51 Red Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours
51 Red Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

51 Red Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

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A red bedroom is bright and draws attention. It’s a unique and well-known color that draws attention wherever it goes. This is because it has to do with blood, which is good for your health in many ways. Also, red is the main color on the red-yellow-green (RYG) color wheel. This is why red is used so often in the decorating styles of so many different cultures. This style is also common in bedrooms, which often have red accents to appeal to the same people.

A room that is red looks lively and warm.

Most people find it comforting because it makes them feel warm and cozy. Red also looks a lot like blood, which is why it is used in a lot of health clinics and blood banks. This makes it a good color for bedrooms where people are sick or hurt.

A red bedroom also looks lively because it usually has a red bedspread and red accents like pillows and wall hangings. When you walk into this room, you immediately feel welcome and at ease.

The main problem with using red in a bedroom is that it doesn’t work well with the way most people sleep.

Most people need about eight hours of sleep each night to feel rested the next day. When a person is sleeping, the color red tends to stand out against their night sky (or ceiling). Also, most people feel less stressed when they are sleeping and more stressed when they are awake.

So, a red bedroom might not look as lively during the day because no one will be looking at it up close. People with insomnia, on the other hand, may find the opposite to be true. This is because red stimulates the nervous systems of some people while subconsciously calming the sleep cycles of others.

A red bedroom looks good against all kinds of backgrounds.

Most red bedrooms have a light shade of cherry or mahogany as a background. But a bedspread in this color will bring the whole room down to it. A dark wood like walnut or mahogany can also be used as a background. This keeps the space lively while also making it appear to be part of the wall behind it.

It’s also important to remember that red looks good with white, which is why many rooms with red themes also have white walls. This makes a great background for whatever the owner decides to put behind it.

Even though there are downsides, using red in a bedroom is a great way to create a focal point that appeals to a wide range of people at once. Also, you don’t have to be sick or have a problem with your senses to enjoy one! Think about these ideas when you build your next house!

Since red is a passionate color, why not use it to add some heat to your bedroom? When red is paired with white, it becomes crisp and sharp. Black adds drama, while grey tones calm. Blue makes it feel more alive, and gold makes it feel more luxurious. Red can give you a lot of different looks, but none of them are shy. If you haven’t been able to sleep on ideas for a bold and daring bedroom decor scheme, take a look at these 51 ideas for red bedrooms. Find out all the different ways you can use this strong but versatile color, from full walls of red to bedrooms with just a few red accents in the furniture, bedding, paint, and other things.

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Gallery for 51 Red Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

red-murphy-bedFashion a welcoming red guest bedroom with a red Murphy bed. | Visualizer: Oleg Trofimov.

red-bedroom-design-accessories1. Red pomegranate vases

2. Red artwork

3. Red bedding set

4. Red Flowerpot pendant light

5. Red table lamp

6. Red wall clock

7. Red floor lamp

8. Red swan accent chair

9. Red upholstered wall panels | 52 |.

red-and-black-bedroom-ideasA muted green and red mix has a laid back feel. Throw in gloss black elements to build cool modern charm. | Visualizer: Spotless Creative Group.

black-and-red-bedroomGive a grey scheme added gravity with the pull of a red floor bed. | Visualizer: Iqosa.

white-bedroom-with-red-accentsYou don’t have to undermine an ethereal white aesthetic to bring in the warmth of red–you only have to underline it. | Designer: Alyssa Rosenheck.

red-and-green-bedroomLight green and red make a cute clash. | Visualizer: ATO Studio.

red-grey-and-wood-bedroomThe rule of three. Most people will be familiar with the magic rule of three, a kind of cheat sheet for applying and balancing elements in a room without having to think too much about it! | Visualizer: Iqosa.

red-white-and-wood-bedroomMellow wood tone and warm reds make a perfect match. | Source: Hulsta.

red-colour-bedroomCreate a corridor of red to the exit. | Visualizer: York Architects.

red-walls-bedroomCombine solid red walls and red based wall murals to make areas of light and shade. | Visualizer: Sara Elsakka.

red-and-black-bedroom-scheme… Or go glossy with a wide framed platform bed, like the one in this slick red and black layout. | Via: Fatakat.

