There Are Tufted Headboards That Will Give Your Bedroom a Designer Look Right Away

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The bedroom is a place where people spend a lot of time. It’s also a place that can make or break the way a home looks inside. Many people have ideas about what the perfect bedroom should look like to help them make the right decisions.

For example, a bay window with a view of a quiet park is often suggested as a source of inspiration. You could also add a place to store personal items and a nightstand for reading or charging your phone. Here are some basic ideas that will help you design a great bedroom.

A bedroom should feel like a rescue from the world.

The idea is to find a theme or color scheme that makes you feel calm and peaceful while putting the focus on your privacy. A calm environment makes it easier to relax and sleep better. Also, making a space feel warm and welcoming lifts the spirits of everyone who walks through it.

This includes guests, members of the same family, and even pets. Your pets that come to visit might make everyone in your home happier. That’s because they are usually happier and more playful after spending time in your bedroom. If your guests feel welcome in your bedrooms, they will be more likely to stay at your house.

Also, it’s important to remember that modern conveniences make it possible for everyone to have the perfect bedroom.

This means that even if you live in a small studio apartment, you can have the bedroom you want. You can still make your space as comfortable as possible by adding extra storage and nightstands where you need them. By doing this, you can separate your bedroom from the rest of your living space, even if it’s in an adjoining room.

A well-designed bedroom makes people feel at home and gives them a place to get away from the noise and busyness of everyday life.

The space should also show what the person who lives there likes and dislikes. And having modern conveniences lets anyone create any kind of comfortable atmosphere in a small amount of space in the rest of their house. When making bedrooms, think about these ideas so you can make a space that is comfortable and helps you relax at night.

Bedrooms should have personal touches that show how the owner likes things.

For instance, some people like their bedrooms to have masculine touches like bold colors, different textures, and more than one closet. Some people like to make their bedrooms feel cozy with soft colors, an ornate bed, and soft couches, chairs, and sofa beds.

No matter what your taste is, it’s important to include things that make you feel at home in your space. This will help you feel more comfortable when you’re not in your bedroom but still in your own home.

Any headboard can keep your pillows on the bed and provide a backrest while you read or watch TV, but it takes a special one to help transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation. Tufted headboards are renowned for adding elegance to a room, embodying a cozy aesthetic, providing a focal point, and infusing a bedroom with designer style. Not to mention they also come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles. So, whether you are looking for a showstopping headboard for a Farmhouse styled bedroom or a sleek and elegant contemporary headboard for your master suite, a tufted headboard is undoubtedly up to the task!

Gallery for There Are Tufted Headboards That Will Give Your Bedroom a Designer Look Right Away

Fabric-Tiled-Headboard-With-Tuft-Grey-Square-Upholstered-TileFabric Tiled Headboard With Tuft: The tiled construction gives this upholstered grey headboard a contemporary look that we can’t get enough of! The best part? This headboard’s price tag comes in at under $100, plus it is wall mountable—so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your bed frame! | BUY IT.

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Tufted-Headboard-Full-Size-White-Upholstery-Silver-Buttons-Glam-FeminineTufted Headboard Full Size: A clean and fresh headboard that is easy on the eyes and on the wallet. Promising Review: “This headboard is absolutely perfect. I love love love it. The details are wonderful and I love the crystals in the tufts. This is a very classy and elegant item that will definitely be the focal point in your bedroom. I have no complaints at all. It is wonderful.” | BUY IT.

Floral-Tufted-Headboard-Blue-And-White-Cream-Colored-Flowers-Nature-InspiredFloral Tufted Headboard: Some blue flowers that will never wilt! This floral motif headboard will add a feminine touch to any bedroom. Perfect if you are opting for a Country chic vibe. | BUY IT.

Adjustable-Dual-Tufted-Headboard-Split-Design-Beige-Black-MetalAdjustable Dual Tufted Headboard: Need a stylish headboard that is highly functional? This modern and refined headboard features a dual adjustment feature to promote ultimate relaxation. Available in 3 shades of Grey. | BUY IT.

Single-Tufted-Headboard-With-Scalloped-Corners-Charcoal-Grey-VelvetSingle Tufted Headboard With Scalloped Corners: A single tuft creates quite the eye-catching design on this headboard. Promising Review: “This headboard brings such elegance to your bedroom; you’ll want to hang a chandelier in your Master Suite.” | BUY IT.

