57 Rattan Pendant Lights To Catch The Hottest Trends

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Due to their versatility and capacity to set a specific atmosphere, pendant lights have become a standard fixture in today’s houses. Interior home design has long included rattan, wicker, and bamboo, particularly in Asian countries with a strong wellness culture. Put these two together and we get natural fiber lighting elements that are elegant, adaptable, and provide an easy method to add texture and architectural interest to any area. The many advantages are accompanied by equally varied aesthetic options. Visit us and peruse the unique items we’ve handpicked for you.

Gallery for 57 Rattan Pendant Lights To Catch The Hottest Trends

Shell-Shaped-Rattan-Pendant-LightShell Shaped Rattan Pendant Light: This extraordinary rattan shell will add strong relaxation vibes into your home. Creative, hand shaped bamboo rattan spirals down while sending shades to dance all over walls. Perfect for coastal settings, it will bring the sea closer even if your home is in the center of a city. | BUY IT.

Black-Woven-Rattan-Pendant-LightBlack Woven Rattan Pendant Light: This textured piece is made using old techniques with a contemporary twist. The dome is softly shaped, featuring flat woven rattan poles for a simple silhouette. The open form allows the light to spread out easily. | BUY IT.

Dual-Tone-Beige-Black-Rattan-Pendant-LightDual Tone Beige & Black Rattan Pendant Light: The Romeo C3 Outdoor Pendant Light is woven from wicker tubes with painted aluminum tubular internal frame. Inner diffuser is opal-colored and easily removable. All details have undergone a galvanic treatment to prevent corrosion. | BUY IT.

Drum-Style-Indoor-Outdoor-Rattan-PendantDrum Style Indoor Outdoor Rattan Pendant: The Bover Fora Pendant offers a relaxed, transitional design suitable for both indoors and outdoors.The polyethylene fiber outer shade is resilient and durable, an anti-corrosive finish. Woven design adds a tropical flair to any kind of space. | BUY IT.

Woven-Rattan-PendantsWoven Rattan Pendants: This fixture brings an ambient, perfectly natural and calm mood to the home. Its hand-braided rattan shade emits a soft glow, while at the same time tiny holes let out magical, flickering glimpses of light. The open bottom lets light flood through to illuminate a dining table, a reading nook, or a kitchen island. | BUY IT.

outdoor-spherical-rattan-pendant-lightsOutdoor Spherical Rattan Pendant Lights: The sun bleached rattan boasts a perfect coastal flair. With a weather-resistant wicker stretched over a powder coated steel frame, this pendant light will look right at home on your deck, patio, or porch. Each piece is handmade with exclusive finish, to be one-of-a-kind. | BUY IT.

Rattan-Pendant-ChandelierRattan Pendant Chandelier: This fixture is so elegant in its simplicity, that it’s very hard to miss. Slender arms boast mid-century geometry, while eight shades keep things light and lightweight (pun intended). This kind of sophisticated design never goes out of style. | BUY IT.

Coastal-Wicker-Rattan-PendantCoastal Wicker Rattan Pendant: In a tone of dark sand, this open-weave design feels light and airy, bringing a dose of artistry and texture to the mix. The exclusive finish mimics the look of natural rattan while being more durable and resilient. The shade is woven in weather-friendly resin and suitable to use outdoors, even at beachfront. | BUY IT.

Rattan-Chandelier-PendantRattan Chandelier Pendant: A rattan pendant inspired by an antique chandelier – there’s no way it would fail to make a gorgeous statement. Expertly handcrafted, with each pendant hand wrapped with rattan peel, it boasts an antique brass detail finishing for a naturally polished look. | BUY IT.

Ovaj-Vintage-rattan-pendantOval Vintage Rattan Pendant: The natural warmth of rattan in this oval pendant meets the airy feel of an open-weave design. It will blend into any relaxing room design with a beautiful, layered texture and organic color. | BUY IT.

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Black-Rattan-Ball-Pendant-LightBlack Rattan Ball Pendant Light: This creative black ball pendant is full of incredible natural texture, crafted from woven rattan stretched over a spherical steel frame. It features six lights and creates a strong display of light and shadow over your walls and ceiling. | BUY IT.

Golden-Drum-Rattan-Pendant-LightGolden Drum Rattan Pendant Light: Genuine, exquisitely beautiful design of this chandelier from Laura Kirar is a great solution to add a trendy and luxury flair to your living room – in an unexpected way. It’s crafted from free-flowing natural rattan with a steel band, all in gold finish. | BUY IT.

small-rattan-pendant-lightSmall Rattan Pendant Light: This geometric, woven pendant looks even better from close. A uniquely profiled tall shade boasts an exotic feel, while the woven rattan adds layers of nature to the room. A thin, sleek pendant underlines the form, without compromising the effect. | BUY IT.

Industrial-rattan-pendant-light-shadesIndustrial Rattan Pendant Light Shades:
A versatile rattan pendant looks fantastic in an industrial shop environment, but it would lose nothing of its impact if hung at bedside. It bears a distinctive kind of rustic elegance that can fit any kind of contemporary interior. | BUY IT.

