51 Upholstered Dining Chairs For A Satisfying And Stylish Seating Experience

51 Upholstered Dining Chairs For A Satisfying And Stylish Seating Experience

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Dining chairs are a staple in any living space. These chairs are comfortable and convenient to use while you eat or work. Furniture designers have come up with many unique ideas for designing dining chairs.

Many of these designs make dining more fun and interesting, while others give you a more confined space to sit in. Upholstered dining chairs are comfortable and easy to clean. Plus, you can pick out your dining chair based on the style, color or fabric used to make it. Dining is much more enjoyable when you have a great set of chairs to choose from.


Most of these choices are based on what’s currently fashionable in interior design circles. This means that most furniture stores have a limited selection of chairs they can show off to prospective customers.

Furniture stores aim to fill their spaces with the most current designs so their customers will feel hip and trendy when they walk into their stores. Having a limited selection of chairs keeps the trendy looks fresh so customers feel they’re getting the best choices for their homes as well as comfort levels when sitting down for meals.

Dining is much more enjoyable when you have a great set of comfortable chairs to choose from. The right kind of dining furniture makes eating fun and comfortable at the same time.

Traditional dining furniture includeschairs, tables, sideboards and cabinets among other things- but there are also options for specialized spaces such as bunks or car ports for outdoor kitchens and tablesaws for outdoor cooking areas.

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to picking out good chairs for your living space! Furniture designers have come up with many clever ideas for designing dining chairs. Some popular choices include spheres, bowls, boats, ottomans, benches and more. These designs give you a more confined space to sit in when compared to regular chairs.

You can rest your legs on the ottoman or bench while you eat without worrying about where your feet should go. Alternatively, boat-style dining chairs let you lounge in your chair while someone walks around the table with you like a captain aboard a ship. These designs make eating fun and interesting while also giving you plenty of extra space at the table when needed.

  • First of all, let’s talk about what makes a good dining chair.
  • Upholstered dining chairs are great for casual eating occasions.
  • These chairs are also easy to clean since they’re covered in fabric.
  • Over time, fabric will wear down and need to be replaced.
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging your chair when replacing the fabric.
  • Plus, fabric seats are much more comfortable than plastic or metal ones.
  • You can tell the fabric has been worn down slightly but remains durable and comfortable at the same time.

Gallery for 51 Upholstered Dining Chairs For A Satisfying And Stylish Seating Experience

Jean-Marie-Massaud-flow-chairJean-Marie Massaud Flow Chair: A modern classic designed by the French architect Jean-Marie Massaud in 2009, the Flow chair manages something unique — a 4 legged wooden base chair to stylishly add a swivel. | BUY IT.

verner-panton-contemporary-dining-chairs-upholstered-oval-backrest-round-seat-metal-base-kvadrat-fabricVerner Panton Upholstered Dining Chairs: Originally designed in 1967, the Series 430 Chair is a breathtaking design by Verner Panton that flawlessly holds its relevance and appeal to this day. This model is finished in luxurious upholstery by Kvadrat, one of the most respected high-end fabric producers in the world. | BUY IT.

modern-upholstered-dining-chairs-by-menu-designer-minimalist-contemporary-furniture-high-quality-genuine-leather-dakarMenu Afteroom Upholstered Dining Chair: Designed by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei, the Afteroom Dining Chair offers minimalist styling for a chic dining arrangement. This model is upholstered in a lovely cognac-toned Dakar leather, made from the finest hides sourced from Italy. | BUY IT.

iconic-leather-upholstered-dining-chairs-luxury-authentic-mid-century-modern-furniture-genuine-arne-jacobsen-for-sale-onlineArne Jacobsen Upholstered Drop Chair: The iconic Drop Chair by mid-century legend Arne Jacobsen is a true statement piece for well-curated dining rooms. Originally designed in 1958, Fritz Hansen still manufactures these exquisite pieces according to the same exacting specifications today. This model is upholstered in beautiful top-quality leather. | BUY IT.

