Modern Dining Room Sets: Table and Chair Combinations That Just Work Great Together
Modern Dining Room Sets: Table and Chair Combinations That Just Work Great Together

42 Modern Dining Room Sets: Table and Chair Combinations That Just Work Great Together

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The centerpiece of any dining room is the table and chairs, so it’s important to get them to match (or mismatch) correctly. We’ve put up 42 amazing combinations to show how the appropriate dining furniture can be the best friend of your décor, whether your dining room leans toward rustic, monochrome, Scandinavian, or minimalist. Place four identical Kartell Masters around a table to visually expand your combined kitchen and eating area. Place a sleek white block in the middle of the room, encompassing four sleek Scandinavian chairs; an extension leaves room for two more. To dine in style while keeping your budget in check, peruse our selection of authentic and reproduction dining room furniture.

Gallery for 42 Modern Dining Room Sets: Table and Chair Combinations That Just Work Great Together

modern-dining-room-set-for-8Table: Curzon Dining Table Chairs: Oxford Dining Chair (shown on image) Need a modern dining room set for 8? This Brazilian table with stainless steel legs finds favour in black, stitched leather case seats. For an alternative, white-hued look, the Eiffel Base Eames-Style Molded Plastic Chairs would also work a treat. | BUY IT.

modern-dining-room-set-for-6Premium Option:

Table: Cross Extension Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Fishburne Dining Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

A modern dining room set for 6 can be seated with Platners, too. These seats sit around a wooden extension table crossed over at its bottom, matching the room’s décor in lines in the wood-panelled ceiling, curtain folds and chair legs. A modern chandelier
draws in visitors with its striking Edison bulbs. | 41 |.

platner-chairs-and-table-mid-century-modern-dining-room-setsPremium Option:

Table: Platner Dining Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Fishburne Dining Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

Want the full set? With gold, splayed metal legs, a glass top and black-upholstered cushions, this mid-century modern scene sure does look regal. Buy the originals for snobbery, the replicas to get a taste of everyday fine dining. | 40 |.

platner-chairs-and-table-modern-dining-room-sets-for-6Premium Option:

Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Modway Lippa Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

Want your dining room to make a mid-century modern splash? This Saarinen Tulip table and six avocado Platner chairs are staples of the look. As guests are wined and dined on a surface of marble, they’ll kick their feet across 50’s innovations in metal. | 39 |.

red-chairs-modern-dining-room-sets-with-benchTable: Limari Home Concrete Dining Table Chairs: Limari Home Nyana Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair Be industrial yet theatrical in your dining room design. This workingman’s concrete table packs a punch beside even bolder fabric chairs in red. Stencil chair legs help tie the hues in. | BUY IT.

white-bench-cane-chairs-modern-dining-room-sets-for-10Premium Option:

Table: Cappellini Fronzoni 64 Table Chairs: Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Condie Family Dining Table Chairs: Hans Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replica

Contrast square edges with chairs of a curve. The white lacquered finish of this straight-legged, long-lined dining table meets the dreamy flowing backs and hemp-weave seats of three Wegners. A cork stool to the side and light kitchen behind bat in turn for each party. | BUY IT.

simple-Scandinavian-modern-dining-room-sets-cheapPremium Option:

Table: Muuto Split Dining Table Chairs: AAC 22
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Bloch Dining Table Chairs: AAC 22 Replica

Go Scandinavian and minimalist at the same time. This oak Muuto Split table splays its legs amongst four cubby-style chairs, as a concrete pendant demarcates the space. Light wooden floors and white walls keep it minimalist. | BUY IT.

pastel-modern-dining-room-sets-with-benchTable: Muuto Split Dining Table Chairs: Muuto Nerd Chair, Cheaper Replica Designed by Staffan Holm, this classic Scandinavian-style table lays low beside pastel-painted oak chairs. A polished concrete floor and simple white décor let its bubblegum hues take centre stage. | BUY IT.

