Modern Bathroom Vanities
Modern Bathroom Vanities

40 Modern Bathroom Vanities That Overflow With Style

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There isn’t a home design that passes through here that doesn’t have an amazing bathroom idea that is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. From ultra contemporary designs with shallow glass basins and waterfall taps, to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets, we’ve seen and loved them all. It can be a daunting task to find your ideal vanity cabinet style with so much inspiration to peruse, so we’ve pulled 40 of our favourites together in one cohesive collection. Whether it’s a small single vanity you’re thinking of, or a set of double vanities, we’re sure there’s something here that would splash a bit of style into your scheme.

Gallery for 40 Modern Bathroom Vanities That Overflow With Style

modern-bathroom-vanityAnd for something completely different: How about an island vanity that you can walk all the way around! | Source: Toscoquattro.

modern-wood-bathroom-vanityTwo separate unique sinks can be put in the same space if a double vanity isn’t an option within your bathroom layout. | Source: Toscoquattro.

Mirrored-modern-vanity-unitMirror fronted cabinets make an optical illusion of added space. | Designer: 2B Group.

Blue-grey-white-modern-bathroom-designThis basin is set within the countertop. | Visualizer: Thao Uyen.

modern-small-bathroom-vanitiesUnique laundry baskets nestle perfectly beneath this bespoke vanity, which has a countertop that extends over a washing machine so that it may double up as a utility surface. | Visualizer: IDEADEYA design studio.

modern-bathroom-vanitiesIf you’re an avid follower of fashion then try putting a matte black faucet with your white basin, no matter what the colour of the vanity. | Visualizer: Yumo Architects.

Burgundy-red-bathroom-schemeVanities with unique faucets grab attention even in the boldest of bathroom schemes. | Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova.

modern-vanity-bathroomIf you don’t need the storage, then how about a modern pedestal? | Visualizer: Igor Sirotov.

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Green-grey-wood-white-bathroom-decorIf you restrict the bold colour in your bathroom to just the towels, it means you can change it out easily and cheaply at any time. Keep large fixed items more neutral, like this concrete vanity unit. | Visualizer: Rusu Ruslan.

ultra-modern-bathroom-vanitiesThis floating vanity has a rectangular glass basin and an LED lighting strip. | Designer: Studioart.

modern-bathroom-sinks-and-vanitiesA black vanity doesn’t have to appear heavy, the pale wood shelf under this one lifts the look. | Visualizer: Viktor Kanishchev.

modern-single-sink-bathroom-vanityA bathroom vanity can combine many different types of storage. | Visualizer: Marina Cherkashyna.

Pink-grey-copper-bathroom-designThis pink and copper vanity has an old Hollywood vibe. | Visualizer: Shireen Abbas.

Grey-gold-black-modern-bathroom-designWhen accessorising your vanity, give special consideration to your faucet as it can completely change the look of your vanity set up. Also consider adding geometric trimmings for a contemporary look, and sourcing modern trash cans. | Visualizer: Patricia Castro.

modern-style-bathroom-vanitiesA large vessel sink looks amazing on a chunky vanity shelf with matching cabinets. | Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii.

Grey-wood-taupe-modern-bathroomStriped tiles teamed with dark wood wet panelling just requires a simple vanity shelf, so as not to detract from the bold bathroom decor. | Visualizer: Shafiga Zeynalova.

modern-white-bathroom-vanityA white bathroom vanity unit looks crisp against a charcoal grey bathroom scheme. | Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja & Andrey Privalov.

double-sink-bathroom-vanity-1For a couple who spend their early mornings battling for space to get ready in the bathroom, a double sink bathroom vanity really is the solution! Just look at this harmonious vision. | Visualizer: Darkroom.

small-modern-bathroom-vanityA small vanity unit is ideal for a child’s bathroom. Having a basin without a surrounding countertop means that there is nowhere for clutter to accumulate – and there is less to clean! | Visualizer: Julia Lublianova.

modern-black-bathroom-vanitiesThese black vanity cabinets are teamed with a wooden countertop. The gap between the two is an ideal place for spare towels and face cloths. | Visualizer: Ronaldo Rosa.

