Black, White Dan Wood Kitchens: Ideas Dan Inspiration

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A clean and stylish kitchen can be more than a status symbol. When you have a beautiful space like the kitchens featured here, it can provide that extra encouragement you need to prepare a beautiful meal for family and friends. The more you cook and create, the happier and healthier you are. These black, white and wood kitchens could be just the inspiration you need to make a change in your life, too.

Gallery for Black, White Dan Wood Kitchens: Ideas Dan Inspiration

cool-modern-breakfast-barFinally a modern kitchen with a hanging herb garden is every urban chef’s dream. | Visualizer: Jan Wadim.

white-wood-flooring1This kitchen is allowed an entire room, which means pot racks galore and plenty of counters. | Visualizer: Jan Wadim.

matte-black-kitchen-counterA long narrow kitchen provides plenty of space to be just enough. | Visualizer: Jan Wadim.

creative-kitchen-lightingOf course, a small sink and stove are all some people need to find culinary inspiration. Indoor herb planters help add in some greenery. | Visualizer: Jan Wadim.

white-kitchen-storage-ideaThe white range hood and white island almost manage to turn this kitchen on its head. | Source: Absolute+ Kitchen.

black-kitchen-counterLong black countertops are certainly sleek if a bit overpowering. | Architect: Tamizo.

sunny-wood-kitchenLots of wood and sunlight give this small kitchen a cozy warmth. | Visualizer: Michael Nowak.

loft-kitchen-design-1This open kitchen is neat enough to be out in the open in this loft home. | Visualizer: Marco Podrini.

sunny-wood-kitchen-designThe varying levels in this kitchen give it a lot of visual interest and provides practical storage. | Visualizer: Marco Podrini.

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white-wood-grey-kitchenWire barstools and simple cabinetry create a gourmet kitchen in a small space. | Visualizer: Dmitriy Tereshchuk.

modern-kitchen-design1Brainstorm for that big meeting at this open and serious breakfast bar. | Visualizer: Plus Form.

tiled-kitchen-floorThis spacious kitchen has the feel of a French bistro with its patterned tile floor and hanging lights. The wood accents leave a minimal footprint in this otherwise very black & white kitchen. (Do check out the link if you prefer to see just black and white options) | Visualizer: Nordes Design.

ktichen-rug-designBlack and white is warmed up with a soft chocolate area rug in this design. | Source: Pedini.

eat-in-kitchen1When the dining room opens up to the kitchen, it’s important that they complement each other as they clearly do here. | Visualizer: 081 Arch.

elegant-breakfast-barThe wood paneling is the star in this warm modern kitchen. | Visualizer: Factory Cat.

pretty-wood-cabinetryThe counters here would be enough space to make chopped salads for an army. | Architect: Nature Humaine.

white-wire-kitchen-stoolsIt’s hard to go wrong with white granite countertops and simple wooden kitchen bar stools. | Architect: AGUSHI.

open-gourmet-kitchenFitting a modern kitchen into the warm industrial loft style can be a challenge, but this design rises to it and succeeds. | Visualizer: Plus Form.

matte-black-paintLook no further than this kitchen for some inspired overhead lighting ideas. | Architect: Nature Humaine.

cool-kitchen-ceilingThis design uses an uneven ceiling to its advantage, creating interest with handing light fixtures and angular skylights. | Architect: Nature Humaine.

cool-hardwood-patternThis new kitchen is given a rustic feel with whitewashed wood and mismatched floor panels. | Architect: Nature Humaine.

dark-wood-kitchen-islandThe molding on the walls in this design marries the classic with the contemporary. | Visualizer: I Max Studio.

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open-white-gourmet-kitchenStainless steel fixtures are all the shine this kitchen needs for its luxurious aura. | Visualizer: Gustavo Coutinho.

black-kitchen-design-1Black and wood as used here are entirely minimalist, with every kitchen item hidden carefully away in recessed cabinets. | Architect: Boštjan Gabrijelčič.

yellow-eames-chairsYellow Eames-inspired chairs are the ultimate pop of color in this otherwise neutral design. | Visualizer: Bondan Dudi.

indoor-kitchen-herb-gardenCopper wall paneling gives this kitchen a bit of a design edge. | Visualizer: Jakub Komrska.

small-simple-kitchen-designThis kitchen makes it clear that you don’t need a ton of space to create something stylish and welcoming. | Visualizer: Jakub Komrska.

chevron-hardwood-patternA chevron stripe pattern in the hardwood and vaulted ceilings turn this simple kitchen into something quite luxurious. | Visualizer: Delta Tracing.

modern-breakfast-barThis similar design features open shelving and lots of natural light. | Visualizer: Dmitriy Tereshchuk.

butcher-block-counter1-1The are rug and wall pattern in this kitchen give its sleek design just enough texture to warm it up. | Visualizer: Plus Form.

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