Channel-Tufted-Headboard-With-Nailhead-Trim-Vertical-LinesChannel Tufted Headboard With Nailhead Trim: This channel tufted headboard takes things a step further by embellishing the tufts with nailhead trim. It is available in Grey or Brown, but you better hurry—this design is currently in closeout, so who knows how much longer it will last! | BUY IT.

Traditional-Mirrored-Tufted-Headboard-Tan-Colored-Mirror-EdgesTraditional Mirrored Tufted Headboard: A Traditional addition with the power to transform a bedroom into a luxe retreat. And if the unique shape wasn’t enough to make this headboard stand out from the crowd, the addition of mirrors seals the deal. | BUY IT.

Traditional-Tufted-Headboard-With-Distressed-Look-Wood-Frame-Beige-White-GreyTraditional Tufted Headboard With Distressed Look Wood Frame: This Traditional headboard is overflowing with French Country charm and maybe just a pinch of romance. We could totally see this design being utilized in a luxurious bed and breakfast, so why not use this headboard to take the vacation right to your bedroom— bonus if you can get someone to bring you breakfast in bed! | BUY IT.

Vintage-King-Upholstered-Panel-Headboard-Luxury-Wood-And-Fabric-Cream-UniqueVintage King Upholstered Panel Headboard: An offbeat charmer with a whole lot of appeal and intrigue, you do not want to miss out on this highly unique headboard. This luxury find was inspired by vintage artifacts and classical motifs. | BUY IT.

French-Country-Style-Tufted-Headboard-With-Brown-Fabric-And-Weathered-Wood-Trim-DistressedFrench Country Style Tufted Headboard: Then there’s this design which is perfect if you’ve been loving all the wood and fabric combos, but are still craving a headboard that is a bit more refined. Voila! We present to you this French Country style headboard that uses wood and fabric, but still remains refined in style. | BUY IT.

Rustic-Tufted-Headboard-Grey-Velvet-Fabric-And-Distressed-Wood-RusticRustic Tufted Headboard: Distressed wood contrasting against a clean and sleek upholstery job is all part of this headboard’s charm. While this option is well-suited for a variety of decor styles, it would look exceptional paired with Farmhouse decor or Victorian decor that demands a modern touch. | BUY IT.

Rustic-Distressed-Wood-Tufted-Headboard-With-Frabric-Middle-And-Barn-Wood-TrimRustic Distressed Wood Tufted Headboard: Another fantastic use of fabric and wood within a headboard design. If you want your bed to be an offbeat focal point in your bedroom, this captivating option should definitely be on your shortlist. | BUY IT.

Rolled-Top-Button-Tufted-Chesterfield-King-Headboard-Tan-Beige-ColorRolled Top Button Tufted Chesterfield King Headboard: The rolled button tufted headboard that Farmhouse styled bedrooms love! This Chesterfield King headboard will add a feeling of Hygge to the bedroom, while keeping on theme with earthy hues or soft neutrals. | BUY IT.

Extra-Tall-King-Size-Tufted-Headboard-Grey-Fabric-With-ButtonsExtra Tall King Size Tufted Headboard: A headboard that high ceilings crave and regular ceilings love. It will help make regular bedrooms appear taller and high ceiling bedrooms feel less bare. Available in Beige or Grey (shown). | BUY IT.

Nailhead-Trim-Tall-Tufted-Wingback-Headboard-Dark-Blue-With-Silver-Trim-MetallicNailhead Trim Tall Tufted Wingback Headboard: Dark and dreamy, this headboard will take center stage in any bedroom. The tufting on this design provides just the right amount of depth, while the metallic nailhead trim offers a touch of contrast and intrigue. | BUY IT.

Tufted-Wingback-Headboard-Queen-Medium-Grey-Fabric-Modern-BedTufted Wingback Headboard Queen: Love the crisp tailoring of the beige headboard, but not the color? This grey headboard features a highly similar design that is suitable for Queen or King size bed frames. | BUY IT.

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Modern-Wingback-Tufted-Headboard-Tan-Canvas-Contemporary-Neutral-Bed-Frame-IdeasModern Wingback Tufted Headboard: Another modern wingback headboard that you should definitely consider. Promising Review: “This frame is solid and looks great! The cushioned headboard is perfect for sitting up with my laptop or cell phone and it’s super comfortable. The neutral color looks like it would go with any décor. What I like most is that the legs are a little inset and the entire headboard can rest flat against the wall, even if the wall has baseboards. There is no fear of it bending or bowing to my weight.” | BUY IT.