designer-upholstered-dining-room-chairs-with-casters-and-armrests-stain-resistant-upholstery-high-end-furniture-for-luxuryNorm Architects Upholstered Dining Chair with Casters: For hard floor surfaces like tile and concrete, casters can offer a quieter experience as guests sit down and stand up. This design was created by Norm Architects for Menu, the seat sculpted from fiberglass and the seat upholstered in stain-resistant polypropylene. | BUY IT.

modern-upholstered-dining-chairs-Scandinavian-designer-furniture-molded-plywood-legs-light-finish-dark-blue-fabricAAC Modern Upholstered Dining Chair: Danish designer Hee Welling created the About A Chair series in 2009 – and it has remained a staple of modern interior design ever since. This piece is made with molded wood legs, a sculpted seat, and is available in a wide range of upholstery and finish options. | BUY IT.

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swivel-upholstered-dining-room-chairs-with-arms-designer-furniture-for-modern-dining-room-for-sale-online-nordic-high-end-leatherSwivel Upholstered Dining Chairs with Arms: Created by Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason, the Lína dining chair offers the embrace of all-around comfort. This piece swivels with an exceptionally smooth movement, the sculptural body fully upholstered from top to bottom – each one is a bold statement piece that your guests are sure to never forget. | BUY IT.

solid-wood-upholstered-dining-chairs-black-faux-leather-padded-seat-and-backrest-bold-furniture-for-retro-dining-room-themeFaux Leather And Solid Wood Dining Chairs: Crafted from well-honed solid rubberwood and upholstered in black faux leather, these dining chairs present a classic personality with contemporary appeal. Each set includes two armchairs. | BUY IT.

dark-faux-leather-upholstered-dining-chairs-rounded-backrest-armrests-comfortable-sophisticated-furniture-for-vintage-dining-room-styleDark Faux Leather Upholstered Dining Armchairs: Textural faux leather gives these dining chairs a dark and sophisticated appearance. The supportive seat features gracefully classic curves, the angular tapered legs lending a sleek modern look. Each set includes two chairs, each made with a molded plywood seat and sturdy metal legs. | BUY IT.

upholstered-dining-room-chairs-with-arms-vegan-faux-leather-metal-base-wood-capped-armrests-unique-furniture-for-mid-century-modern-industrialFaux Leather Upholstered Dining Armchairs: Sculptural metal framing and decoratively stitched faux leather lend these dining chairs a look well-suited for industrial and mid-century interior themes. Each armrest is capped in wood for unique decorative appeal. Each set includes two dining chairs. | BUY IT.

tall-backrest-upholstered-parsons-dining-chair-standard-traditional-legs-cognac-vegan-leather-fabricCognac Upholstered Parsons Dining Chairs: This classic high-backed chair design is well-padded and upholstered in a cognac vegan leather, the boxy legs lending a traditional look with dependable stability. Each set includes two chairs. Select from four faux leather upholstery options. | BUY IT.

designer-genuine-leather-upholstered-dining-chairs-mid-century-modern-wingback-design-fabric-on-legsAll-Over Genuine Leather Upholstered Dining Chairs: These beautiful wingback dining chairs are upholstered from top to bottom in genuine leather over light foam padding. The shape evokes mid-century elegance while the leather treatment drips with high-end appeal. Each set includes two chairs. | BUY IT.

unique-transitional-tufted-upholstered-dining-chairs-vegan-faux-leather-channel-tufted-backrest-square-metal-sled-baseChannel Tufted Faux Leather Dining Chairs: Channel-tufted faux leather and geometric legs give these dining chairs a unique contrast between classic and modern. Select from a wide variety of upholstery options in both fabric and faux leather. Each set includes two dining chairs. | BUY IT.

rustic-upholstered-dining-chairs-faux-leather-fabric-gunmetal-grey-sled-base-furniture-inspiration-for-industrial-dining-room-themeIndustrial Rustic Upholstered Dining Chairs: Bold faux leather upholstery and thick gunmetal-finished legs give these dining chairs a rugged look well-suited to farmhouse and industrial themed interiors. Each set includes two chairs, each with a non-marking sled base. | BUY IT.

contemporary-wood-upholstered-dining-chairs-sculptural-bentwood-frame-smooth-white-faux-leather-fabric-padded-seat-and-backrestContemporary Solid Wood Upholstered Dining Chair: Sculptural wood framing makes this dining chair an eye-catching statement piece from any angle. The base is made from solid wood, the padded seat and backrest upholstered in a smooth faux leather. | BUY IT.