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white-and-wood-modern-dining-room-sets-for-4Table: Aurand Dining Table Chairs: Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas Bring white and wood together for simplistic dining. This elongated table looks perfect beside white-painted wooden chairs in the Wegner style. A crumpled offering of oranges adds a dash of colour. | BUY IT.

unfold-muuto-pendant-modern-dining-room-furniture-setsPremium Option:

Table: Muuto 70/70 Table Chairs: Muuto Cover Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Barris Dining Table Chairs: Otis Arm Chair

Get a dining set in the Muuto design. Classically Scandinavian, these Danish designers frame long, white tables in aluminium, carve oak into curved chairs, and unfold pendants in silicone. Pair them with a white and bright interior and mix and match chair colours to let their genius shine. | BUY IT.

mushroom-chairs-modern-dining-room-table-setsTable: Modern White Round Dining Table Chairs: Grey Upholstered Dining Chair Like the Otago table’s shape, but not its finish? Make it contemporary in polished white lacquer. Two grey upholstered chairs atop a sea of geometrics make it a modern scene. | BUY IT.

Scandinavian-round-table-modern-dining-room-sets-for-4Table: Otago Dining Table Chairs: Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas Rather be in a resort? This Otago Oak, tree trunk-shaped table provides a hint of the tropical beside hemp rope seats and potted ferns. Natural monochrome photography and a circular woven rug complete the look. | BUY IT.

black-geometric-chairs-ultra-modern-dining-room-setsPremium Option:

Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Magis Chair One
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Magis Chair One Replica

Monochrome is the word for this industrial-style dining. A Saarinen Tulip table is paired with four Magis Chair One designs in black, adding geometric flair to thin wooden panelling, exposed brick and extractor fans. A series of white vases in different forms find flair. | BUY IT.

Scandinavian-style-modern-dining-room-sets-on-salePremium Option:

Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Chair
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Eames-Style Molded Plastic Chair Replica

Looking for something Scandinavian? Using the Saarinen Tulip as a base, this décor adds to the look with Eames molded plastic chairs and a woven circular rug. Illuminated by a copper cone, the look is fresh, modern, and practical enough for everyday. | BUY IT.

thin-wooden-modern-dining-room-setsPremium Option:

Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Hans Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas

Pair your Saarinen Tulip table with chairs in a homely feel. Four Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs add wooden frames and rope seating to this interior, providing warmth with woollen throws and a bright Turkish rug. The table’s marble top adds to the feeling of opulence. | BUY IT.

tulip-seats-grey-modern-dining-room-sets-for-4Premium Option:

Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Saarinen Tulip Chair
Cheaper Alternative:

Table & Chair Set: Modway Lippa 5 Piece Fiberglass Dining Set

Seat a table for four that looks like the Jetsons’. The famed Saarinen Tulip style spreads across four chairs and a table in this marble-topped design. Stand this set close to your kitchen, for an easy way to keep an eye on your toast. | 27 |.

modern-wood-dining-room-setsPremium Option:

Table: Dulwich extension table Chairs: Eames-style molded plywood chair
Cheaper Alternative:

Table: Baxton Studio Juliette mid-century modern dining table Chairs: Eames-style molded plywood dining chair replica

Get the whole family together. Walnut from Latvia constructed this long and lean dining table, another design by Matthew Hilton. Accompanied by Eames-style walnut chairs, its tapered edges and more-leg-room splays look just gorgeous underneath potted succulents. | BUY IT.

mix-of-chairs-modern-wood-dining-room-setsTable: Similar styled one from Restoration Hardware Chairs: AAC 22, Replica, Fiber Side Chair, J104 Chair, AAC 22 With Upholstery Wood salvaged from century-old buildings in Great Britain created this table by Timothy Oulton, a rectangular-legged twist on the classic circular round. Mix and match it with chairs in similar styles and materials, to prove white and wood need not be boring. | BUY IT.

stencil-chairs-white-modern-dining-room-sets-cheapPremium Option:

Table: Dulwich extension table Chairs: Eames wire chair with seat pads
Cheaper Alternative:

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Table: Baxton Studio Juliette mid-century modern dining table Chairs: Eames-style wire chair replicas