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modern-bathroom-vanity-lightingThis large vanity unit has only a single basin. The extended countertop provides opportunity for a makeup area and for some lavish decoration. A separate matching volume is mounted beneath for hidden storage. | Visualizer: Ronaldo Rosa.

modern-bathroom-vanities-ideasA light set within this dark wood vanity gives it a magical air, and makes a dramatic pairing with glowing decorative vases on a nearby shelf. The warm light appears like a tropical sunset within the travel inspired decor. | Visualizer: Mohanad Al Homsi.

modern-contemporary-bathroom-vanitiesThis stone coloured vanity has a letterbox shelf that’s been accessorised here with decorative candles and a set of tea light holders. The space beneath it makes a great spot for linen baskets. | Visualizer: Ahmed Morsy.

modern-rustic-bathroom-vanitiesRustic wood vanities are more versatile than you think. This one here looks cool in a dark masculine setting but the same one would look beautiful against a white and blush backdrop. | Visualizer: Serj Fedin.

grey-white-modern-bathroom-ideasWhen going for a simplistic bathroom decor of grey and white, try adding indoor plants to breathe a bit of life into your scheme. By the vanity unit is a great spot. | Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko.

modern-floating-bathroom-vanitiesThe integrated basin in this modern grey bathroom vanity gives the piece an unfussy profile, allowing feature pieces like the decorative wall mirror to take center stage. | Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva.

modern-single-bathroom-vanityAn off-set basin leaves space to set out soap dispensers on this bathroom countertop. | Visualizer: Alexandra Kruzanovskaya.

Modern bathroom vanities with vessel sinksA unique vessel sink can make even simple bathroom furniture look high-end. | Visualizer: Julia Kononenko.

modern-bathroom-vanity-cabinetsThese bathroom cabinets add interest in spades with their contrasting grey and wood colour scheme. | Visualizer: Karolina Chrząszcz.

mid-century-modern-bathroom-vanityIf your home has a retro vibe then this mid century modern bathroom vanity might hit the mark. | Designer: Sarah Richardson.

modern-wooden-bathroom-vanityBlonde wood tones are a beautiful warming accompaniment to the cool countertop, white faucet and walls of this fresh bathroom scheme. | Visualizer: Zrobym.

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grey-modern-bathroom-white-single-vanityModern vanities don’t always have to be wall mounted. This floor standing example has lots of storage. | Visualizer: Wertikal Constructions.

modern-luxury-bathroom-vanityPotted greenery paired with metallic copper accents bring color to their stone-clad backdrop. In the mirror, you can see reflections of tropical plant bathroom wall decor that continues the theme across the room. | Visualizer: SFN Architecture.

small-modern-bathroom-vanitiesEven compact schemes can have a stylish wash zone, as this small modern vanity area shows. The gold shelf above it is a real show stopper. | Visualizer: Third Aesthetic.

modern-bathroom-vanity-lightsThis pink and monochrome bathroom design has a grey unit that is wall mounted in front of a full length mirror, and lit by glamorous bathroom vanity lights. | Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors.

modern-bathroom-sink-vanityThe basin in this design cuts straight through the centre of a low level vanity unit. The unit comes complete with storage cubby and has a padded seat at one end. | Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors.

rustic-modern-bathroom-vanityA rustic modern bathroom vanity provides great contrast in a smooth white bathroom scheme. | Visualizer: KYDE.

modern-farmhouse-bathroom-vanityThis modern farmhouse bathroom vanity has a chrome towel rail mounted beneath the countertop and is teamed with a simple vessel-style bathroom sink. | Visualizer: Ladislav Lacko.

modern-wood-bathroom-vanitiesCurling back around on itself to form a lower shelf, this modern wood vanity has a perfect for spot for storing fresh towels and toiletries. | Visualizer: ArsVisual Group.

modern-floating-bathroom-vanity-1Diving straight in with a ultra modern vanity, this unit appears to hover above the ground. A waterfall tap throws water into a rectangular integrated basin. | Visualizer: Mia Design Studio.

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