51 Bathtubs That Redefine Relaxation Through Smart Features And Fresh Style
51 Bathtubs That Redefine Relaxation Through Smart Features And Fresh Style

51 Bathtubs That Redefine Relaxation Through Smart Features And Fresh Style

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Bathtubs can be a place of relaxation, introspection, healing, and happiness. They are not merely a practical requirement. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 51 distinctive bathtubs that are now for sale online, each with a unique selling point. Are you searching for a straightforward bathtub to fit a compact bathroom? A piece of sculpture to finish your modern bathroom renovation at the cutting edge? Perhaps a therapeutic jacuzzi with lots of features might help you feel better. You can explore a wide range of options using this list. Using our helpful bathtub buying guide, you may find the ideal match for your preferences and sense of style.

Gallery for 51 Bathtubs That Redefine Relaxation Through Smart Features And Fresh Style

round-soaking-tub-with-16-inch-depth-freestanding-design-for-luxurious-modern-bathroomsRound Soaking Tub: This perfectly round soaking bathtub includes a built-in seat for comfort, with the soaking depth measuring at approximately 16″. Capture that refreshing spa atmosphere right within your own home with this spectacular freestanding design. | BUY NOW.

ultra-luxury-high-end-hammock-bathtub-artistic-designer-bathtub-for-modern-interiorsUltra Luxury Hammock Bathtub: An intriguing high-luxury design, the Hammock Bath by SplinterWorks is a longtime favorite in the world of design inspiration blogs. This whimsical design is crafted from strong carbon fiber for a modern look with sculptural appeal. The price tag certainly reflects its designer status, but it’s hard to put a price on innovation. | BUY NOW.

luxury-kohler-freestanding-soak-bathtub-with-16-inch-soak-depthKohler Triangle Freestanding Soak Tub: The Veil line by Kohler embodies a sense of true luxury. This glossy cast-resin freestanding tub is shaped like a rounded triangle, an artful approach to flexible comfort. This deep tub boasts a 16″ soaking depth. | BUY IT.

unique-sculptural-bathtub-hammock-shape-freestanding-art-bathtub-for-modern-bathroomsUnique Scoop Bathtub: This bathtub is a true work of art. The stone resin surface feels warm and organic to the touch, a standout feature rarely found in the world of bathtub design. The unique curved shape cradles the body for incomparable comfort. | BUY IT.

unique-luxury-freestanding-bathtub-with-warm-touch-stone-resin-construction-for-super-modern-bathroom-themesSculptural Freestanding Bathtub: This ladle-shaped bathtub features a smooth continuous surface that carries the eye. Stone resin construction provides a warm and inviting touch. | BUY IT.

drop-in-corner-bathtub-with-dual-backrests-and-armrests-with-accessory-deckDrop-In Corner Bathtub: Dual backrests and molded armrests give this drop-in corner bathtub a simple comfort boost. A built-in accessory deck provides easy access to your favorite bath time essentials. | BUY IT.

simple-single-piece-corner-drop-in-bathtub-hygienic-designCorner Drop-In Bathtub: Simple, stylish, and easy to maintain. This drop-in acrylic corner bathtub is crafted from a single piece for exceptional hygiene. | BUY IT.

drop-in-corner-bathtub-simple-design-with-deep-17-inch-soak-depthCorner Soaking Bathtub: This drop-in soaking bathtub allows seamless coordination with your bathroom decor. This straightforward design accommodates a 17″ water depth and boasts a contoured lumbar slope for comfort. The slip-resistant floor is textured for safety. | BUY NOW.

modern-one-person-corner-bathtub-with-jacuzzi-jets-and-chromatherapy-lights-plus-handheld-showerOne Person Minimalist Corner Bathtub: Are you looking for a corner whirlpool tub sized for a smaller bathroom? This design maintains a conservative footprint but goes big on relaxing features. Eight air jets and four large jets soothe the body, while built-in chromatherapy lights relax the mind. | BUY IT.

bathtub-shower-combo-corner-bathtub-for-small-bathrooms-one-backrestJetted Corner Bathtub Shower Combo: Get cozy with this small corner bathtub and shower combo. Seven jets massage the body while the backrest provides support for lengthy baths. | BUY NOW.

large-bathtub-two-person-corner-bathtub-with-jets-and-handheld-showerLarge Corner Bathtub with Jets: For larger bathrooms, this two-person whirlpool tub is sure to delight. Twelve powerful jets massage the back, sides, and legs for a rejuvenating experience. | BUY NOW.

minimalist-corner-tub-with-jets-handheld-shower-backrest-built-in-waterfall-and-towel-barModern Corner Tub with Jets: This jetted corner bathtub has a sleek look, but its list of features is far from minimalist. This design includes a headrest, powerful jets, a hand shower, towel bar, and an innovative soothing waterfall. | BUY IT.

