5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Haven

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I’m pleased to share my 5 Simple Tips To Create A Bedroom Haven with you today. Regardless of how it is at your house, in each of the five residences my husband and I have lived in over the past seven years, the master bedroom was always the last room to receive any decorative care. Most of the time, it became a place to dump our belongings before retiring to sleep at night. Our bedroom was anything but a relaxing “haven” where we could unwind and enjoy ourselves.

My immediate reaction to the Sleep Number challenge was giggle because our 120-year-old house has some unattractive features, including our master bedroom. What? Why aren’t you persuaded? Continue reading. The more I thought about it; the more determined I became to turn this ugly area into a cheerful haven for myself and my family.

1.Remove All Clutter

I cleared out the clothes, picked up paper clutter, and cleaned off flat surfaces like the nightstand, dresser, and chest. Having these spaces open and clean sets my heart at ease and allows me to relax.

2.Use Candles and Dim the Lights

For as long as I can remember, I’ve despised overhead lighting. As a teen, I constantly turned off overhead lights and put on lamps at home. With this quirk, I suppose I drove my father insane.

Turning off the bright lights and turning on the lamps cost nothing. Even better, light a candle or two! I enjoy relaxing in low light!

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3. Pillow fluffiness

It is simple to add extra pillows to your bed and bedroom chairs. Pads give a luxurious touch while also making your room comfier. I don’t know about you, but I like to read and surf the web in bed, so extra pillows make it more comfortable.

4. Snuggle Up With A Throw

Nothing is more inconvenient than attempting to sleep with freezing feet or arms. Using a throw blanket on a chair or at the end of your bed adds texture and a warm, welcoming vibe to a bedroom.

5. Accept Your Personal Space

Last but not least, being comfortable and content with what I have is a passion of mine. I want you, my readers, to have the same reaction. Yes, I have a nice living room with a fireplace that I enjoy decorating, but it is our house’s only “pretty” room.

The bedroom is covered in horrible wallpaper from…the 1980s? See?

I’m not touching the wallpaper because we’re just renting here for a short time, and I have no idea what’s behind it. Ha!

In addition to these five simple ideas for relaxing and enjoying our bedroom environment more, we’ve been loving our new Sleep Number® i8 bed, In BalanceTM Sheets, and AirFitTM Adjustable Pillows. You all. I can’t say enough good things about this fantastic firm. We were treated like kings throughout our in-store visit. I like how the Sleep Number app displays how our backpressure altered as we changed the settings. My ideal number is 35, and my husband’s number is 30.

My husband and I agree that we haven’t slept better in a long time. I’ve observed that my spouse hasn’t complained about being overheated while sleeping since we got our Sleep Number bed. Temperature balancing technology is used in both the bed and the sheets. I adore it! We also like how the cushions can be adjusted. There’s a small knob in one corner that allows you to adjust the firmness or softness of the pillow. Ingenious!!

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