French-country-dining-chairs-upholstered-distressed-solid-wood-frame-ornate-carvings-round-backrest-louis-style-chair-for-rustic-cottage-chicUpholstered French Country Dining Chairs: The perfect match for a French country or cottage chic dining room theme, these distressed dining room chairs embrace classic styling with a Louis-inspired frame and intricately detailed woodwork. Each set includes two chairs and is available in a variety of soft neutral color combinations. | BUY IT.

sophisticated-linen-upholstered-dining-chairs-round-backrest-louis-style-furniture-with-modern-twist-neutral-fabricClassic Linen Upholstered Dining Chairs: A classic silhouette is given a contemporary treatment with these sophisticated Louis-style dining chairs. The padded seat and oval backrests are upholstered in a flax-colored linen fabric, durable and satisfying to the touch. Each set includes two matching chairs. | BUY IT.

luxury-floral-upholstered-dining-chairs-for-glam-interior-theme-gold-frame-dark-flower-printed-fabric-backrest-armrests-square-shapeFloral Upholstered Dining Chair : This beautiful dining armchair is the picture of classic elegance. The seat, arms, and outside panels are upholstered in classic florals while the sleek frame is finished in gold. If you ever decide to switch up your dining theme, this piece will look brilliant within an entry foyer or a living room. | BUY IT.

modern-beige-upholstered-dining-chairs-versatile-furniture-for-contemporary-dining-room-theme-stain-resistant-fabric-set-of-twoBeige Upholstered Dining Chairs: Beige is a true go-to for easy coordination – this high back dining chair sits on black finished legs to suit any interior theme. Each set includes two chairs, also available in a range of other versatile neutrals. | BUY IT.

unique-patterned-upholstered-dining-chairs-eames-eiffel-base-patchwork-fabric-yellow-grey-white-brown-wood-dowel-legs-with-metal-supportsGeometric Patterned Upholstered Dining Chair Set: While patchwork upholstery is often associated with rustic looks, these unique dining chairs go fully modern with a chic geometric pattern. Each set includes four chairs and a small dining table – and at this price, you could even swap out the table for your own and use the included model in a craft room or elsewhere. | BUY IT.

mid-century-modern-upholstered-seat-dining-chairs-molded-plywood-backrest-with-wingback-design-tapered-legs-gold-feetMid-Century Modern Upholstered Seat Dining Chairs: True mid-century modern styling makes these dining chairs an irresistible selection for a vintage themed dining area. The winged backrest is left unupholstered so the beautiful wood grain can take center stage, while the seat features smooth linen upholstery over light padding for added comfort. Each set includes two dining chairs. | BUY IT.

upholstered-dining-chairs-with-arms-faux-suede-open-backrest-armrests-tapered-black-legs-mid-century-retro-furniture-for-dining-roomFaux Suede Upholstered Dining Armchairs: These cozy armchairs are upholstered in a satisfying faux suede, the back remaining open for a cooler seating experience even in warm weather. Each set includes two chairs, each finished with black tapered legs. | BUY IT.

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extra-high-back-upholstered-dining-chairs-attractive-designer-furniture-ideas-for-formal-dining-room-diamond-tufted-backrest-cabriole-legsHigh Back Upholstered Dining Chair: An ultra-tall backrest allows this linen upholstered dining chair to make a high-end statement in even the most formal dining room. Cabriole legs and button tufting keep things classic. Use around a large stately dining table or place one at each end. | BUY IT.

