36 Stunning Black Kitchens That Tempt You To Go Dark For Your Next Remodel

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Dark isn’t the first theme that comes to mind when designing a kitchen. Stereotypical assumptions are of white and bright kitchens, matched by light wood the colour of breakfast pancakes. What if your kitchen broke the mould? These collection of stunning spaces for cooking, entertaining, and eating are among the sexiest interior design can muster. All divulging in shades of black, navy, or dark brown, they add what white kitchens cannot – a seductive allure that says sleekness and sophistication at the same time. Take a peek at some brilliant interiors on the darker side to see if a darker redesign could be for you.

Gallery for 36 Stunning Black Kitchens That Tempt You To Go Dark For Your Next Remodel

monochromatic-kitchen-black-cabinetry-three-white-Chinese-lanternsLights play another central role in this zen-inspired cooking space. Black frames white marble, which rejoinders with a landing strip. | Visualizer: JW Renders.

the-little-details-kitchen-hanging-swoosh-lights-compartmented-black-cabinetryBlack leaves room for the little details, reducing clutter. As unstructured hanging lights sweep the ceiling, rows of wood and black shelving hold family keepsakes. | Visualizer: Maxim Goryachev.

distressed-floor-large-wooden-cabinet-railroad-track-ceilings-black-kitchenThick, masculine lines steal the scene in this industrial kitchen, set on a distressed floor. Statement wooden cabinetry and black wooden railings centre a space shrouded in Japanese windows and ceiling railway lines. | Visualizer: Emotion School.

black-inlet-kitchen-white-surrounds-two-dome-black-lightsAll eyes focus on the two hanging lamps in this monochromatic setting. Adding focus allows smaller elements and a white panelled inset to shine. | Via: HomePicture.in.

black-to-white-kitchen-shades-of-grey-three-central-drop-lightsTonal contrasts are subtler in this white-to-black kitchen. Three hanging lights demarcate the focal space, made quirky by pops of kitschy turquoise. Grey concrete floors add modernity. | Visualizer: İbrahim Ethem KISACIK.

warm-hues-kitchen-black-cabinetry-warm-wood-inletBlack panelling lets warm wood take virtue in this kitchen, simplistic in its classic lines and clean modern lighting. | Visualizer: A&L Interior Design.

dark-black-kitchen-lightingYet another kitchen that uses modern lighting to truly stand apart. | Visualizer: Polygon.

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all-grey-kitchen-shades-of-concrete-block-seatAn all-grey kitchen adds elegance with an industrial twist. A multi-drawered bench is lit by three hanging lamps. A large extractor fan adds a new shape. A floor and seated space in lighter grey create blocks, offering depth. | Designer: Javier Wainstein.

seductive-kitchen-hanging-pumpkin-lights-abstract-art-piece-wooden-cabinetryEmbracing dark’s artier side, midnight blue colours cabinetry in this slate-floored space. Lit by three amber pumpkin lights, a greyscale portrait and black stooling accentuate its depth. | Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina.

orange-feature-panel-kitchen-brown-cabinetry-coffee-coloured-benchPops of colour magnify warm tones in this coffee-coloured kitchen. Wooden panels beside a coffee-brick wall induce thirst and hunger. | Visualizer: Plasterlina.

Black-and-white-stencilled-kitchen-thin-magnetic-hanging-lights-wide-panellingFine lines and stencilling set this monochromatic space apart. Lined by black magnetic lights, black stencils and glossy white facades, it makes its mark on a light wooden floor. | Visualizer: Julia Sultanova.

black-frame-kitchen-lego-block-lookBuild a shape out of darker building blocks. This kitchen cuts a space in black-hued cabinetry and a wood-clad wall. | Visualizer: Huso.

black-kitchen-white-panelling-dining-area-to-the-sideA shaded space mystifies in this kitchen, with gradients from black, to charcoal, to light grey. White surrounds in walls and a monochromatic hanging light. | Visualizer: Mario Nogueira.

white-walls-with-panels-of-matte-iron-dark-kitchensTextures come into play in this metallic matte kitchen, breaking a light and bright space. Large panels provide character to an otherwise simple room. | Visualizer: Nefeli Kallianou.

black-and-wood-kitchen-wooden-stools-and-benchLarge, wooden panes of painted black make a stand in this kitchen, highlighted by drops of wood. Large windows let in light, a Japanese landscape and potted plants. | Visualizer: Polyviz Studio.

minimalist-black-kitchenEven neat square panels that line up perfectly emphasize the stark black minimalism that is at play here. The herb planters is a healthy, green addition to the design here. | Visualizer: HDR Designer.

navy-beach-themed-kitchern-navy-central-wall-black-benchDark kitchens also work at the beach. All-navy cabinetry provides a stable influence for a black kitchen top and wooden aspects. Bright and busy feature walls drown out the boring. | Visualizer: Branko Novak.

corrugated-iron-kitchen-all-black-central-white-clockMake your kitchen both modern and French with this traditional black cabinetry. Standing armoires act as sinks and large mason jars features, as the white kitchen clock acts the focal point to the side. | Visualizer: Aeroslon.