Long-rattan-pendant-light-shadesLong Rattan Pendant Light Shades: What can be better than a rattan pendant light? Three unique pendants, full of bohemian charm. This interesting set will easily blend right in to uplift the room’s atmosphere. | BUY IT.

Square-woven-rattan-pendant-lightSquare Woven Rattan Pendant Light: Although rattan pendant lights are, typically, round – this one makes the case for square models. Woven drum shade encases two lightbulbs and ensures an abundance of warm, stylish light. | BUY IT.

small-geometric-rattan-pendant-lightSmall Geometric Rattan Pendant Light: This unique, small pendant lamp delivers soft mood lighting. The body of tightly woven rattan rope features a rigid geometric form and alternates from top to bottom to discreetly display Edison bulb. | BUY IT.

woven-half-globe-rattan-pendant-lightWoven Half-Globe Rattan Pendant Light: Pendant lights are still one of fan favorite overhead lightings – and for good reason. They are one of rare versatile lighting types that work equally well solo and grouped in clusters. This rattan pendant, for instance, will look great at any cozy coastal home, but with some creativity it will fit almost anywhere. | BUY IT.

Modern-woven-rattan-pendant-lightModern Woven Rattan Pendant Light: Another interesting and unusual rattan pendant light design comes intertwined with a steel framework. It emits a pleasant warm light while attracting attention towards the ceiling. | BUY IT.

Rustic-rattan-pendant-lightRustic Rattan Pendant Light: Hand-woven with natural and fresh material, crafted with exquisite weaving skills, this rattan pendant feels like a small sunshine on a ceiling. Vintage and unique, it provides warm and soft, uniform light transmission. | BUY IT.

Modern-Geometric-Rattan-Pendant-LightModern Geometric Rattan Pendant Light: This light illuminates any room while grabbing all attention around. Exquisitely elaborated, multilayered design adds a notable dimension to the room. | BUY IT.

woven-rattan-pendant-bell-lightWoven Rattan Pendant Bell Light: This rattan pendant emits an inherent boho charm with a natural woven design and a distinct bell shape. It can be easily adapted to any ceiling height from the entryway to the kitchen island. | BUY IT.

woven-rattan-pendant-lightWoven Rattan Pendant Light: Woven design adds natural elements to this strongly texturised textural hanging pendant lamp. The wide shade is stretched over a metal frame to form a geometric chevron-inspired pattern, encasing a single bulb. | BUY IT.

Vintage-half-ball-Rattan-Pendant-LightVintage Half-Ball Rattan Pendant Light: Hand-woven hanging pendant made of natural bamboo glows warm ambient light with a game of shadows. The bell shape with woven wicker creates a statement easy to notice but hard to forget. | BUY IT.

Minimal-rattan-pendant-light-shadeMinimal Rattan Pendant Light Shade: This woven drum pendant highlights all advantages of rattan design. It’s ideal for enhancing light and breezy interior with a coastal or nature-inspired look and plenty of bright lighting. | BUY IT.

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Transparent-White-rattan-ball-pendant-lightTransparent White Rattan Ball Pendant Light: Transparent and intricate design of this white pendant light globe will send gently flickering light to dance all over your room. It’s wonderfully discreet, yet impossible to ignore – which is a very distinctive kind of quality. | BUY IT.

Retro-Rattan-Pendant-LightRetro Rattan Pendant Light: A lighting fixture can hardly be more “that ‘70s” than this rattan drum pendant – and yet, it fits so naturally in these ’20s. The refined black frame and strong geometry make quite a visual feature that needs only a creative light bulb to shine at its best. | BUY IT.

Woven-Black-Rattan-Pendant-LightWoven Black Rattan Pendant Light: Unique pendant hand-woven of natural bamboo creates an inviting atmosphere in any space. It is large enough to add both dimension and texture to a room and an ideal statement feature for minimalist interiors. | BUY IT.

small-rattan-pendant-lighting-fixtureWoven Black Rattan Pendant Light: A very charming rattan pendant light that can replace table lamp – ideal solution for rooms where floor space is at a premium. The teardrop shape and transparent design ensure plenty of light and a great focal point. | BUY IT.

Bell-Shaped-Woven-Bamboo-Pendant-LightBell Shaped Woven Bamboo Pendant Light: This double bell will decorate your walls and ceiling every night, sending an amazing display of light and shadows. Try it on a relaxing veranda full of greenery for magic spring evenings outdoors. | BUY IT.

Drum-Shaped-Rattan-Wicker-PendantDrum Shaped Rattan Wicker Pendant: This drum-shaped pendant light rocks a very decorative pattern that slightly resembles a bush of mock-orange flowers. Use it to put a stamp of style to a simplified, natural interior design such as Scandinavian. | BUY IT.

Chic-Rattan-Pendant-LightChic Rattan Pendant Light: The hue of this pendant will add a lot of warmth to your home. Its natural appearance and creative design make a memorable eye-catcher, too. This style is perfect to light up a dining table or a kitchen island. | BUY IT.

Novel-Rattan-Pendant-LightNovel Rattan Pendant Light: Rattan can be quite modern and intriguingly designed. This model looks like a reversed torch, with a woven yet simple and clean appeal, ready to mix and match with various styles. | BUY IT.

