51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas Dan Accessories You Can Copy From Them
51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas Dan Accessories You Can Copy From Them

51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas Dan Accessories You Can Copy From Them

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The bathroom is typically given a clean décor look, with many designs centered on crisp showroom elegance. As a result, incorporating industrial home decor into the bathroom may necessitate some creative thought. This collection of 51 inspirational industrial style bathrooms demonstrates how to get this eye-catching aesthetic. Discover a mash-up of concepts and themes, as well as accessories and unique accents for your finishing touches. This huge selection includes vanities with an industrial design, new bathroom sinks, utilitarian faucets, a lot of mirrors, ideas for open shelving, rustic cabinets, and clever lighting.

For starters, attic bathrooms save space and swiftly cool down rooms. Sanitation is also easier with an attic bathroom because there is no door. Also, since there is more space in an attic, an industrial-style bathroom can look nice and clean.

You may also make these bathrooms more comfortable by installing a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit. Showerheads in industrial-style restrooms blast water high into the air, away from those below. Finally, a handbasin might be installed in an industrial bathroom to make cleaning easier.

Many individuals appreciate the sanitary environment and functionality of industrial-style restrooms. Because there are no doors or windows, this sort of bathroom is simple to clean. It is also much easier to repair because there are no pipes to dismantle. Bathrooms in the minimalist style are also more comfortable to use because they lack intricate fixtures, controls, and shelving. Also, basic toilets are less expensive than other types because they don’t need as many materials.

Many people work in industrial and construction zones, where high safety standards are enforced.

All Kalianrd workspaces must be kept clean and sanitary. However, many people are opposed to utilizing an industrial-style bathroom. These restrooms are filthy, hot, and uncomfortable to use. Everyone should examine the numerous options for upgrading industrial-style bathrooms.

Many individuals like industrial-style restrooms for hygiene reasons and functionality.

Furthermore, attics are popular locations for industrial design bathrooms since they are easy to maintain and meet safety standards. Furthermore, many building zones contain attic areas that are ideal for placing these toilets. Everyone who works in an industrial zone should think about updating their bathrooms to improve their comfort and safety.

Gallery for 51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas Dan Accessories You Can Copy From Them

industrial-style-bathroom-accessories-11. Industrial style pipe toilet paper holder

2. Toilet brush holder

3. Industrial water spigot towel ring

4. Bathroom faucet

5. Copper bathroom sink

6. Industrial style mirror

7. Wall hooks

8. Industrial style bathroom shelf

9. Caged vanity lights | 52 |.

industrial-style-bathroom-mirrorsBe selective. A mirror design that is mounted by a leather strap looks in keeping with an industrial bathroom scheme, and makes a smart addition against a textured concrete wall. This bathroom also has a red pendant light hung over the vanity to bring in a refreshing slice of colour. | Designer: HAO Design.

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diy-industrial-bathroom-vanityDo it yourself. If you have woodworking skills you could fashion an effective DIY industrial bathroom vanity pretty simply and on a budget. | Visualizer: ART-UGOL.

industrial-rustic-bathroomYou can update a scheme with just a few new pieces. A concrete basin adds industrial panache to the top of a regular wooden vanity unit. A chunky planter complements the look. | Visualizer: Hadi Mounajed.

Industrial-style-bathroom-wall-sconcesUse unexpected found objects to personalise your room. Consider things you might find around a garage like a license plate or bicycle tyre, or think street signs and metal mail boxes. | Source: Rock Creek Builders.

Industrial-cloakroom… Jewel tones work well too. | Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Daria.

Colourful-industrial-bathroomUse pops of vivid colour to visually counteract a cold concrete base… | Designer: To Taste.

