5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is often the last place you think of when considering improvements to make to your home. It is often considered as a purely utilitarian place: a functional zone that operates outside the considered aesthetic you have implemented. Form and function, however, have always gone together.

5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom. Wood and stone: noble material combination for ultramodern room

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Think about it this way: you spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom. According to recent research, men spend an average of 855.8 days in the bathroom during their lives, whilst women spend around 770.8. With most people spending literally years of their lives in the bathroom, the importance of the place becomes more obvious. Not only is a bathroom where you go to the toilet – it is where you relax in the bath, groom yourself, and finish your day brushing your teeth. It is a private place that should be a sanctuary.

Improving your bathroom can really change things up.

Much like all renovations, improving the bathroom can be expensive and requires specialist skills and materials. It doesn’t have to be though. The consumer group has put together a budget guide for sprucing up the porcelain palace.

Here are some ways you can improve your bathroom. This isn’t a definitive list. Get creative!

Choose the Right Contractors for the Job

Sometimes you can’t do everything yourself. Simple bathroom renovation jobs are usually not too hard, but tiling, plumbing, good grouting, and extensions usually require help. Choosing the right contractor for a bathroom renovation involves understanding your needs, your budget, and your timescale. Always plan ahead. The locality is also important. If, for instance, you are based in Calgary, you might want to click here and check out some local options.

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Change the Way It Smells

It goes without saying that smell is an important factor in the bathroom. Taking care of unpleasant scents can really improve the space. Diffusers are among the most popular devices for this, slowly releasing scents into the air throughout the day.

Install a New Sink

Sink basins now come in all shapes and sizes. Pairing your new bathroom with a new basin really brings unity of design to the project. Be sure to shop around – the sink market is extremely diverse

5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom. Large sink for two can fill the space with a new impression

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Add a Luxurious Freestanding Bath

The origins of the bathtub are somewhat hazy and unclear. One thing is for certain though: a railed freestanding bathtub is the epitome of luxury. Sinking into a bath at the end of a long day should feel like entering a dream. Buying and installing a new bathtub can be a little expensive, but trust us, it will be worth it.

5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom. Freestanding eggshell bathtub as an accent of the bathroom

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Bring Nature Inside With Houseplants

Houseplants are all the rage. Young people are tending to use an increasing number of different varieties, and with good reason. They bring luscious color to your bathroom, and can actually increase the air quality a small amount. Most of all, they are a pleasure to keep. Many a proud indoor gardener will attest to this.

5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom. Great dark scheme with marble and wood along with glass shell sink

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