40 Gaming Setups That We Really Like

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Gamer rooms have quickly gathered status in the home, promoting gaming stations from a dusty corner of a bedroom or lounge to fully fledged and styled out setups. Gaming is no longer a past time just for kids, virtual platforms of recreation have became a go-to for all ages–particularly in response to social restrictions brought about during 2020. Gaming setups are now comfortable, themed, custom lit and immersive, and we’ve put together 40 of our favourite designs to inspire you to upgrade yours. Take a tour through themed desk spaces, simple gaming room decor for the minimalist mindset, multi screen setups, cool headphone stands and acoustic solutions.

Gallery for 40 Gaming Setups That We Really Like

black-and-white-home-officeBash out a simple but effective scheme in black and white | Designer: nowackdesign.

immersive-gaming-roomGaming is life right? Go all in with an immersive screen setup. | Designer: martin_kr.

pink-gaming-roomGirly gamers all hail this adorable bubblegum pink covered scheme. | Designer: cinna_bun_.

minimalist-gaming-room-designCelebrate the line of symmetry. | Designer: David Zhang.

grey-acoustic-panelsGet serious on sound with a full surround of acoustic panels. | Visualizer: Twinskunk.

multicolour-keyboardMix it up with multiple light sources. | Designer: leh0ang.

chic-gaming-roomOur homes are bedecked with TV statement walls and headboard feature walls, so why not a textured gaming wall? | Designer: reems2020.

Nanoleaf-lightingNanoleaf lighting is customisable in shape, and since it can be combined with a rhythm-module to sync to sound it can really enhance the fun of gaming. This hand manikin says it’s A-OK. | Designer: ronaldmcshooter.

gaming-room-ideasMore Nanoleaf formation inspo. | Source: Nano Leaf.

atmospheric-lightingAnother backlit wall mounted screen, this time with a warming aura. | Designer: Profil404.

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Alienware-desktopLet your hardware be your inspiration. The blue LED strips in this gamer room are inspired by an Alienware desktop computer. | Designer: vivalatree.

LED-desk-lightsMake your own sunset with a burning red horizon. | Designer: iErvin.

white-computer-chairIf there’s one thing that sticks out in any gaming or desk setup, its the computer chair, so pick a great one. This computer chair
Herman Miller Sayl chair as a transparent lightweight look that sits gently in the scheme. | Source: Nano Leaf.

white-deskReinvent the ordinary with eye catching PC towers and beautiful speakers. | Designer: Mr Josi.

stylish-modern-deskElevate beautiful speakers with stands and raise monitors onto the wall. | Designer: jakemfbacon.

minimalist-deskThis wall mounted screen is accentuated with a recessed lighting scheme of colourful LED ribbons. | Designer: Will_26.

LED-lightingA backlit monitor announces the main event. | Designer: Hyper-Ham.

architectural-art-printsAnother colourful keyboard ties in with a gallery wall of architectural art prints. | Designer: clearmilk.

modern-home-office-desk-1Choose a modern home office desk with storage to tuck away messy gaming accessories. | Designer: imsorrybae.

modern-wood-deskYour digital world doesn’t have to be devoid of all that is natural. Feel grounded with a natural timber desk and nature desktops. | Designer: David Zhang.

floor-lampContinue the view. This double screen set up tags on the end of the window view, which allows natural light to get past the corner monitor setup by day, and the city lights to sparkle by night. | Designer: acremona22.

white-speakersKeep it coordinated. White speakers, white keyboard and a matching cool headphone stand keep this design crisp and clear. | Via: reddit.

cool-keyboardThis time a cool keyboard design is complemented by colourful Nanoleaf lighting. A KAWS Companion illuminates mysteriously in the pink glow. | Designer: crxscxnt.

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botanical-home-workspaceLEDs are colour matched with the desktop wallpaper in this coordinated setup, whilst an anglepoise lamp stands by to offer focussed task light. See more unique table lamps. | Designer: cichlid_visuals.

home-office-with-vertical-gardenIf you want to incorporate indoor plants into your scheme, then how about pushing the boat out and cultivating a full vertical garden wall? You’ll feel as though you’ve been with nature even if you’ve been glued to the screen all day. | Designer: AttakGem.

Star-Wars-Home-DecorThe hobbyist room. Music, gaming, Star Wars decor, Lego fighters and falcons, this room is set to gather all of the homeowners passions in one place. | Designer: elektroaxt.

ergonomic-desk-chairWhen stakes are high, set the lights low. Ambient lighting glows softly around this desk to keep focus where it matters. | Designer: solastar.

white-brick-wall-panelsGive your gaming room a loft look with white brick wall panels. These guys can add the industrial effect to any nook, cranny or sloping ceiling. | Designer: thedesigner2011.

periodic-table-desk-padGo full-on geek chic with a periodic table desk pad and a Kneeling Knight pen stand to trick-out your area. | Designer: Naniwack.

Artemide-Tizio-lampIf you’re in the market for something more sophisticated, add a stylish light solution like the Artemide Tizio lamp–and don’t forget your wine glass dah-ling. | Designer: Steffis.

home-workspace-lightingNature and neon. This light strip angled against a raw concrete background smacks of bright neon signs in industrial settings. A botanical desktop wallpaper and indoor plants balance out the cold combo. | Designer: JHazes.

multi-screen-setupNanoleaf Aurora lights create a customisable glow beneath a full shelf of collectible bobble heads in this multi screen setup. | Designer: joeel56.

cool-headphone-standA Scandi style gaming room will benefit from a Louqe Ghost PC case that stays true to its minimalist Scandinavian origins. A cool headphone stand and the JWDA table lamp by Menu complete the crisp look. | Designer: mekunotech.

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acoustic-foam-panelsTone down the reverb. Two tone acoustic foam panels form a diamond pattern here, so not only will they control the noise but they look pretty great too. | Designer: obey_sheci.

minimalist-gaming-setupIf space is tight, you might want to stick to a simpler aesthetic, like this clean minimalist setup. A contrasting cool white and warm wood tone desk adds tonal interest. | Designer: ElrioVanPutten.

triple-monitor-setupBalance out game memorabilia with some more sophisticated decorative items. This Super Mario collectible looks right at home amongst a new world of indoor plants and animal figurines. Gotta love that triple screen setup with a portrait rotation to cover all bases. | Designer: fliixflax.

Paris-travel-posterAnother travel posters trip, touring Paris and New York. | Photographer: Howard Bouchevereau.

ikea-swivel-chairDesks can run expensive but there are beautiful budget options too. This Ikea trestle desk and swivel chair make a stylish pair that won’t bring the bank. | Designer: Alexandro Lens.

red-Eames-style-armchairTo up your game, this bright red Eames style armchair drops in a striking designer statement. | Designer: BertTabak.

travel-posters-1The digital world has no boundaries. You can travel anywhere you want to in games, so how about a gallery of travel posters to open up your gaming desk space too. | Designer: superstrm.

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