53 Inspirational Kids’ Study Space Designs And Tips You Can Copy From Them

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Homework is part of a kid’s life – whether they like it or lump it! So, what can we do to help the little darlings along with their studies? This collection of a whopping 51 inspirational kid’s decor ideas all feature dedicated workspaces, along with a whole host of shelving designs and kids’ storage ideas. These kids’ rooms show how it’s possible to squeeze a kid’s study space into even a very small bedroom by combining furniture solutions. There are even ideas on how to set up a double workspace where siblings can each command their own areas without collapsing into fisticuffs. Sit tight, we’re here to help you navigate the rough ride through school term.

Gallery for 53 Inspirational Kids’ Study Space Designs And Tips You Can Copy From Them

kids-room-accessories1. Height adjustable study table

2. Kids’ study chairs

3. Mickey Mouse wall clock

4. Floating desk with storage

5. Thor hammer light

6. Superhero shelves

7. Moon light

8. Storage shelf

9. Kids’ loft tent bed | 54 |.

Kids-study-spaces-for-shared-roomDivide a double workspace with a bookshelf at the centre. | Visualizer: Nehal Mostafa.

kid-s-chairs-1Colour match on a budget. The kid’s chairs have been tipped in yellow paint here, just above the desk horizon, to match with a yellow wall. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

Star-Wars-decorStar Wars decor will please little kids and big kids alike. | Visualizer: Archi Studio.

Kids-room-with-climbing-wallA climbing wall should work off some restless energy before getting down to work. | Visualizer: Thao Nguyen.

Kids-room-with-house-decorAnother house shaped kids’ desk design, but this time to house two. | Via: Shared Kids’ Room Spaces.

Green-kids-roomThis one is part of a gorgeous kids’ room that we cover in detail here. | Visualizer: Nikolay Limanskiy.

Skateboard-shelvesSkateboard shelves bring street style to this room. The ‘Back to School’ wallpaper is perhaps a little cruel to hang with over school break! | Visualizer: Kristina Bilynets.

Dual-kids-workspaceKeep as much off the desktop as possible in a shared situation. Inevitably things will get pushed over the ‘border’ and fights will ensue! | Visualizer: Łukasz Głogowski.

unisex-shared-kids-roomsThis room goes a little further in that the decor is completely divided between its girl and boy inhabitants. The Mini and Mickey Mouse lights are available here. | Visualizer: Marco Podrini.

shared-kids-workspaceColour code storage volumes to clarify which belong to each child in a shared space. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

Bespoke-kids-desk-with-shelvesHighlight bookshelves with strip lighting for a cool technological look. | Visualizer: Julio Cezar Pires.

shared-kids-roomsShared kids’ rooms mean double trouble when designing a study spot, as each child should be given their own personal space. | Visualizer: Vladimir Ogorodnikov.

White-kids-deskAnother idea for a desk with a fake view – this time a little town lives along the back edge of the desk. | Visualizer: Vlad Drozdov.

Built-in-study-areaDon’t make a sterile study environment. Kids should feel drawn to their study spaces, not repelled. Put up some welcoming wallpaper and kit the desk out with kid friendly accessories that they’ll feel tempted to use. You can get that cool lamp here. | Visualizer: Dina Kuzmenko.

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Bed-desk-comboBuild wall space where there is none. This narrow slatted divider by the foot of a cabin bed makes a perfect little spot for a desk. | Visualizer: Dương Phan.

Pink-and-blue-bedroomAn additional perch for a helper or study buddy is an advantage. | Visualizer: Tram Nguyen.

Pink-study-roomPosition organisers for every stationery need close at hand to keep kids settled and seated. Think wall mounted pots for pens, pencils and highlighters, and mini shelves for correctors and stacks of sticky notes. | Visualizer: Colorroom.

Eclectic-kids-roomCurate the eclectic look. This chic kids’ space has a variety of styles going on yet it is held firmly together by the common thread of colour that runs through it. | Visualizer: Irina Maslova.

kids-industrial-workspaceCreate an industrial workspace, using metal elements and raw wood… | Visualizer: LVI Studio.

Car-themed-kids-room… Plus exposed brick walls and concrete if you have them. | Visualizer: Elshad Kerimov.

Kids-desk-with-storageProvide them with display cabinets so that they can show off their best work. Nothing creates drive quite like pride does. | Visualizer: Ira Shestopalova.

L-shaped-kids-deskIntegrate a radiator into the desk design. It can be chilly by a window but heat vents ensure a cosy study time. Visual cues have also been used to increase the sense of warmth in the chilly room, like warm wood grain panels and a hot red table lamp. | Visualizer: Alexey Seldin & Alexei Golub.

luxury-kids-roomUnusually shaped rooms call for fitted furniture. This luxury kids’ room is equipped with fully fitted study furniture, dressed with a designer table lamp. | Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors.

Teenage-bedroom-with-study-areaA blue stripe marks out this desk area, right down the middle of the room, including along the ceiling. | Visualizer: Maryam Shikh Ali.

Made-to-measure-kids-deskLighting is just as important as the desk and the chair. Providing your child with the correct lighting for their studies is vitally important to their eye health. Give your child a choice between general overhead lighting and focussed task lighting on the desk. The pictured setup has the added benefit of a soft ambient glow from strip lighting along the base of the window frame above. The soft lighting could pay gentle accompaniment to the undertaking of computer work. | Visualizer: Alexey Seldin & Alexei Golub.