Open-plan-industrial-bathroomWooden bath mats provide a warm spot to stand on a concrete floor. | Designer: Studio MM.

industrial-bathroom-cabinetA quirky neon sign makes unusual bathroom wall decor above an upcycled hutch here. Bathroom towels and spare toilet rolls are on display behind wire covered doors. | Designer: Antonio Martins.

industrial-style-bathroom-accessoriesIf you don’t mind a little public bathroom chic: try stainless steel bathroom furniture and a splash of graffiti. | Visualizer: Nordes.

industrial-bathroom-accessoriesA swing arm wall lamp provides repositional lighting over a vanity. | Visualizer: VAE.

industrial-look-bathroomAdd shine to imperfections. Balance out a feature wall of industrial imperfections with slicker sections of decor and bathroom furniture. | Designer: Hauser Architecture.

industrial-farmhouse-bathroomEmbrace flaws. The industrial look has the benefit of not requiring a pristine, ultra symmetrical finish. Enjoy the quirks that a room may present, and play up to them rather than attempting to disguise them. | Designer: Four Brothers.

industrial-bathroom-shelvesOpen bathroom shelving adds personality. Scatter tea lights around the shelves to create a cosy glow when relaxing in the tub. | Designer: Roman Leonidov.

vintage-industrial-style-bathroom-with-exposed-pipesConcrete walls, exposed pipes, perforated panels, skylight… this one ticks all the right boxes. | Visualizer: Christopher Czerwinski.

industrial-loft-bathroomRaw walls and floorboards might lack colour, but a blast of cobalt blue tile and a petrol blue door pull this scheme up by the bootstraps. | Source: Traditional Bathrooms.

industrial-farmhouse-bathroom-vanityInstall a bespoke industrial style lighting track. Use a network of pipes to draw a unique design all over your ceiling and descend lights at varying levels. Balance out the room with an equally eye-catching floor tile. | Visualizer: VAE.

modern-industrial-bathroom-vanityConsider choosing reflective surfaces if decorating a narrow bathroom space in darker colours. The reflections will make the space seem wider than it is. | Visualizer: Zooi Design.

Industrial-style-lighting-for-bathroomsVintage edison bulbs are a great accessory to the industrial decor trend. | Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov.

vintage-industrial-bathroomWhy go just A-Z with copper pipework when you can swirl and streak all around the room. | Visualizer: Omar Saad.

industrial-bathroom-lightDon’t think pretty tiles have a place in an industrial setting? Think again. A new take on the traditional can be achieved by setting patterned tiles on raw concrete. | Visualizer: Edoardo Frenquelli.

industrial-bathroom-mirrorSuspend an industrial style pendant light over a freestanding slipper bathtub for some old school glamour. | Visualizer: Piotr Furman.

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industrial-bathroom-decorShiny chrome bathroom furniture really pings against red brick accent walls. | Designer: Jane Kim.

industrial-bathroom-vanityChrome pipe descending straight out of the ceiling shoots water down into this industrial style basin. | Visualizer: ZROBYM Architects.

industrial-bathroom-ideasIn colder decor schemes, the lighting plan becomes even more important. Use warm white LEDs to create a cosy glow around the edges and in shelving niches. | Visualizer: ZROBYM Architects.

industrial-bathroom-sconceDarken down a basic white scheme with black window frames, black showerhead and matching curtain rail. | Designer: Pavonetti Architecture.

industrial-bathroom-lightingDon’t tuck away the electrical wring. If you want to hang a light over the other side of the room to where your current ceiling outlet is situated, don’t sweat it. Having cable strewn across the ceiling is all part of the master plan. | Designer: Architects EAT.

industrial-bathroom-hardwareA floating false wall can conceal extra pipework on stone feature walls. If you don’t want to let it all hang out – the pipework that is – build a floating false wall with wood panels to hold the waterworks, and create an attractive feature while you’re at it. | Photographer: Edi Solari.

industrial-style-bathroom-sinksUse accessories to lift the look. Gold fixtures look rich and inviting against cold concrete and whitewashed brick surrounds. Indoor plants breathe in life. | Designer: All & Nxthing.

industrial-style-bathroom-lightingArt is life. This amazing design positions geo tiles to appear in a state of decay. A unique wall mirror replicates the effect. | Visualizer: Andrii Bondarenko.

industrial-style-bathroom-lightsUse wire baskets to tidy spare towels and flannels on display. | Visualizer: Olga Paliychuk.

rustic-industrial-bathroom-vanityElegance and industrial do mix. Surprising but true. An industrial scheme doesn’t have to be completely rough and tough. Team the patina of upcycled designs with chic marble countertops and an ethereal palette. | Designer: Antonio Martins.

rustic-industrial-bathroomRustic stone is another way to add warmer colours to your decor without losing the raw industrial edge. | Designer: FFWD.