Tufted-Wingback-Headboard-King-Beige-Tan-With-Pleats-Neutral-Bedroom-Idea-PhotoTufted Wingback Headboard King: This wingback headboard features tailored pleats and deep tufting to create a look that is plush and chic. If you are worried about the tufting not looking as crisp over time, a simple pass of the iron can transform it into its original form. | BUY IT.

Horizontal-Channel-Tufted-Headboard-Beige-Tan-Colored-Lined-BedframeHorizontal Channel Tufted Headboard: Maybe its the wingback design or its elegant style, but this headboard soars above the competition! It is finished with a stunningly textured beige fabric and also has matching side rails and a foot board available. Available in Queen or King size. | BUY IT.

Channel-Tufted-Headboard-Grey-Dusty-Blue-Seashell-Shape-Velvet-FabricChannel Tufted Headboard: Another channel tufted headboard made our list—and for good reason! This option is not only elegant, but it is super sturdy and comes in multiple color options. A great choice for everything from Art Deco to Contemporary styled bedrooms. | BUY IT.

Rustic-Tufted-Headboard-With-Nailhead-Trim-Weathered-Wood-Frame-and-Tan-Fabric-CenterRustic Tufted Headboard: While some might think a rustic headboard has to be all wood, this combo of materials says otherwise. Wood and fabric are quite the dynamic duo on this headboard. And that nailhead trim? Pure perfection! | BUY IT.

Tufted-Headboard-And-Frame-Modern-Light-Grey-Fabric-Deep-TuftsTufted Headboard And Frame: Whether you’re looking for a tufted headboard to keep your pillow from sliding off the bed or to make your bedroom look extra inviting, this grey headboard is up to the task. It is available in 4 different fabrics and a multitude of neutral colors (plus, Navy Blue). | BUY IT.

Crystal-Tufted-Faux-Leather-Headboard-Dark-Brown-Fabric-Chocolate-ColoredCrystal Tufted Faux Leather Headboard: Did our last option leave you craving more shimmer and shine? This leather headboard is not only crystal tufted, but it has a glimmering “bling strip” border that kicks its glam factor up a couple notches. Available in White or Black (shown). | BUY IT.

Tufted-Headboard-With-Gold-plated-Metal-Frame-Luxury-Royal-Blue-Fabric-Gold-Accent-TrimTufted Headboard With Gold-plated Metal Frame: Or maybe gold is more your idea of elegant and glam? This velvet tufted headboard is sure to make any bed a focal point with its bold blue color and gold plated metal border. Now all you need is some plush bedding and a few throw pillows! | BUY IT.

Crystal-Tufted-Headboard-Diamond-Shaped-White-Frabic-White-Bedframe-Idea-PhotoCrystal Tufted Headboard: Add a bit of bling to the bedroom in a subtle and classy way. This crystal tufted headboard with faux leather upholstery costs under $100 and is available in Queen or Full size. | BUY IT.

Yellow-Tufted-Notched-Headboard-Mustard-Colored-Fabric-Bedframe-BrightYellow Tufted Notched Headboard: Good morning sunshine! Let the sun shine on the horizon of your bed even of cloudy days with this yellow tufted headboard. This yellow hue is fun and energizing, perfect for youth or anyone with an affinity for bold color. Love the notched design but not the yellow? This headboard is available in a whopping 25 colors and 5 sizes. | BUY IT.

Blue-Tufted-Headboard-Peacock-Blue-Velvet-Soft-Plush-Fabric-Blue-Bedroom-Decor-Idea-PhotosBlue Tufted Headboard: Does anything say luxury quite like velvet!? This navy blue tufted headboard looks and feels extremely plush— no doubt thanks to its velvet upholstery. Pair with a white duvet to create a dynamic contrast and a clean look. | BUY IT.

Teal-Tufted-Headboard-For-Apartment-Bedroom-Simple-Affordable-Bedframe-IdeasTeal Tufted Headboard: A fantastic piece to complement Traditional, Farmhouse, Modern and Contemporary decor. The beautiful texture and hue of the fabric on this headboard makes it look far more expensive than it is, so while you will only pay a mere $100, everyone will think you dished out much more! | BUY IT.

Green-Channel-Tufted-Headboard-Vintage-Velvet-Fabric-Kelly-Green-Earthy-GlamGreen Channel Tufted Headboard: A deep green like found in this headboard is perfect if you are going for an earthy vibe with a luxurious feel. Pair it with neutrals to make it stand out or with peach and orange accents to create a striking palette. Also available in Grey, Navy, or Taupe. | BUY IT.