Kids-bedrom-with-studyA simple leafy plant is used to screen this work area from plain view when a head hits the pillow. | Source: Start Preventivi.

small-kids-studyWant to create something special on a budget? How about framing out a notice board in a fun shape to create zoning around a small desk. Add some string lights for extra sparkle and you’re done. | Visualizer: Anastasiia Kharuk.

kids-study-tableIt’s healthy to draw a line between the sleeping and work areas when situating a kid’s study within their bedroom. This can be done with a room divider if there’s the space, or you can use colour zoning to mark the work/rest divide. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

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kids-study-space-behind-4-poster-bedAnother interesting way to draw the line – block out the view of the bed from the study! Out of sight, out of mind. By the way, you can get that cute Peacock pencil holder by designer Takeshi Sawada here! | Designer: ZOOI.

Kids-work-areaShallow cupboards make use of limited spaces and won’t block a window. | Visualizer: Ekaterina Ivoilova.

Kids-bed-with-deskThere are many beds with desk designs on the market to help shoehorn all you need into a limited bedroom space. This bed also incorporates storage drawers within the steps leading up to the bunk. | Visualizer: DA Design.

Pegboard-wallA different peg board wall design; this time there is an additional wire rack for hanging inspirational pictures. | Visualizer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk.

Kids-shelving-systemSet the scene. In lack of a view to rest up those eye muscles, create a scene with illustrated wallpaper. This light looking desk and shelving unit allows the paper to show through. The wirework desk chair is the Hay Hee chair. | Designer: ATO Studio.

Kids-officeCommission a transition. This kid’s desk extends straight out of a towering bookcase, before dipping to become a storage unit/window seat. A pastel green computer chair continues with the color theme. | Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova.

motivational-wall-artMotivational wall art will help get them in the right headspace. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

small-children-studyEven a tiny room can be home to a dedicated study area. This slimline floating desk with shelf is available on Amazon. | BUY IT.

Yellow-kids-roomMake the most of limited space with bespoke furniture. Made to measure kids’ bedroom furniture can squeeze the best use out of the room. You may pay a bit more than you would for an off-the-shelf flat pack set but the results can create real wow factor. | Visualizer: Ira Harbaruk.

unique-wall-shelves-1Play with cabinet arrangements to create your own bespoke solution. Stores like IKEA provide modular units that can be bought individually and arranged any way you’re able to imagine. Select contrasting colour finishes for a really eye-catching effect. You can even combine flat pack with bespoke furniture; these simple pink and blue storage volumes have been grouped with a row of unique wall shelves and an original desktop. | Visualizer: Nelly Prodan.

Kids-wall-shelves-1These novelty kids’ wall shelves have a touch of the Swiss cross trend about them. They’ve been used to bring colour and pattern to a plain wall. A colourful rug brightens the floor area beneath the desk chair to complement the look. | Visualizer: Johny Mrazko.

Kids-geo-decorA matching desk lamp and bedroom pendant light create a cohesive look. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

kids-workspace-below-bunk-bedStorage is not the only option to utilize the space above the desk. As you can see here, bunk beds need not always be an eyesore. | Visualizer: ONI Architects.

reading-room-ideasJust because it’s a work area, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have some fun with the items in the work zone, like going for some zany zig-zag shelving in a bold colourway. Lay down artificial grass mats to give the space a sense of the outdoors and therefore freedom. | Visualizer: Svoya Studio.

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children-study-roomThe sky’s the limit. If space is pinched beside your kid’s desk then be sure to situate storage above it, and take it all the way to the top. These wall cupboards have been given a white finish to match with the swivel chair; the box shelf has been picked out in beech wood to tie in with the floor. | Visualizer: Adilet Zulpukarov.

built-in-desk-ideasThe old owl is always the wisest character in the story, so get smart with owl decor. The stylish swivel chair at the owl adorned desk is the Flow Slim by Jean Marie Massaud. | Visualizer: Kyde.

teenagers-study-roomExplode traditional desk composition. This desktop appears to float just above offset drawers and storage volumes running in each direction. | Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha.

kids-wall-decorEncourage a high flyer. This kids’ wall decor features bird decals; bird pendant lighting continues the theme. | Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova.

kids-study-deskFloating desks promote cleanliness. When the floor space is clear of legs and storage volumes, there is no invitation for clutter to be stored in the footwell either. | Visualizer: Len’s Decor.

kids-room-wall-shelvesMake a study area feel like home. This kid’s desk is is situated within a house shaped canopy – where the roof is formed by the cut of overhead cabinets. Pink shelving either side makes the design even more darling. | Visualizer: Việt Dũng.

Girls-study-room-designA heart shaped shelving unit will give the space some love. This specific shelf has a serious industrial vibe but you can get a more approachable one from here or here. | Visualizer: Pavel Mihalenok.

leaves-wallpaperBring in nature through decor and prints. This leaves wallpaper design is a maintenance free way to bring the uplifting quality of plants indoors. The raw wood grain effect of the furniture in this scheme compliments the natural look. | Visualizer: Mariya Chmut.

study-room-ideasA pegboard wall provides an adjustable shelving option. Use the shelves as a kid’s library or store a hoard of art and craft project supplies. | Visualizer: Marina Khomiakova.

Yellow-kids-study-room-1Make the most of unused spaces. Natural light from the window will keep them energised, so fashion a kid’s workstation around the glass. Even a narrow column of storage or shelving up either side can keep books and school supplies tidy and organised. | Visualizer: Thao Uyen.

Yellow-desk-chairNature has an energising quality too, so introduce a couple of indoor plants to their study space – or twenty of them. You know, whatever it takes. | Visualizer: Vita Vakula.

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