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modern-step-in-bathtub-with-transparent-side-panel-two-person-headrests-LED-chromatherapy-lightsClear-Sided Step in Bathtub with Jets: For something a little more modern, this striking clear-sided whirlpool bathtub is sure to delight. This design fills through the jets, eliminating any need for a traditional faucet. An inline heater with thermostat provides perfectly tailored comfort. A range of other customization controls are readily accessible from the built-in control panel on the edge. | BUY NOW.

modern-whirlpool-bathtub-for-corner-installation-clear-side-panel-two-person-backrests-built-in-shower-bluetooth-speakersCorner Whirlpool Bathtub: Here is another clear-sided design, this time suitable for corner placement. This tub includes an inline heater, comfortable backrests, a built-in hand shower, and numerous deep-tissue massage jets. Other controls include built-in LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, jet controls, and more. | BUY NOW.

alcove-jet-bathtub-with-backrests-two-person-design-lumbar-body-and-foot-massageAlcove Hydromassage Jet Bathtub: Suitable for drop-in or alcove installation, this flexible hydromassage bathtub makes it possible to enjoy a luxurious bathing experience within a variety of bathroom layouts. This design includes powerful jets at the lumbar, body, and foot for comprehensive comfort. Two backrests soften the interior for extended relaxation. | BUY IT.

stylish-freestanding-bathtub-with-jets-33-inch-deep-soak-tubOval Freestanding Bathtub with Jets: Eight directional water jets and 24 air bubble jets span the interior of this freestanding bathtub for all-around comfort. At 33 inches deep, this substantial soak tub provides full-body relaxation. | BUY NOW.

modern-jacuzzi-bathtub-freestanding-design-with-therapeutic-jets-66-inch-lengthFreestanding Jacuzzi Bathtub: Equipped with 10 fully adjustable body massage jets and 10 bubble jets, this luxurious therapeutic bathtub provides a well-rounded relaxation experience. This luxurious freestanding bathtub measures at 66″ long and boasts a 60-gallon water capacity. | BUY NOW.

egg-shaped-freestanding-jetted-bathtub-for-large-bathrooms-71-inch-length-adjustable-water-jetsOval Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub: This spacious jetted bathtub measures at 71″ long and 20″ deep. All six water jets are fully adjustable so you can find the direction that best suits your comfort preferences. | BUY IT.

center-drain-bathtub-with-bubble-massage-jets-and-edge-control-panel-freestanding-bathtub-designBubble Massage Center Drain Bathtub: More than 200 microbubble massage jets make this deep soaking tub an especially inviting investment. Hidden bath lights amplify the relaxing experience even further. Controls for both components are conveniently located on the edge panel. | BUY IT.

customizable-walk-in-therapeutic-bathtub-multiple-options-for-hydro-massage-and-microbubble-therapy-available-for-sale-onlineWalk-In Therapeutic Bathtub: This high-end walk-in bathtub provides a number of therapeutic add-on features. Choose the standard soaking model, or add any combination of hydro massage and microbubble therapy to suit your specific needs. | BUY IT.

mobile-home-bathtub-ADA-compliant-walk-in-design-with-therapeutic-air-jetsADA Compliant Walk-In Bathtub: This fully ADA-compliant walk-in bathtub comes equipped with an ergonomic molded seat, a slip-resistant floor finish, and a sturdy safety grab bar. The faucet panel includes a built-in hand shower, while the tub itself boasts therapeutic air jets. | BUY IT.

small-tiny-house-bathtub-for-alcove-installation-with-jetsSmall Alcove Bathtub with Jets: Here is a jetted bathtub suitable for alcove placement. The jet mechanisms are accessible through a removable panel in the side apron, fully compatible with certain aftermarket heater components if desired. | BUY IT.

walk-in-bathtub-with-built-in-seat-and-shower-with-massage-jetsSmall Walk in Bathtub: This walk-in bathtub features an ergonomic interior seat, saving space while still providing relaxing depth. Rows of air jets direct bubbles toward the calves and lower back for a therapeutic experience. | BUY IT.

wheelchair-accessible-walk-in-bathtub-with-safety-rails-and-hydrotherapy-air-jetsWalk in Bathtub: This air-jetted walk-in bathtub provides a little more room to stretch out. The wide door allows better accessibility for people who use wheelchairs, while the built-in grab bars provide stability while entering or exiting. Scalloped edges provide a touch of classic decorative appeal. | BUY IT.

luxurious-japanese-bathtub-small-design-with-built-in-hand-shower-and-microbubble-jetsSmall Japanese Bathtub: Inspired by the deep soaking bathtubs widely appreciated in Japan, this design features a compact footprint with tremendous relaxation potential. This soak tub pumps thousands of gentle micro-bubbles into the bath for enhanced enjoyment, the built-in hand shower making it easier to rinse away suds. | BUY IT.

