A Tranquil Jungle House That Incorporates Japanese Ethos [Video]

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This impressive jungle home in Llanogrande, Colombia, designed by 5 Solidos architects, incorporates a peaceful Japanese ethos. Curved corners are used both inside and outside the house to soften its form and create a calmer flow. Enchanting outdoor spaces, evenly split between the first and second floor terraces, feature natural wood grain, vast stretches of water, and beautiful trees to create tranquil, zen experiences. Stylish chabudai tables, zabuton pillows, and zaisu chairs are typical of the Japanese aesthetic here. Minimalist designs are easy on the eyes because they give off a sense of warmth, earthiness, and history.


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home-massage-studioBut first, a relaxing massage for two. | 52 |.

luxury-spaJacuzzis and saunas take the trials and tribulations of the day away. | 46 |.

home-theatre-designAfter a long work out in the morning, there’s got to be time for relaxation and snacks in the evening. Where better to unwind than in a luxurious home theatre, with a whole bunch of close friends and family. | 47 |.

jacuzzisSlatted wood floors and walls warmly cocoon the room, with pale concrete lightening the upper half. | 48 |.

floor-chairsEven in the spa, there’s always time for tea. Japanese Zaisu chairs sit at a pedestal style Kotatsu. | 49 |.

home-theatre-design-1Hidden perimeter lighting paints a warm glow around the softly curved edges of the cinema space. | 43 |.


home-spaIf movies aren’t on the homeowner’s mind, then there’s always the home spa. | 45 |.

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home-gym-designThe home gym design is equipped for many people to work out in at any one time. | 37 |.

home-gym-equipmentVarious gym equipment lines up along the window wall, whilst mats are spaced along the back for floor work. | 38 |.


luxury-bathroom-1Open shelving inside one of the home’s luxury bathrooms reads like an apothecary of lotions and potions. | 34 |.

unique-pedestal-sinkUnique freestanding pedestal sinks twin up in front of a solid wall of mirrors. Grey stone basins create cool contrast with their linear wooden frames. | 35 |.

minimalist-showersTwin minimalistic showers sprout as simple standpipes. | 36 |.

bedroom-pendant-lights-1In another of this home’s many, many bedrooms, a modern platform bed is flanked by bedroom pendant lights that are reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper lanterns. | 31 |.

wood-wall-decorAn imposing concrete column looks irresistibly tactile. Wooden wall art adds contradicting intricacy. | 32 |.

bedroom-coffee-barSurprising secrets are held within the unassuming wooden walls of the bedroom, namely, a mini fridge and coffee bar. | 33 |.

walk-in-closetThe fun doesn’t stop there though, this closet just keeps on going and going. Industrial style rails lay out the current casual collection, whilst enclosed closets stow away vintage pieces and precious favourites. | 29 |.

glass-wall-bedroom-1Concrete ceiling planes blur the boundaries between indoor space and out. | 30 |.

minimalist-bedroom-designIn this minimalist bedroom design, towering wall height builds a unique palatial atmosphere. | 25 |.

wood-wall-panellingWooden wall panels curvaceously navigate the space. | 26 |.

bedroom-chairA bedroom chair and small side table rest beside the window wall, where wooden slats manipulate direct sunlight. Concrete stepping stones steal away from the exit. | 27 |.

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walk-in-wardrobe-1-1Is it a shoe store or is it a walk in wardrobe? No need to decide, just bask in the glory of this enviable kicks collection. | 28 |.


japanese-tableZabuton cushions line up at a modern Chabudai table, where a unique teapot awaits to serve. | 23 |.

outdoor-coffee-tableOn the terrace, a monolithic outdoor coffee table melds with the concrete floor. An outdoor sofa flanks each side in a conversational arrangement. | 24 |.


minimalist-bedroomsBedroom designs twin with the same warm wood clad decor and tranquil minimalism. Japanese style platform beds and contemporary bedside units lay low to the ground. | 20 |.

modern-wall-sconces-3Modern wall sconces erupt from bedroom walls, like huge gems waiting to be mined. | 21 |.

concrete-wall-living-roomUpon pulling our eyes away from the glorious view, we find a contemporary concrete wall living room with sleek modern Japanese finesse. | 15 |.


low-coffee-tableA low level sofa and a low coffee table hug the floor. A small stack of coffee table books tidily accessorise the smooth tabletop. | 17 |.

sculptural-accent-chairsUnique sculptural accent chairs are paired to double their eye catching presence. | 18 |.

outdoor-lightsAbstract outdoor lights shine their glow at sundown, as daylight disappears behind the trees. | 12 |.


luxury-interior-1We enter the building at the living room, but it’s not lounge furniture that commands the eye. A breathtaking panorama stretches out beyond floor to ceiling glass panes. Great pillars push vertically through the space like ancient tree trunks. | 14 |.

homes-with-trees-insideThe tree’s roots are planted firmly in ground level, isolated on an island surrounded by tranquil waters. | 7 |.

glass-wall-architectureThe vast majority of the home’s walls are made entirely of glass and timber frame, allowing the interior to drink in the jungle view. | 8 |.

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unique-sundeckHuge stepping stones appear to float a path over the pool, before reaching the decked island at its centre. | 9 |.

outdoor-chaise-lounge-chairModern outdoor chaise lounge chairs line up by the waters edge. | 10 |.

luxury-sunloungersNatural wood, water and the majestic tree pull together to create a zen-like experience that quiets the mind, body and soul. | 11 |.

luxurious-facadeMature trees shield the luxurious facade from the rest of the world, deterring unwelcome prying eyes and dampening any undesirable noise. | 3 |.

luxury-home-designWooden fascias interrupt the building’s concrete exterior, building interludes of warmth and slatted texture. | 4 |.


terraces-with-treesThe home has its own resident tree that emerges in its full glory up on the top terrace. It’s wide leafy branches grant blissful shade over the outer deck and pool. | 6 |.

modern-exterior-1The modern exterior is dominated by a huge concrete staircase design that descends from the upper floor all the way down to a spectacular firepit on the ground floor terrace. | 1 |.

staircase-designThe second story has its very own terrace too, with a huge sundeck and a pool that wraps the softly curved perimeter of the concrete structure. | 2 |.

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