Olive-Green-Accent-Wall-in-LivingroomA high gloss, textured green accent wall pairs perfectly with the large windows in this contemporary living room. The addition of green makes what would be an otherwise monochromatic room feel vibrant and welcoming. | Via: Gils Design.

Green-Color-for-Living-RoomThis Asian inspired living room design strikes the perfect balance of tranquility and elegance. If you love the look, be sure to check out modern asian inspired design for more inspiration and ideas. | Via: degerdon.

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Lime-Green-Livingroom-Accent-WallA bold green and gray pairing might just be what your living room needs. Rememeber that little changes in your space can have a big impact. Try a floor lamp to add some softer lighting for a cozier feel or if you want to add a functional statement piece, you could always try a unique coffee table
. | Via: home.id.

Bespoke-Green-Living-Room-with-Marble-FireplaceThe oversized accent rug, floor to ceiling art work, and a marble fireplace grant the luxurious feel in this bespoke living room. With the olive green walls being the only bold color in this room, it just goes to show that you don’t need a crazy color palette to pull off a good living room design. | Designer: Alisberg Parker.

Green-Paint-Colors-For-Living-RoomOrange and green is the perfect combo for those looking to make a statement. Take a note from this living room’s design and add a contrasting hue to the backboard of a bookshelf. It’s a great way to not only highlight wall shelves
, but this design technique can also be used to add some color to free standing bookshelves as well. | Via: oooarsenal.

Comfy-Green-Living-Room-CouchKelly green and wood accent pieces make this room feel fresh, yet rustic. Combining green pieces like the luxurious couch, ottoman coffee table, and wood side console is a great way to bring the feel of nature indoors and the perfect combo to give a living room a fresh aesthetic. | Visualizer: Martina Di Gangi.

Modern-L-Shaped-Sectional-Couch-in-Green-Living-RoomA natural feel is highlighted in this living room with the use of nature wall art, large windows and a unique ceiling fan. The addition of orange accent pillows add just the right pop of color to offset the green walls. | Designer: Chic Home Interiors.

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Moss-Green-Living-Room-with-Pink-Accent-CouchThe unusual combo of the dark moss green walls and coral accent couch make this room a contemporary haven. The pink modern sofa
not only adds visual interest to this room, but it also ensures that the red accent pillows and rug don’t give a dreaded Christmas feel. | Source: Herman Miller Japan.

Dark-Green-Rustic-Living-RoomLarge windows that allow lots of natural light make sure that this room isn’t overwhelmed by it’s dark green hue. Try pairing rusty orange with a sage green to achieve a similar tribal vibe. | Source: Dulux.

Minimalist-White-and-Green-Living-Room-1The green walls in this modern living room are beautifully offset by a white entertainment console and accent chairs. Combining green and white is a great way to obtain a fresh and energizing design aesthetic. We love that cute ottoman coffee table! | Visualizer: Fürjes.

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