50 Wonderful One Wall Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

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You’ve got just one wall on which to set a run of kitchen cabinets… doesn’t really set the creative juices flowing – or does it? One wall kitchen designs often require us to get even more creative with our space to ensure that every culinary need is met in an arrangement that suits our personal style. The one wall kitchens in this collection each bring a unique flavour to the table and explore different layouts. Yes we did say layouts, because even though these kitchen ideas follow a straight run, there are multiple ways in which to situate appliances and accessories, plus accompanying kitchen islands and dining areas.

Gallery for 50 Wonderful One Wall Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

one-wall-galley-kitchen-designFashion one solid colour block in the middle of your one wall kitchen to break the line. | Visualizer: PLASTERLINA.

One-wall-kitchen-with-living-roomAdd a border of matching colour. The wall behind this green kitchen is painted the same dark shade, and the paintwork extends along the side wall to line up with the depth of the units. | Designer: Oksana Dolgopiatova.

one-wall-kitchen-layoutAdd a wow factor backsplash. A plain run of cabinets can take on an entirely new personality when teamed with a highly patterned colourful backsplash. | Visualizer: Dina Kuzmenko.

one-wall-kitchen-designsCompose a clash of colours with bold cabinets and appliances, like this combo of green units, red oven and yellow refrigerator. | Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov.

one-wall-kitchen-ideasThe shelves in this kitchen hold a hundred different items, from indoor herb planters and crates to storage boxes, crockery and mixing bowls. There is a lot on display here, but a cohesive look is achieved by only selecting items of a peach, mint, wood or white colourway. | Visualizer: Natalia Okolus.

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one-wall-kitchen-designBreak up a flat line of units with changing cabinet facias. These wooden sections add bags of visual interest to slab fronted cabinets. | Visualizer: Grits Creative Group.

single-wall-kitchenA plus point for a single wall of kitchen units is that the plumbing job is made much simpler with one straight run of pipework. This apartment has the kitchen and bathroom vanity as one continuous arrangement for this reason. | Visualizer: aTng 糖 & Dunqiang Chen.

kitchen-on-one-wallOpen kitchen shelving can make a narrow space feel wider. Check out the way the kitchen shelves in this room create a unique divide in the backsplash. | Visualizer: Ollii Mi.

SIngle-wall-industrial-style-kitchensIf your one available kitchen wall just isn’t long enough, look up. Make use of high ceilings by installing a double run of wall units to increase your storage space. The highest, less accessible units can be used for storing seasonal and occasional items. If you like the look of this space then check out these other industrial style kitchens. | Visualizer: Tharik Mohammed.

one-wall-kitchen-cabinetsChalk it up to experience. A previous bad choice of wall cabinets can be given an easy fix with a lick of chalkboard paint or some chalkboard vinyl sheets. Doubling up the use of the cabinets like this is a particularly great idea for a small one wall kitchen layout since wall space is limited. Draw up the weekly menu, the kids after school class schedule, or just get creative with some temporary artwork. | Source: Ikea.

kitchen-along-one-wall-1Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest kitchen of all? Two mirror fronted cooking appliances are wall mounted above the counter in this single wall kitchen. Their reflective surface helps the large items to blend with a white wall. A single wall shelf runs the remaining length of the kitchen, with a track on its underside on which to hook a kitchen roll holder, a knife block and other kitchen accessories. The shelf itself is dressed with a considered collection of decorative items and cook books. A kitchen extractor unit is set flush into the ceiling above the stove to keep the look open and airy. | Photographer: Stijn Vereeken.

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