An Office Made From Cardboard

An Office Made From Cardboard

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The unconventional workspace of Nothing, an Amsterdam-based branding firm, has recently attracted media notice. Just what makes this so special? Their workplace, however, consists almost entirely of cardboard. We figured out that highlighting this will get your imagination going in the right direction.

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creative-office-1Creative Office | Creative Office.

cardboard-furniture-4Cardboard Table | Cardboard Table.

cardboard-furniture-5Cardboard Logo | Cardboard Logo.

cardboard-furniture-2Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

cardboard-furniture-3Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

creative-office-4Office Space | Office Space.

cardboard-furniture-1Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

creative-office-5Cardboard Computer Desk | Cardboard Computer Desk.

creative-office-2-1Creative Empty Office | Creative Empty Office.

creative-office-3Cardboard Creative Office | Cardboard Creative Office.

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