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Purple-Tufted-Headboard-Light-Lavendar-Fabric-Cheap-Purple-Bedroom-Decor-IdeaPurple Tufted Headboard: This light purple tufted headboard instantly gave us visions of lavender fields. While it is a little more colorful than many of the options on our list, it is still quite the serene shade to incorporate into a bedroom. | BUY IT.

Red-Tufted-Headboard-Bold-Bright-Rouge-Bedroom-Decor-Ideas-Sexy-RomanticRed Tufted Headboard: There is no doubt that using a tufted headboard to add bold color to a bedroom has a poignant effect that can take a room’s design to new heights. So, if you are looking for a contemporary design in that wheelhouse, then perhaps this sultry red beauty is for you. | BUY IT.

Modern-Beige-Tufted-Headboard-Plush-Square-Design-Canvas-FabricModern Beige Tufted Headboard: Perhaps this beige shade is more in tune with your bedroom color palette. An excellent choice to cultivate a natural and earthy vibe or fantastic for beach-inspired rooms looking for a headboard with a sandy tone. | BUY IT.

Pink-Tufted-Headboard-Light-Soft-Pink-Plush-Feminine-Bedroom-Decor-IdeasPink Tufted Headboard: A touch of feminine flair may be just what your bedroom needs to stand out from the crowd. This soft pink option is made from velvet upholstery that is stain resistant and luxuriously soft. Plus, it has five height adjustable mounting positions from 45” – 52. 5” to accommodate a variety of bed frame types. | BUY IT.

Ivory-Colored-Tufted-Headboard-Off-White-Fabric-Bedframe-Under-100Ivory Colored Tufted Headboard: An infusion of creamy ivory may just be what the design doctor ordered! This headboard will lend a soft aesthetic to light colored rooms, while adding a pop of contrast to darker setups. Available in multiple fabrics and colors. | BUY IT.

Queen-Sized-Rectangular-Grey-Button-Tufted-Headboard-Light-Gray-FabricQueen Sized Rectangular Grey Button Tufted Headboard: This rectangular tufted headboard will make a powerful statement in any bedroom. It features a french-inspired design, a strong shape, and robust button diamond tufts. And incase you don’t want the hassle of installing it yourself, it also comes with the option of expert assembly. | BUY IT.

King-Size-Tufted-Headboard-Grey-Modern-With-Matching-Buttons-Medium-GrayKing Size Tufted Headboard: Deep set buttons and soft edges give this King size tufted headboard an extra infusion of luxury. And if you’re looking for a bedside carafe like shown above, be sure to checkout 51 Cool Carafes to Hold Your Water or Wine. | BUY IT.

Arched-King-Size-Headboard-Cream-Color-Off-White-Fabric-Bright-And-CleanArched King Size Headboard: Great news! This headboard is also available as a King size. Promising Review: “I purchased this headboard for daughters room. I did a lot of research and decided this was the best value for the style I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. My daughter loves her bed and the color will go with any bedding option I choose.” | BUY IT.

Queen-Sized-Diamond-Tufted-Headboard-Arched-Light-Grey-Fabric-GrayQueen Sized Diamond Tufted Headboard: The Mid-Century silhouette of this tufted headboard gives it a soft aesthetic that is elegant and timeless. A great design, especially if you are opting for a Mid-Century vibe with just a touch of romance and femininity. Available in Beige, Cream, Ocean Blue, and Grey (shown). | BUY IT.

Black-Tufted-Faux-Leather-Headboard-Under-100-Rectangular-Easy-CleanBlack Tufted Faux Leather Headboard: Or perhaps you prefer the sleek and elegant look that leather provides. In that case, this faux black headboard will give you all of that and more, but without the steep price tag that real leather carries. Also available in Brown or White. | BUY IT.

Grey-Biscuit-Tufted-Headboard-Grey-Velvet-Frabric-Gray-Bedroom-Decor-Idea-PhotosGrey Biscuit Tufted Headboard: Another grey stunner, but this one has a bit more of a luxe feel thanks to its velvet upholstery and deep button tufting. Looking for another color? This headboard is also available in Light Blue, Navy, Pink, or White. | BUY IT.

Grey-Faux-Linen-Blind-Tufted-Headboard-Simple-Design-Gray-Fabric-1Grey Faux Linen Blind Tufted Headboard: Proof that your bedroom can have killer taste, even on a tighter budget. The elegant design of this grey tufted headboard keeps things minimal with a neatly tailored design and blind tufts (no buttons). A great choice for those who like the look of tufted, but don’t want anything too lavish. | BUY IT.

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