unique-upholstered-nailhead-dining-chairs-open-back-gold-capped-feet-tapered-legs-creative-glam-dining-room-furnitureUpholstered Nailhead Dining Chairs: Nailhead trim gives these dining chairs a bold glam look. The open backrest keeps the silhouette feeling lightweight, while gold-capped legs lend a luxurious glimmer. Each set includes two dining chairs, available in four velvet upholstery options. | BUY IT.

luxury-printed-upholstered-dining-chairs-classic-wingback-design-multiple-upholstery-options-fully-customizable-high-end-furniture-for-saleNautical Stripe Upholstered Dining Chair: This luxury dining chair features a classic wingback shape to provide excellent support while striking a sophisticated profile. This piece is available in a wide range of performance upholstery options, from simple stripes to elegant prints to textural solids – this piece can be fully customized to suit your interior design goals. | BUY IT.

white-upholstered-dining-chair-glamorous-furniture-inspiration-button-tufted-backrest-black-mid-century-modern-legs-gold-feetTufted White Upholstered Dining Chairs: Gold-capped legs and button backrest tufting lend vintage elegance to this attractive dining chair design. The white velvet option here is easy to coordinate and especially well-suited to luxury interior styles, but this piece is available in every color of the rainbow for endless coordination possibilities. | BUY IT.

colorful-modern-upholstered-dining-chairs-for-Scandinavian-furniture-theme-solid-wood-base-cotton-fabric-unique-modern-designUpholstered Calligaris Claire Chair: Created by Orlandini Design for Calligaris, this energetic dining chair boasts Italian roots yet embodies a sense of Scandinavian simplicity. The framing is made from solid ash wood, the colorful upholstery available in a blended composition or pure 100% cotton. | BUY IT.

light-cream-upholstered-dining-chairs-with-wood-legs-high-backrest-modern-dining-room-furniture-inspiration-velvet-fabricLight Cream Upholstered Dining Chairs: A high sweeping backrest allows this simple dining chair to provide excellent support while maintaining a clean and uncomplicated silhouette. The backrest is upholstered in a light and uplifting cream, the legs smoothly tapered for coordination with mid-century themed spaces. Each set includes two chairs. | BUY IT.

fully-upholstered-dining-room-chairs-wool-blend-fabric-on-legs-and-padded-seat-creative-designer-dining-room-furniture-for-sale-onlineBlu Dot Fully Upholstered Dining Chair: Super bold and charming, these designer dining chairs feature a classic profile bolstered by playfully thick legs. Every inch of the surface is upholstered in a wool and rayon blend, soft to the touch and impossible to ignore. Select from four color options – mix and match for even more fun. | BUY IT.

upholstered-wingback-dining-chairs-modern-design-velvet-tapered-black-legs-unique-multiple-color-optionsUpholstered Wingback Dining Chairs: A bold curvaceous wingback design allows these chairs to provide all-embracing comfort, the sides doubling as armrests for added support. Each set includes two chairs. Use as side chairs at a spacious dining table, or place one at either end of a smaller arrangement. These dining chairs are available in four stylish colorways. | BUY IT.

navy-blue-upholstered-dining-chairs-with-curved-backrest-padded-seat-black-metal-legs-minimalist-modern-dining-room-furniture-for-saleNavy Blue Upholstered Dining Chairs: Dark blue is a fashionable and versatile color that coordinates easily with many of today’s most popular interior palettes. This piece features thin black legs and a curved backrest, lightly padded for comfort. This set includes two dining chairs. | BUY IT.

blue-upholstered-dining-chairs-modern-sled-base-curved-back-padded-seat-and-backrest-minimalist-modern-dining-room-furniture-ideasBlue Upholstered Dining Chairs: Lightweight framing and clean lines allow these chairs to take up little visual real estate while providing a tremendous decorative impact. The lightly padded seat and backrest are upholstered in a blue poly blend, the metal framing finished in silky black. Each set includes two chairs. | BUY IT.

blue-velvet-upholstered-chairs-dining-room-ideas-gold-legs-diamond-tufted-backrest-channel-tufted-round-seat-luxurious-furniture-inspirationTeal Velvet Upholstered Dining Chairs: Teal and gold make a glamorous combination. These dining chairs feature decorative stitching on both the front and rear of the backrest for 360-degree appeal. This set of two dining chairs is also available in pink, yellow, and green. | BUY IT.