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large-72-inch-drop-in-bathtub-for-spacious-bathrooms72-Inch Drop-In Bathtub: With its spacious size and luxurious 17″ soaking depth, this drop-in bathtub is a fantastic solution for those who like to stretch out and get comfortable in the bath. The central drain and overflow placements ensure flexible seating – suitable for two. | BUY IT.

modern-alcove-bathtub-design-ideas-60-lengthAlcove Bathtub: Alcove bathtubs are a cost-effective solution for smaller spaces. This 60″ design is a versatile standard size. For large bathrooms without an actual alcove, these bathtubs can also be installed with custom end cladding like the one pictured here. | BUY IT.

minimalist-alcove-54-inch-bathtub-for-small-bathrooms54 Inch Bathtub for Alcove: This acrylic alcove bathtub offers an affordable value for smaller bathrooms. This design is durable, easy-to-clean, and boasts a minimalist facade for easy coordination. | BUY IT.

72-inch-bathtub-drop-in-design-versatile-bathroom-fixture72 Inch Drop-In Bathtub: Stretch out and enjoy a truly luxurious bathing experience with this expansive 72″ drop-in bathtub. Pair with cladding to match your interior for a perfectly cohesive look. | BUY IT.

sunken-bathtub-design-inspiration-59-inch-length-29-inch-width-for-modern-bathroomsDrop-In Sunken Bathtub: Drop-in bathtubs are extremely versatile – they can be used with aftermarket cladding, can be placed in existing enclosures, or can be used in innovative recessed placements like the one pictured here. This acrylic bathtub measures at just over 59″ long and 29.5″ wide. | BUY IT.

luxurious-gold-clawfoot-soaking-tub-single-slipper-design-sophisticated-bathroom-inspirationGold Clawfoot Soaking Tub: A sleek minimalist bathtub gains a touch of opulent luxury with the addition of bright gold details. This design measures at an inviting 67″ length and holds an impressive 69 gallons of water. | BUY IT.

matte-black-clawfoot-bathtub-for-modern-bathroom-themesBlack Clawfoot Bathtub: Clawfoot bathtubs may be associated with tradition and classic design, but they can also serve as a strong modern accent. This design is finished in on-trend matte black over strong cast iron construction. | BUY IT.

cute-cast-iron-bathtub-all-white-design-single-slipper-shape-for-elegant-bathroom-ideasClawfoot Cast Iron Bathtub: Keep your bathroom environment looking bright and inviting with this white-on-white clawfoot tub. This design is crafted from sturdy cast iron, built to last. This model measures at just 57″ in length, its slipper shape providing extra support for long soaking sessions. | BUY IT.

sophisticated-red-clawfoot-bathtub-with-gold-feet-white-interior-burgundy-exteriorBurgundy Clawfoot Bathtub: Bring a splash of sophisticated color to your bathroom with this burgundy clawfoot bathtub. The interior is made from glossy acrylic for ease of cleaning, the clawfoot legs finished in gold for a luxurious touch. | BUY IT.

super-small-clawfoot-bathtub-for-tiny-bathrooms-silver-feet-cast-iron-tub-porcelain-lining55-Inch Clawfoot Bathtub: Clawfoot bathtubs come in smaller sizes too. This conservative 55″ design maintains a small footprint but goes big on style. This piece is made from super durable cast iron, the interior finished in easy-to-clean porcelain. | BUY IT.

faux-copper-bathtub-clawfoot-tub-design-for-modern-and-classic-bathroom-theme-inspirationFaux Copper Clawfoot Bathtub: Clawfoot bathtubs offer ample opportunity for stylistic expression. This handsome design is finished with a hand-painted copper exterior, the body made from lightweight acrylic for flexible installation. | BUY IT.

double-slipper-genuine-copper-bathtub-freestanding-design-for-rustic-and-traditional-bathroom-themesCopper Freestanding Bathtub: This copper bathtub is a natural fit for French country, Tuscan, rustic, and traditional bathroom themes. This piece is forged from genuine lead-free 14-gauge copper, sure to last a lifetime with proper care. | BUY IT.

compact-freestanding-bathtub-for-small-bathrooms-single-slipper-design-54-inches-lengthSmall Acrylic Bathtub: Are you looking for something to fit a smaller space? This freestanding bathtub measures at 54″ in length, spacious yet compact. The smooth basin curves upward at one side for exceptional support. | BUY IT.