Mix and match mid-century modern pieces for a dining look that’s fresh. The evolved modern lines of this Matthew Hilton table, paired with the well-known contours of Eames wire chairs, surprise and delight guests with their eclectic feel. Use white walls and a creative clock to complete the scene. | BUY IT.

grey-leather-modern-glass-dining-room-setsAnastasia Contemporary 7 Piece Gray-Themed Dining Set: Mimic the style of the ancients, with a dining table on a pedestal. This cement-finish bottom and glass top table is ringed by six seats in grey faux leather. A background of French panelling and black and white prints brings it into the modern day. | BUY IT.

white-acrylic-modern-dining-room-sets-with-benchTable: Astor Dining Table Chairs: Delancey Side Chair Made from polished steel coated with a white lacquer, this unforgettably sleek table welcomes Delancey chairs to the party. Lift out its middle to extend the table, standing its form on a polished floor to keep the look sophisticated. | BUY IT.

beige-and-white-modern-round-dining-room-setsTable: Giove Rounded Rectangle Extendable Dining Table Chairs: Frida Upholstered Dining Chair Go back to the 50’s with this varnished taupe table. Also available in wood, wood-ceramic or wood-glass, its splayed legs work well with this no-fuss painted floor and synthetic seating. Lift up its edges to make its surface smaller. | BUY IT.

modern-white-dining-room-setsTable: AAT20 Chairs: AAC 22, Replica, Fiber Side Chair, J110 Chair, Stackable Hee Dining Chair Designer Hee Welling uses natural oak plywood to frame the edges of this circular white table, kept interesting with a selection of different, wooden-legged chairs. | BUY IT.

simple-black-dining-room-sets-modernTable: Magis Tavolo XZ3 Chairs: Ikea Svenbertil Seat a small attic space with dining furniture in black. This set, not originally paired together, look a dream with their stencil steel legs and glossy surfaces. Accessories in glass, such as the cluster of hanging pendants and simple vases shown here, keep it contemporary. | BUY IT.

transparent-acrylic-seats-unique-modern-dining-room-setsTable: Extendable White Dining Table Chairs: Ghost Chair Replicas White dining tables are fresh and breezy every mealtime. This simply-alluring combination shows off a white gloss table, which extends from a 17-inch desk to an 118-inch feast, and four ghost chair replicas, which dazzle and delight with their see-through frames. Accentuate the look with a white or grey wall feature and flower-filled glass vase. | BUY IT.

red-metal-table-modern-small-dining-room-setsTable: Strut Dining Table Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Chair Replicas Try something different for your dining. This powder-coated steel table makes a splash in unexpected red, alongside four Eames chair replicas. Do the look justice with a sprig of red florals and simple glassware. | BUY IT.

iconic-chair-mid-century-modern-dining-room-setsTable: Julien Round Walnut Dining Table Chairs: Cherner-Style Chair Replicas Cherner-style chairs are eating up the home interior scene, and there’s no reason why you can’t have some for your own. Circling a rounded walnut-veneer centre, they’re perfectly complemented by a stone-finish floor, bamboo pendant and wood groove fruit bowl. | BUY IT.

school-chairs-leather-seats-modern-wood-dining-room-setsWooden 5 Piece Mid-Century Modern Dining Set: Create a dining room in the mid-century modern style. This French oak five-seater with faux-leather seats lets you nail the look in one. Stand it upon a wooden floor and rectangular mat to accentuate its curves. | BUY IT.

white-and-modern-wood-dining-room-setsAlgedi 7 Piece Dining Set: Looking for a larger family? This sturdy, light bentwood table seats an impressive seven. The white band around its middle colour-matches its accompanying chairs, each designed with legs in chrome. | BUY IT.

grey-seats-white-table-dining-room-sets-contemporary-modern5 Piece Modern Glass Top Dining Table: To celebrate a city view, go for glass. This metal-inner, wood-coated leg table and chairs fight the termites from your carpet whilst reflecting sun from your window. | BUY IT.

formal-dining-room-sets-modern-wooden-chairs-and-tableModern Natural Oak Dining Set: You can’t beat oak for a classic dining table. This four-seater brings a feeling of home with white padded seats, a sprig of wild flowers and a base on a rug. | BUY IT.