industrial-style-bathroom-sinkRustic and industrial decor meld marvellously. If you’re looking to warm up a grey scheme, throw in some chunky wooden elements. | Designer: AR Design Studio.

industrial-bathroom-light-fixturesMake an overhead statement with large industrial lights, like the AIM pendants used here. | Source: Caroma.

industrial-style-bathroom-light-fixturesDisguise the bathtub in the floor. At first glance this bathroom appears as an almost empty space, but a bath is sunken into the subfloor. Ornamentation remains minimal, making features like the decorative wall mirror stand out. | Designer: Spasm Designs.

industrial-style-bathroom-faucetSmall industrial home accents can go a long way. This double sink bathroom vanity is a simple design but the faucets are a real stand out feature. Matching ones can be found over in the shower enclosure too. | Designer: Dawson & Clinton.

industrial-bathroom-vanity-lightingA combination of marble and concrete creates winning contrast. | Visualizer: ONI Architects.

industrial-style-bathroom-faucetsExposed copper pipework can be used to form shower fittings as well as faucets. To avoid the effect that your bathroom is simply unfinished, add in sleek matching accent pieces like a copper industrial style vase. | Via: Man-man.

industrial-bathroom-designA burst of greenery in an otherwise desaturated space can draw the eye in. | Visualizer: Form 8 Studio.

industrial-bathroom-sink-faucetMatch your bespoke copper pipe taps with a copper u-bend and towel rail, and maybe throw in a few slicker copper pieces like an on trend side table or pendant light. | Designer: Patrick Lewis Architects.

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industrial-bathroom-faucetDitch fancy faucets altogether. Give the glossy showroom a miss and head down to the plumbers merchants to buy basic bits to create your very own utilitarian tap design – or ask a good plumber to do the job for you. | Designer: Alvaro Moragrega.

industrial-chic-bathroomIf concrete feels cold to you, use it in smaller doses. The bath faucet in this design is fixed into a concrete column. | Source: Victoria Plums.

industrial-modern-bathroomGo for the trusty concrete accent wall for a tried and tested industrial backdrop. No matter what you put in your bathroom after that, it’s still going to have a cool raw look. | Visualizer: Inkreacje.

industrial-bathroom-sinkYou don’t have to be a DIY whizz to enjoy the upcycled aesthetic. This industrial pedestal design can be purchased online, the sink is from Stone Forest. | Source: Hudson Valley Lighting.

industrial-look-bathroom-vanityA more elegant example of industrial furniture framing. This time metal pipework holds sconces at either side of a vanity mirror. Matching bronze legs support a concrete countertop. | Source: Pier One Hotel, Sydney.

industrial-bathroom-vanitiesUse metal framing. Metal framework stands strong as the structure for this bespoke vanity unit and linked shower screen. | Designer: Olya Shangina.

industrial-style-bathroom-vanityAdd industrial signage. The toilet wall in this bathroom scheme sports industrial designs that might not mean much to read but they do add quirky interest. | Visualizer: Halina Arabskaya.

industrial-bathroom-1Follow the upcycling trend. Not only is it great for the environment to save and reuse things that were bound for landfill, but upcycling is a cool way to create a bespoke piece of furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. This drum vanity is for sure the hero piece that sets an unmistakably industrial tone in the scheme. | Visualizer: Martin Architects.

industrial-style-bathroomCreate a brick wall with tiles. If you’ve not got exposed brickwork in your bathroom, how about creating an alternative with metro tiles or a brick effect shower panel? The shower wall pictured here towers right up to the rafters to stunning effect. | Source: Cosy Barcelona.

industrial-style-bathroom-mirrorIndustrialise the look of a plain mirror. This plain frameless mirror is given more character by suspending the glass from an industrial style hanger. Exposed copper pipes frame the sides, as do the wall lights; you can get similar style wall sconces here . | Visualizer: Giri Dwi Cahya.

industrial-bathroom-fixtures-1Let it all hang out. This cloakroom shows off the underfloor piping through a perspex floor, making a standout feature of it rather than hiding it all away under the boards. Add a few extra bends to compose an extra eye-catching pattern. | Visualizer: Alexandr Chemeris.

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