Sculptural-Woven-Bamboo-Pendant-LightSculptural Woven Bamboo Pendant Light: Did we say, bamboo rattan is like the traditional rattan but with a twist? Well, how about a couple of twists, or rather, a whole wave? This statement pendant light is all you need to make a strong, memorable statement in your home interior. | BUY IT.

Wire-and-rattan-wicker-pendant-lightWire and Rattan Wicker Pendant Light: This fixture is right on spot with the latest interior design trends. It features natural material, organic design, “distant shores” vibes, earthy color, and vintage flair. On top of all, it looks great. | BUY IT.

Triple-woven-bamboo-rattan-pendant-lightTriple Woven Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light: Bamboo ratan might not be exactly what you expect, but it’s a good thing. It boasts the classic rattan style with a twist. And when we say “twist” – we mean it – just look at this gorgeous design! | BUY IT.

Woven-rattan-pendant-light-shadesWoven Rattan Pendant Light Shades: This double drum rattan fixture boasts an industrial vintage retro style that seamlessly blends with modern interior design. As glamorous as organic, its elegant look will enhance any space, whether it’s a home, a shop, or a restaurant. | BUY IT.

Ikea-Sinnerlig-Drum-Wicker-PendantIkea Sinnerlig Drum Wicker Pendant: This Ikea rattan pendant is very structured with dominant, geometric character. That makes it an ideal choice to spruce up the look of a modern, minimalist interior—no need to say that it will feel right at home in a Scandinavian-style room. | BUY IT.

rattan-wicker-pendant-light-shadesRattan Wicker Pendant Light Shades: Sturdy white globe inside juxtaposes the almost organic look of this ratan pendant, giving it a more structured overall appearance. Use it to highlight the eclectic living room or enhance a rustic dining room. | BUY IT.

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White-Dome-Shaped-Rattan-Pendant-LightWhite Dome Shaped Rattan Pendant Light:
Choosing a light cream hue instead of pure white can make the fixture more blendable. A half-dome shape feels open and floods the room with light while sending an intricate pattern of shades to the ceiling. | BUY IT.

rattan-pendant-light-vintage-globeRattan Pendant Light Vintage Globe: This one looks great whether on its own or in a group. A simple rattan vintage globe will add a lot of good, natural energy to your kitchen, dining room, or even bedroom. | BUY IT.

White-rattan-ball-pendant-lightWhite Rattan Ball Pendant Light: There is something very sophisticated and pure in white rattan pendant light, reminiscent of fine lace. For that reason, a ball pendant like this will not look out-of-place even in a luxurious setting, no more than it would in a gentle, girly kid’s room. | BUY IT.

Half-globe-rattan-pendant-light-shadesHalf-Globe Rattan Pendant Light Shades: It feels like teleporting straight from the ninety-eighties, but with a twist. This rattan pendant light fits several modern trends at once, from natural construction to retro vibes and earthy color palettes. | BUY IT.

Drum-rattan-pendant-light-shadesCurved Rattan Pendant Light Shades: Very natural and very modern, that’s how we would describe this rattan light if someone asked. It’s refined and blends right-in, but also impossible to ignore, so don’t be surprised to discover it as a frequent conversation-starter. | BUY IT.

Vintage-woven-rattan-pendant-lightVintage Woven Rattan Pendant Light: When searching for vintage lights that boast a timeless feel, it’s hard to get any further than this. Minimalist but interesting, simple but prominent, this rattan pendant light will feel at home just about anywhere. | BUY IT.

Intricate-rattan-wicker-pendant-lightIntricate Rattan Wicker Pendant Light: An untypical, intricate design makes this rattan pendant light a great addition to any room, feeling both decorative and functional. Soft shape juxtaposes strong patterns with wicker finish, making as stylish as useful. | BUY IT.

rattan-ball-pendant-light-shadesRattan Ball Pendant Light Shades: if you like rattan but are not a fan of common designs, here is a pendant light you may love. The intricate pattern on a simple globe is a chic eye-catcher that will undoubtedly attract attention. | BUY IT.

Transparent-rattan-pendant-light-shadesTransparent Rattan Pendant Light Shades: Mixing and matching an inherently organic material such as rattan with industrial style is not something that will easily come to mind. Yet, a rattan pendant light with a simple form and clean lines feels totally in-place in a setting like this. | BUY IT.

rattan-wicker-pendant-lightRattan Wicker Pendant Light: Rattan fixtures add dimension to the room with their texturised, layered appearance. This polygonal pendant light can make a great natural focal point in a simplified, contemporary interior. | BUY IT.

Coastal-rattan-pendant-lightCoastal Rattan Pendant Light: No seaside vibes are complete without proper lighting, and this rattan pendant light delivers. It’s a perfect feature to support a relaxing mood in the room, even in the center of a city. | BUY IT.

Large-rattan-pendant-light-1Large Rattan Pendant Light: Large and prominent, yet discreet enough to perfectly blend into the environment, this rattan pendant light might be just what you’re looking for. Its timeless design will easily fit in a range of room styles, from eclectic to modern. | BUY IT.

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