Audio Video Junkie Nirvana: A Great Home Entertainment Setup

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With so much technology to pack into our homes these days, we’re always looking for examples that manage to house their gadgets in good balance-avoiding overbearing towers of black boxes and a spaghetti junction of wires. This home, belonging to Blu Ray community user TheForce, has an utterly enviable collection of big boys toys that merge with the contemporary interior without appearing jarring.

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13-Modern-breakfast-barIn the kitchen the homeowners wanted something to compliment the forward thinking design of the rest of their home, so installed a wall of appliances, as well as a bespoke floating breakfast bar holding vertically mounted taps. | 13 |.

12-Display-cabinetsThese smart cabinets are a great hideaway for banks of media storage. | 12 |.

11-Home-entertainmentThe PC Room looks less of an office and more like a lounge, housing a Sony 40S2030 that is used as a monitor, Technics separates, Sony Vaio VGX TP2S/B, Mission 73’s. QED HDMI’s, opticals & Silver Anniversary XT, Dinovo Edge, and MX-Air mouse for control. | 11 |.




7-Flat-screen-TVEven the bedroom gets a dose of cinema magic. | 7 |.






1-Modular-sofa-1For the nerd within all of us, the setup features kit from various manufacturers, including:
Pioneer PDP-LX608D; Kef Ref’s 205/2, 204/2C, 201/2, and XQ10’s (all piano black); 2 x JL Audio Fathom F112’s.(piano black); Denon 3800BD, 4308 (as processor); DCD700AE; Rotel 1575 & 1562; PS3 & Wii; Sky HD; Harmony 1000 (RF extender); Z-Wave & X-10 lighting; Chord Odyssey 4 cable, QED HDMI’s, inter’s & opticals. | 1 |.

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