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Scandinavian-dark-kitchen-light-wood-charcoal-feature-wallMore Scandinavian in nature, this kitchen proliferates in wood, giving black a back seat. Painted brick charcoal walls designate, while white walls segue to another room. Metal handles elongate the space. | Visualizer: Leu Khanh.

Pastels-kitchen-mint-green-central-panel-low-hanging-white-light-black-surroundsPastels can work in a dark kitchen space. Matched by rough, light wood and low-hanging white lights, long mint cabinetry adds a soft touch. | Visualizer: Julia Sultanova.

Black-bookcase-kitchen-compartmentalised-elementsLet black be the background in this black-and-wood creation, where accessories do the talking. | Source: Lundia.

bachelor-kitchen-roaring-motorbike-blue-screen-wndow-black-cabinetryPut the bachelor in your kitchen with a masculine black interior. Featuring slick black cabinetry, charcoal walls and simple stencils, all a man needs is a white bench to call his own. | Photographer: Rene van Dongen.

gold-panel-kitchen-black-cabinetry-grey-benchtopGear up for the metallic, with this example for inspiration. In black top-to-toe cabinetry with a grey concrete floor, a thick gold panel adds a luxurious element. | Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov.

monochromatic-kitchen-black-and-inner-bronze-hanging-lights-black-glossy-floorMonochrome can make a darker kitchen – if black still rules. Near-chequered black and white panelling upon shiny black leads up to copper-lined hanging lamps. If black and white is the direction you prefer to go, do check out our post giving specific inspiration for black and white kitchens. | Visualizer: Jean Regauer.

block-black-kitchen-large-marble-block-benchtop-wooden-flooringMarble is a welcome partner in this large-panelled space, shaped in blocks. A light wooden floor gives it space to dominate. | Architect: Chamberlain Javens Architects.

textured-black-kitchen-marbled-benchtop-concrete-floorMood-lighting sets the scene in black and grey, while a marbled bench acts the hero. Distinguished by distinctive patterns, the back inlet and flooring create contrast and depth. | Visualizer: Tomek Michalski.

engraved-kitchen-stone-coloured-walls-black-cabinetry-potted-plantsAn engraved ‘kitchen’ states the obvious in this natural piece, radiant with living walls. Granite-look walling with black and wooden cabinetry leaves room for feature chrome. | Visualizer: Penint Design Studio.

kaleidoscopic-kitchen-window-on-a-lean-black-and-glass-featuresTake another angle on this kaleidoscopic space, breaking all spatial boundaries. The room tilts as black and white, black and glass alternate in this chic kitchen. Cherry blossoms note the location. | Visualizer: Visual Method.

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Black-kitchen-featuring-blocks-two-different-types-of-woodMake the move to brown in this warmer-looking kitchen, where brown matches against a lighter wood and hints of black. You can almost feel your tastebuds tingling. | Source: Modulnova.

industrial-black-kitchen-white-feature-extractor-fan-polished-wooden-floors-black-matte-focusIndustrial is the word to describe this living space, backgrounded by black. A large winding ventilator fan and SMEG fridge block give white, while the majority converts to black. | Visualizer: Penint Design Studio.

all-black-kitchen-on-all-light-wood-floor-standout-contrastA simplistic look makes a black kitchen a winner. Clean black panels pop out beside a wooden knife holder and potted plant. | Visualizer: Panda Fox Studios.

light-black-kitchen-light-filled-black-benches-hanging-plantsIntroducing more light, this black kitchen is hardly dark at all. Black benches, cabinetry, fixtures and stools are intersected by large-panel windows, a white shelving stand and light flooring. | Visualizer: Who Cares Design.

black-curved-bench-kitchen-amber-inlet-chrome-lightingA bit of curve rounds out hard edges. This wave-design bench leads up to an orange-hued enclave in this black-and-silver interior. | Source: Vancouver House.

Chrome-features-kitchen-all-black-panelling-concrete-floor-1Almost all-resplendent in black, a few minor elements shine in chrome and wood. Textures do the talking in a matte table under, granite bench and black wood-panelled walls. But having an open approach like this means that every one of your accessories on display – including knives, wine glasses, mugs, cutting boards, teapots, cookie jars, etc. – need to be on point. | Visualizer: Design At Sketch.

Black-framed-kitchen-block-square-windows-all-black-cabinetryEdging closer towards the wooden, this black beauty incorporates white in a speckled floor, white wall and central bench. Rounded black lamps hover over an all-black segment. A monochromatic piece ties it all together. | Visualizer: Bogdan Tovstyy.

Bachelor-kitchen-all-black-cabinetry-minimal-wooden-dining-table-black-sleek-chairs-1Steel and chrome feature in this darker space. Matched by an almost-black art piece at its entrance, only a wooden dining table and chrome swaying lights break the tone. | Visualizer: Iqosa.

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