51 Master Bedroom Ideas And Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

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Walking to your master bedroom at night, or awakening there in the morning, what type of decor do you wish would greet you? If it’s not the room you have currently, then we are ready with a whopping 51 inspirational bedroom ideas, plus tips & accessories to help you design your very own new space. From master bedroom colour schemes and bedroom furniture sets, to gorgeous lighting schemes and show-stopping accent walls, it’s all going on right here. Whether it’s a dark sleep inducing scheme you’re after, or a light and soothing space to while away your Sunday mornings with a good book and a hot coffee, read on…

Gallery for 51 Master Bedroom Ideas And Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

master-bedroom-designIt’s all about the ottoman. There’s just something so high-end about placing an ottoman at the foot of a bed. Perhaps it’s because the average size of master bedroom doesn’t have the necessary floor space. So, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! | Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov.

master-bedroom-ideasCreate a moody luxury bedroom with a black marble feature wall. | Visualizer: Evgenii Baisa.

master-bedroom-designsApproach the scheme as a whole rather than as separate elements. That is, instead of choosing your favourite bed, then bedsides, then closet, then a colour, consider looking at the room as one item. This bed, headboard wall, bedside units and closets all run on as one beautifully coordinated piece. | Visualizer: Roof Architectural Lab.

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master-bedroom-colorsHigh ceilinged bedrooms can sometimes feel a bit too open and chilly, consider painting with muted colour or shades of grey to visually lower a lofty ceiling. | Visualizer: Eriny Adel.

master-bedroom-decorating-ideasAdd lighting to textured or extruded feature wall designs for oodles more impact. | Visualizer: MC Interior.

master-bedroom-decor-ideasBump up the luxe factor with bookmatched marble. Bookmatched marble is popular for cladding chimney breasts, sofa walls and yes, headboard feature walls too. | Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva.

white-master-bedroomA bedroom area rug creates an island of cosiness. | Visualizer: Fathy Ibrahim.

master-bedroom-design-ideasAchieve a more spacious look by choosing a platform bed. The low profile of a platform bed looks sleek, laid back and minimalist in comparison to their bulky based divan counterparts. They also make the room look bigger since the line of sight is free to flow straight over them and beyond. | Visualizer: Vladislava Torgonsky.

blue-master-bedroomEase into an accent colour. You don’t have to go the whole hog with a new hue in a room, in fact, you don’t even need to paint a wall to bring in an accent shade. Try adding colour through art and an accent chair or two – if you don’t like the colour in your bedroom then you can always try putting the items elsewhere in your home. | Visualizer: Omar Maghrabi.

master-bedroom-wall-decorShow a softer side. A cushioned fabric wall, like this suedette little number, looks sumptuous and will even soften sound to aid restful sleep. | Visualizer: Anton Krat.

best-master-bedroom-paint-colors-1Neoclassical meets nightclub. If you’re in love with both classic panel molding and cool modern lighting, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Combine neoclassical elements with more modern pieces to bring the look crashing into a present day aesthetic. This amazing bedroom pendant would look at home in a trendy nightclub, but it looks superb set against a backdrop of decorative boiserie. | Visualizer: Anton Krat.

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