retro-upholstered-dining-room-chairs-with-dark-green-velvet-upholstery-tapered-wooden-legs-channel-tufted-back-art-deco-dining-room-furnitureTufted Green Upholstered Dining Chairs: Retro channel tufting lends these dining chairs a touch of Art Deco appeal. The padded seat and backrest are upholstered in forest green, the tapered legs finished in a warm medium brown. Each set includes two matching dining chairs, also available in grey and blue. | BUY IT.

velvet-green-upholstered-dining-chairs-high-backrest-tapered-black-legs-sophisticated-colorful-dining-room-furniture-for-sale-onlineGreen Upholstered Dining Chairs: High-backed dining chairs such as these can lend any dining arrangement a more formal feel. This set of two is upholstered in a sophisticated emerald green, finished with tapered black legs for a classic finish. These dining chairs are also available in blush pink, slate grey, and taupe. | BUY IT.

linen-upholstered-dining-chairs-bright-yellow-fabric-tapered-wood-legs-retro-dining-room-furniture-inspirationYellow Linen Upholstered Dining Chairs: These open-backed dining chairs feature rounded angles and tapered legs for an on-trend vintage aesthetic. Each set includes two, both upholstered in sunny yellow but also available in blue or grey. True linen upholstery ensures long-lasting style. | BUY IT.

bright-yellow-upholstered-dining-chairs-unique-arched-tufting-fabric-covered-legs-arched-backrest-creative-dining-room-furniture-ideasUnique Yellow Upholstered Dining Chairs: Unique curved tufting decorates the backrest of this comfortable and well-padded dining chair, the bright yellow color sure to make your dining space feel more sunny and cheerful. Even the legs of this dining chair are fully upholstered for a clean and modern look. This set includes two matching dining chairs, also available in a versatile grey. | BUY IT.

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yellow-upholstered-dining-chairs-comfortable-padding-channel-tufting-metal-sled-base-unique-furniture-for-modern-dining-roomYellow Upholstered Dining Chairs Set: Pillowy cushioning invites instant comfort. These plush upholstered dining chairs are available in a variety of linen and velvet upholstery options, each one perched on a tubular metal sled base. This set includes two matching dining chairs for easy coordination. | BUY IT.

modern-parsons-dining-chairs-upholstered-orange-faux-leather-unique-chair-with-upholstery-on-legsOrange Upholstered Parsons Chair Set: This unique dining chair design features the classic silhouette of a traditional Parsons chair, but with an intriguing spin – the entire chair is upholstered in smooth bonded leather, even including the legs. This is a set of two chairs, available in six upholstery color options. | BUY IT.

deep-red-upholstered-dining-chairs-with-diamond-tufted-backrest-velvet-upholstery-padded-seat-gold-mid-century-modern-glam-legsRed Upholstered Dining Chairs: Diamond tufting decorates the backrest of these glamorous dining chairs, ensuring that your dining arrangement will look great from every angle. Plush cushioning provides comfort while velvet upholstery lends a satisfying tactile experience. Select from five color options. Each set includes two. | BUY IT.

glamorous-gold-metal-upholstered-dining-chairs-cream-fabric-lightweight-modern-furniture-for-dining-room-for-sale-onlineBeige and Gold Metal Upholstered Dining Chairs: Breezy framing allows these dining chairs to maintain a lightweight look, readily preserving any natural sunlight that your dining room may get. This set of two is available in three velvet-upholstered color options. | BUY IT.

light-white-beige-upholstered-dining-chairs-shell-chair-shape-ergonomic-stylish-dining-chairs-luxury-gold-legs-sophisticated-dining-room-ideasLight Beige Upholstered Dining Chairs: Shell-shaped contouring gives these dining chairs an ergonomic feel. Select from a wide array of upholstery colors, from the chic white pictured here to vibrant primaries and even a charming powder pink. Each one features metal legs in a luxurious gold finish. This set includes two dining chairs. | BUY IT.