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rustic-wooden-bathtub-with-headrests-and-built-in-showerWooden Bathtub: Looking for something a little different? A wooden bathtub is the pinnacle of rustic bathroom design, perfect for cabins and lodges and even city homes that crave a touch of natural style. This piece has been updated with modern enhancements like headrests, wooden seats, luxury fixtures, and more. | BUY IT.

beautiful-concrete-bathtub-freestanding-oval-design-thick-wallsConcrete Freestanding Soak Bathtub: Constructed from a unique blend of concrete and jute fiber, this freestanding bathtub offers an incomparable tactile experience. This piece is fully sealed for resistance against scratching and stains. Extra thick walls provide incredible insulation for long-lasting heat retention. | BUY IT.

colorful-blue-bathtub-freestanding-double-slipper-design-artistic-painted-tub-exteriorBlue Freestanding Bathtub: Why settle for ordinary when you can complete your bathroom with a functional work of art? This freestanding bathtub is hand-painted in aqua blue and mossy green, a relaxing aesthetic to match its comfortable construction. | BUY IT.

luxury-gold-bathtub-freestanding-design-marbled-exterior-for-modern-and-classic-bathroom-themesGold Freestanding Bathtub: Make a bold luxurious statement with this 68″ bathtub clad in a pearlescent marbled gold finish. This bathtub is a true conversation piece, suitable for modern and classic bathroom themes alike. | BUY IT.

luxury-black-and-gold-freestanding-bathtub-artistic-design-for-tuscan-french-country-bathroom-themesBlack and Gold Freestanding Bathtub: Looking for something artistic? This handsome bathtub features a textural exterior surface finished in black and radiant gold. And at 69″ in length, this design provides a high standard of comfort to match its enviable appearance. | BUY IT.

modern-black-bathtub-freestanding-tub-for-dark-bathroom-design-ideasFreestanding Black Bathtub: Whether completing an atmospheric bathroom theme or looking for a bold tub to create dramatic contrast in a light theme, this jet black bathtub is sure to capture attention. The double-walled construction provides excellent heat retention. | BUY IT.

unique-free-standing-bathtub-oval-rounded-edges-fixture-for-modern-bathroom-ideasSculptural Freestanding Bathtub: Smart, sculptural, and wonderfully curvaceous. This freestanding bathtub looks gorgeous from every angle, constructed from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic with a strong scratch resistant surface. | BUY IT.

beautiful-soaking-bathtub-classic-bathroom-design-inspiration-freestanding-double-slipper-tubFreestanding Soaking Bathtub: Raised ends and center-drain placement make it easy to find the perfect soaking position for your comfort. This spacious bathtub measures at 67″ in length. | BUY IT.

freestanding-cast-iron-and-porcelain-bathtub-high-quality-classic-bathroom-fixturesCast Iron and Porcelain Bathtub: With proper care, this cast iron and porcelain bathtub will provide a lifetime of everyday enjoyment – easy to clean, exceptionally durable, and formed with a classic shape for timeless appeal. | BUY IT.

modern-garden-bathtub-for-contemporary-bathroom-themesAcrylic Garden Bathtub: Acrylic bathtubs like this one offer tremendous freedom when it comes to decorative form. They also tend to be much lighter than their porcelain or cast-iron counterparts, saving effort and money on installation. | BUY IT.

unique-fiberglass-bathtub-slanted-side-deep-soak-tup-55-inchesAcrylic and Fiberglass Bathtub: Minimalist bathtubs are easier to keep clean. This design has no hidden nooks and crannies to harbor dirt, ensuring a fully hygienic bathing experience. This contoured design measures at 55″ long, ideal for moderate-sized bathrooms. | BUY IT.

freestanding-acrylic-bathtub-slipper-shape-comfortable-bathtub-design-inspirationFreestanding Acrylic Bathtub: For minimalism with a touch of decorative flair, this shapely freestanding bathtub is sure to capture attention. One end is raised to create a comforting backrest for all-encompassing comfort. | BUY IT.

freestanding-bathtub-design-ideas-available-to-buy-online-1Minimalist Freestanding Bathtub: Let your imagination wander with this minimalistic freestanding bathtub – a streamlined design with a spacious interior, providing plenty of room to stretch out and relax. This design measures at 67″ long. | BUY IT.

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