red-and-grey-bedroom-ideasUse red to pull attention where it matters–whether that’s to hobby items or as a reminder to hit that workspace. | Via: Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova.

red-and-black-bedroom-setA cheeky piece of artwork is complemented by a multi colored comforter in this risqué red bed scheme. | Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Daria.

red-bedroom-ideasFor an ultra modern statement red bed, check out the Lovy bed from Bonaldo… | Source: Bonaldo.

red-and-black-curtains-bedroomAdd tantalising tidbits. This room design puts a sliver of red between the cabinets, a slice of red on the bed and a just a drizzle at the windows. | Via: Leo Trippi.

black-and-red-bedroom-decorIn particularly large areas, keep the red accents moving around the room to carry the eye and unite the space. | Source: Villa Yin.

red-bedroom-decorating-ideasInstead of throwing red from pillar to post, make the most impact with the least fuss by selecting a show-stopping red four poster. | Visualizer: Sara Elsakka Sara Elsakka.

red-and-white-bedroom-decorating-ideasRoll out the red carpet… red composite… or red tile. | Designer: Austin Maynard Architects.

red-and-blue-bedroomA red and blue bedroom palette builds balanced contrast. | Visualizer: Alexandr Aranovich.

teal-red-and-gold-bedroomA teal, red and gold bedroom has sumptuous depth. | Visualizer: Anna Abaieva.

red-and-gray-bedroomThe red wraparound. Don’t stop a colour strip at the edge of a headboard wall, wrap it around the base of the whole room to tie the scheme neatly together. | Visualizer: Rina Lovko & Sonya Melnik.

red-black-and-white-bedroomStep aside. Red headboard walls can sometimes seem domineering, try shifting focus to an adjacent wall. | Visualizer: Tim Gabriel.

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red-and-white-bedroomMuted reds sit back in a colour scheme, whilst steeping it in quietly confident sophistication. | Visualizer: Anna Sergeeva.

red-and-white-bedroom-ideasRed, plush and multifunctional; this headboard-cum-bedside-cum-ottoman ticks a lot of boxes. | Visualizer: Ideograf PL.

red-and-black-bedroom-decorMix it up with a wall mural. | Visualizer: Albert Mizuno.

red-bedroom-decorScavenger hunt for fun red based accessories to ring the changes. | Designer: Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design.

red-and-grey-bedroom… Or bring in just a pop of red with a piece of wall art; add a red throw over the bed to give it a partner. | Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk.

red-and-black-bedroomBeef up red accent decor with some basic black elements. The depth of black fabrics in a red and black bedroom scheme will make areas of colour appear even more vibrant. | Source: Overstock.

grey-and-red-bedroomSplit personality. If you just can’t seem to commit to an all red feature wall, then go half and half… | Visualizer: Lev Production.

red-bedroom-furnitureAll out arty. Use black strips to frame out a Mondrian inspired bedroom feature wall. Choose furniture with simple blocky silhouettes to cement the concept. | Visualizer: Serg Ushakov.

red-white-and-blue-bedroomAn alternative artistic approach to the bedroom feature wall. | Visualizer: Ideograf PL.

red-and-brown-bedroomA non-upholstered headboard wall presents the possibility of an easy colour change at a future date, at the low cost of just a tin of paint. Beading has been used to create a geometric design across the headboard wall of this red and brown bedroom scheme. | Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko.

red-grey-and-black-bedroomRed is a colour that spans the ages. Here, traditional red boiserie is teamed with contemporary art and a modern sputnik chandelier with chic results. | Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva.

gray-and-red-bedroom… Or colour coat corrugated iron for a characterful crimped feature wall, or industrial style wardrobe doors. | Designer: LOT-EK.

red-black-and-white-bedroom-ideasAnother fabric-forward bedroom design, though in this one the red upholstered wall panels have a smooth leather-look. LED strips cut down and around the red leatherette panels, adding a golden glow. | Visualizer: Vladimir Ogorodnikov.

red-rugs-for-bedroomIf you’re living in a rented space then it can be tricky to create your dream colour scheme if the landlord wants their walls left alone, but don’t be discouraged. A red bed frame and bed set, red bedroom rug and colour coordinated accessories can provide all that’s needed for a rich colour scheme. | Designer: Stephane Chamard.