minimalist-modern-inexpensive-upholstered-dining-chairs-set-stain-resistant-white-upholstery-black-metal-frameModern White Upholstered Dining Chair: Creative framing brings a contemporary look to this retro-inspired dining chair design. Dense padding softens the seat and backrest, both upholstered in stain-resistant polyester for longer lasting style. | BUY IT.

modern-upholstered-dining-chairs-set-of-4-light-grey-fabric-black-tapered-legs-modern-furniture-for-stylish-dining-room-ideasGrey Upholstered Dining Chair Set of 4: Sweeping curves ensure these upholstered dining chairs prove easy on the eyes. Each one is upholstered in smooth grey velvet and perched atop thinly tapered black-finished legs. Each set includes four chairs. | BUY IT.

upholstered-dining-room-chairs-with-arms-designer-furniture-for-dining-room-light-grey-upholstery-sculptural-solid-wood-baseModloft Black Oak Upholstered Dining Chair: Smoothly sculpted from black oak and upholstered in Andorra wool, this dining chair is a true picture of modern luxury. This version features subtle wood tone accents where the braces meet the frame for a pop of contrast and visual interest. This piece is also available in classic walnut. | BUY IT.

contemporary-dining-chairs-upholstered-in-light-grey-with-wingback-design-thin-tapered-legs-unique-modern-dining-room-furniture-for-sale-onlinContemporary Upholstered Wingback Dining Chairs: An angular silhouette and striking tapered legs ensure these modern dining chairs will capture attention from any angle. Build a full set or use these stunning accents at each end of a rectangular table. Each set includes two chairs. | BUY IT.

upholstered-dining-chairs-set-of-2-modern-barrel-back-seats-wood-frame-light-grey-upholstery-contemporary-dining-room-furniture-ideasGrey and Black Upholstered Dining Chairs: A rounded barrel back allows these dining chairs to provide exceptionally comfortable support for longer dinners and chats with friends. The framing is made from solid rubberwood, the seats and backrest upholstered in a contrasting light grey. Each set includes two. | BUY IT.

gray-upholstered-dining-chairs-with-armrests-neutral-themed-faux-leather-upholstery-bentwood-legs-set-of-two-modern-seats-for-dining-roomGrey Faux Leather Dining Chairs Set: For even more support, fully upholstered dining chairs with armrests offer the best balance of comfort and style. This set of two dining chairs is upholstered in grey faux leather over smoothly shaped tapered legs. Select from four distinct colorways. | BUY IT.

fabric-upholstered-dining-chairs-minimalistic-modern-seating-for-dining-room-padded-seat-and-backrest-grey-and-black-color-themeBlack and Grey Upholstered Side Chairs: A vintage profile allows these dining chairs to fit with a variety of decor eras – from retro 30s styles to mid-century to contemporary and beyond. Select from three colorways, each upholstered in a velvety poly blend over supportive foam. Each set includes two matching chairs. | BUY IT.

grey-upholstered-dining-chairs-set-light-grey-upholstery-padded-seat-splayed-legs-modern-furniture-for-dining-roomGrey Upholstered Dining Chairs Set: These smoothly sculpted dining chairs sit atop bold splayed legs for show-stopping visual appeal. Each set includes two chairs, available in three upholstery options to suit a variety of interior styles. | BUY IT.

Wychwood TableGus Modern Upholstered Dining Side Chair: If the silhouette of this simple dining chair looks familiar to you, that’s because it is based on the classic elementary school chair – a nostalgic design upgraded with luxurious details. The upholstery is comfortably channel-tufted in a charcoal grey poly blend, the framing made from powder coated steel. | BUY IT.

modern-upholstered-dining-chairs-available-for-sale-online-charcoal-upholstery-black-steel-frame-padded-backrest-1Charcoal Upholstered Dining Chairs: This dining chair features smooth charcoal grey upholstery over black metal framing. The geometric angles make this set ideal for modern minimalist and industrial decor themes alike. Each set includes two chairs, both gently cushioned for added support. | BUY IT.

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