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two-three-four-piece-dining-room-setsTable: Ikea Drop Leaf Table Chairs: Ikea PS 2012 Chairs Need your dining table to do more than just extend? This find, carved from bamboo, seats two, three and even four people by lifting its two flaps, ladybird-style. Pair it with deliberately mis-matching black chairs to make it modern. | BUY IT.

white-and-wood-affordable-modern-dining-room-setsTable: Modway Cyclone round wood top dining table Chairs: Modway Stack dining chair Get fancy with an intricately-detailed leg. This rounded number, originally based on the famed Cyclone table by Isamu Noguchi, uses chrome-plated steel with a cast-iron foot ring. Black print frames and muted-hue chairs match it well. | BUY IT.

panton-s-chairs-modern-luxury-dining-room-setsTable: Kubo Dining Table (Similar) Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Armchair Replica, Panton S Chair Replica Make a more solid impact with a thick-legged dining table. The block colouring and squared edges of this inner-city apartment are complemented by this pine table’s presence. Accentuate its form with more rounded seating, such as the Eames plastic armchair and Panton S styles shown here. | BUY IT.

simple-wooden-affordable-modern-dining-room-setsModern Compact 5 Piece Dining Set: Pair scooped plywood and chrome for dining decor less ordinary. This come-one-come-all set of dining chairs are muted enough to let other hues do the talking. Sit them beside a wood-cabinet kitchen. | BUY IT.

white-bench-wooden-legged-chairs-modern-dining-room-sets-for-6White Extendable Modern Dining Table: Not sure if you’re having two or six to dinner? Try out this extendable table for size. Growing from 160 to 205cm long and back again, it’s a solid companion for moulded plastic chairs – or you can buy the ones pictured here. | BUY IT.

wood-and-white-Scandinavian-dining-room-sets-modern-styleEames-Style Dining Table: Design legend Ray Eames knew what made furniture beautiful, yet functional. This Eiffel-leg table replica gives substance to style with its four matching chairs. Set it upon white for a minimalist vibe. | BUY IT.

wood-block-modern-rustic-dining-room-setsCompact 4 Seat Dining Set: Not sure you have room to hosts friends at dinner? Never fear – a dining set with storage is here. This four-seater set in laminated plywood boasts taupe seating on the top and hidden storage beneath. Affix an aluminium pendant over the top as a fixture. | BUY IT.

wooden-school-chairs-white-legs-dining-room-sets-modern-style-1Table: Modway Satellite Dining Table Chairs: Modway Drift Dining Chair Make patterns in your dining with table and chair legs as your feature. Bentwood-top chairs and a classic round table find common ground with their matching hairpin legs, a mid-century modern staple. A simple fruit bowl in white subtly centres the scene. | BUY IT.

simple-bench-and-benching-modern-contemporary-dining-room-setsModern Dining Table With Benches: Go back to school with a set of wooden benches. This pretty trio stands out with its black iron frame against a cluster of monochrome prints. A posy of peonies and potted fern at the back inject a dose of nature. | BUY IT.

white-slick-detailed-back-modern-dining-room-sets-saleTable: Dessa Rectangular White Dining Table (Similar) Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas

Reverse the look in bright white. A similar table in polypropylene-coated metal joins with three Kartell Masters to match the cabinets in this kitchen. Light-wooden flooring and a warmer wood for the benches complete the scene, which is artfully scattered with stone and black vases. | BUY IT.

black-elegant-small-modern-dining-room-sets-1Table: Merax Black Rectangular Table Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas

Designing for a kitchen-come-dining? Match your dining chairs and table to the shade of your kitchen. This simple, black rectangular table makes a charcoal bench seem longer, whilst drawing in the eye with a neon yellow fruit bowl. Four Kartell Masters chairs add subtle flair in similar materials. | BUY IT.

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