Asian Style Interiors
Asian Style Interiors

Asian Style Interiors Spliced With Sumptuous Deep Green And Teal Accents

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Today we are touring three Asian style interiors, each spliced together with some sumptuous deep green and teal coloured elements. Industrial contemporary, suave and sophisticated, to the more traditional at heart, this trio of tours bring inspiration from all different angles. The first is a unique interior where a custom-made concrete bed and linked sofa design incorporates huge indoor planters, all set within a textured raw concrete perimeter. The second interior on our list features lush green indoor garden borders–both real and in wallpaper form. Lastly, come with us to visit a slightly more traditional setting, where classic furniture silhouettes meet bright teal colour infusions.

Gallery for Asian Style Interiors Spliced With Sumptuous Deep Green And Teal Accents

home-layout-1Home layout. | 40 |.

double-workspaceIt also has a double workspace–though there’s not much elbow room. | 38 |.

custom-platform-bedThe platform bed base runs the full width of the room, with storage underneath. | 39 |.

platform-bedThe third bedroom has more subtle accents within a predominantly neutral scheme. | 37 |.

carved-wooden-wardrobeA black and white runner stripes the foot of the bed. | 35 |.

black-and-white-bed-runnerBifold doors lead out to the centre of the living space. | 36 |.

black-and-white-rugMonochrome elements freshen and modernise the look. | 33 |.

decorative-wall-mirrorA second teal bedroom feature wall is brightened by a decorative wall mirror. | 34 |.

black-and-white-kitchen-floorWhite louvre doors front the upper kitchen cabinets, whilst base units stand in solid timber. | 31 |.

green-and-white-bedroomThe colour story continues inside the master bedroom, where a teal headboard wall rises behind a classic bed design. | 32 |.

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dining-room-pendant-lights-2Three black dining room pendant lights hang the length of a traditional table design. A teal wall hanging adds colour to the dining spot, along with a dark teal area rug. | 29 |.

green-bar-stoolsBird cage style light fittings dangle over the breakfast bar in the kitchen, above two teal bar stools. | 30 |.

unique-ceiling-fanA collection of screens and louvre doors add texture to the space, which is kept cool by a unique ceiling fan. | 27 |.

asian-style-media-cabinetExposed brickwork has been given a strong teal paint job inside an archway around the TV. An Asian style cabinet holds media and a display of decorative items. | 28 |.

hallway-design-1Made-to-measure hallway storage furniture is painted green and white to take the home’s colour theme all the way through to the front door. | 25 |.

asian-style-interior-designOur third, and last, Asian style home tour has a slightly more traditional air about it. | Visualizer: Lai Pháp.

dining-peninsulaContrasting kitchen bar stools make an interesting duo. | 23 |.

green-and-white-kitchenA wooden display cubby interrupts the run of green upper cabinets. | 24 |.

mirrored-fridgeInside the kitchen, a mirrored American-style fridge-freezer stands within a block of white units, beside an integrated microwave and dishwasher. | 21 |.

green-kitchenThe rest of the kitchen is lined with dark green painted cabinets. A grey bar extends into the living area to link the rooms. | 22 |.

botanical-wallpaperWooden elements work harmoniously with the greenery in the room. | 19 |.

wood-screen-doorsA decorative wooden screen marks a divide between the home entryway and a Buddhist altar. The Butsudan area has been coated in black to differentiate the sacred space from the rest of the home. | 20 |.

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botanical-decorA wall of botanical wallpaper attempts to reflect the natural beauty of the interior garden. | 18 |.

white-wall-clockThe TV wall remains crisp white with a white media unit. A white wall clock tops the arrangement. | 16 |.

indoor-plants-1An enormous indoor planter is home to a large array of mature indoor plants. | 17 |.

rustic-kitchen-shelvesTeal accessories shimmer through textured glass doors. | 14 |.

green-decor-living-roomOur next beautiful Asian inspired apartment interior is flourishing with lush botanical decor. A green armchair matches the palette of the theme, and a teal sofa makes for stunning colour play. | Visualizer: Thao Nguyen.

rustic-kitchen-islandOpen kitchen shelving displays crockery and glass. | 13 |.

rustic-kitchen-designThe kitchen is nostalgically reminiscent of an olde worlde woodshop, with its chunky industrial workbench. | 11 |.

linear-suspension-lampA linear suspension lamp hangs from beams that have been worked around from the bedroom framework. | 12 |.

kitchen-bar-stoolsA similar concept builds the kitchen bar stools. | 10 |.

unique-bathroom-sink-1Wooden discs stack and slip to form a unique bathroom sink design. | 9 |.

modern-bathroom-designBeyond the slatted bathroom walls, there is an enchanting green bathroom decor scheme with a traditional freestanding bathtub. | 8 |.

asian-style-interiorAs there is only a couple of windows in the apartment, and concrete walls make up the perimeter, it was thought that any solid walls would constrict the sense of space and light. In response, light-permeable walls were specially made for the bathroom. | 6 |.

light-permeable-wallsThe custom-made light permeable walls allow natural light to be shared between the living space and the bathroom even when fully closed. | 7 |.

floor-bed-designA rustic wooden step crosses the foot of the floor bed design, leading into a nook of wooden display shelves. An LED strip burns brightly behind the shelving, illuminating curious objects. | 4 |.

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rustic-bed-designTimber beams from the bed construction expand out across the width of a concrete ceiling to stunning effect. The entire ceiling of the apartment is open so that light can pass through. | 5 |.

asian-inspired-interiorThis is a studio apartment, with the bedroom and living room flowing directly into one another. A custom bed design has been erected in wood and concrete, which adjoins with the bespoke concrete sofa to wrap the room. The edge of the bed also forms a concrete step that visually separates the sleeping area from the sitting room, and creates a book ledge that’s peacefully overlooked by two teal Buddhist statues. | 3 |.

unique-coffee-tablesA cluster of unique coffee tables warmly colour the centre of a bare concrete floor; a tan accent chair and a decorative pendant light match their hue. | 2 |.

green-sofa-1Our first apartment is a 60 square metre home for a young family in Taipei, Taiwan. Textured concrete walls strike movement and energy into the design, and brightly coloured art and furniture up the tempo. A bespoke concrete sofa base incorporates a large planter filled with cacti; emerald green seat cushions complement the spiky display. | Visualizer: Konstantin Entalcev.

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