red-bedroom-wallsGive walls the smooth and glossy look… | Designer: Paul Coudamy.

bedroom-with-red-accentsUpholster a headboard wall and bed base in tandem. | Visualizer: Volves Interiors.

red-accent-wall-bedroomOne more beautiful bespoke upholstered headboard design. This time the colour in the room is strictly limited to the headboard alone. | Visualizer: Andrey Vologzhin.

red-and-gray-bedroom-ideasCommission a bespoke red headboard. The red and white sections of this tufted headboard design create a striking striped effect. Throw on some pillows to match and you’re done. | Visualizer: iMax Studio.

bedroom-with-red-wallsUse colour to define the sleep zone in a large room. Applying a block of colour around the bed makes the sleep zone feel more contained and cosy within a wide open space. A red and black Yin and Yang shelving unit ties the colour of these walls and bed together. A white modern chandelier stands out in form, rather than colour. | Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova.

black-white-and-red-bedroom-decorating-ideasLimit colour to the upholstery. Whether its a red upholstered headboard, an ottoman, a vanity stool, a red bed set, curtains or all of those things, limiting yourself to one single fabric ensures a perfectly matching ensemble that evokes a high end hotel look. | Visualizer: Samar Mahmoud.

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red-paint-in-bedroomRed paint doesn’t have to fill a whole bedroom wall. Grab yourself a spirit level and a roll of masking tape to create a fashion forward quirky colour block. Asymmetric placements look best–a boserie or wainscot panelled wall works even better. | Visualizer: Ngoc Thuy.

red-bedroom-setThe red paint effect in this bedroom has been applied loosely around the lower quarter of the walls, to match two-tone window drapes. A red bed base and red bedding set flood more colour into the base of the room. | Visualizer: Anastasia Kruseva.

dark-red-bedroomIf bright red isn’t your bag, then how about a gothic dark red bedroom. This amazing burgundy boiserie encased space is dramatised even further by red lighting around its deeply decorative cornice. | Visualizer: iMax Studio.

red-curtains-for-bedroomA touch of theatrics. Heavy plush red curtains put on quite the performance at the windows of a monochrome bedroom design. They could also be used as a portiere in a studio space, or to conceal the messy contents of an open fronted wardrobe. | Designer: Convert Construction.

red-bedroom-comfortersApply as a bold backdrop. Red has been used as a backdrop behind a towering home library in this cosy book lover’s bedroom. A crisp red bed set compliments the wall paint. | Via: HGTV.

HyperFocal: 0Go maximalist in a minimalist setting. When decorating a pared back minimalist bedroom that’s all clear of clutter, colour can apply all of the personality to the room. Bleed a red ceiling into 360º red walls, doors, furniture, essentials and floor. The window reveals in this all out red room have been coated in a light reflective white paint to prevent the colour block from feeling oppressive. | Designer: Dominique Coulon & Associés.

red-bedroom-curtainPick a pattern. A patterned red bedroom curtain and cushion set will add a cohesive colour story to even a plain room. However, you can amp up the effect of your new home decor elements by colour matching your wall paint to their pattern. Take a sample of your fabric to the paint mixing desk at your local DIY store for a bespoke match. | Designer: GG And Grance.

red-bedroomLet red rein from ceiling to floor. The fiery orange-red wall paint in this bedroom scheme follows on from a solid red ceiling. A deeper red headboard overlays the paintwork, and stretches the colour out over pale wood flooring. White elements clean up the colour scheme, whilst golden accents add luxe. | Visualizer: Home-D.

red-master-bedroomTry out new textures. This red tufted headboard merges with a flocked fleur de lis wallpaper of the same bright shade, each defined only by their deep texture. A border of flat white space is left around the colourful combo to allow the effect to breathe. | Designer: Raji RM & Associates.

red-bedroom-chair-1Match a dramatic red accent wall with one hero piece of furniture. This beautiful embossed feature wall lends its deep red tone to a bedroom chair by the window, where it is framed by sheer white drapes. Note how two ceiling lights echo the circular pattern of the feature wall too, to build a rippling shape theme in the room. | Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva.

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