Darkly Designer Interiors Decked Out In Stone, Marble And Concrete

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Three high industrial-style spaces, each filled with darkly sophisticated furniture and decor, will entice you and leave you wanting more. Raw rooms contain massive installations of dramatic marble and pieces of eye-catching jagged stone, and stretches of cool concrete. Earthy brown and green plant accents are layered over the very industrial tone, adding refinement to the mix. Offbeat conceptions and experimental layouts can be painted on vast open-plan living spaces and large bedrooms, which provide generous canvases. From ambient perimeter modules to slick designer pendant lights ranging from the simple to the exquisite, the lighting is hyper-focused and mood-shaping throughout.

Gallery for Darkly Designer Interiors Decked Out In Stone, Marble And Concrete


beautiful-bathtubThe courtyard behind the headboard is actually part of a luxurious bathroom design, with a uniquely beautiful bathtub. | 40 |.


hanging-chairAnother indoor garden grows by a hanging chair. | 38 |.

grey-platform-bed-1A grey platform bed is set against a courtyard view in the master bedroom. | 37 |.

stone-kitchen-islandSleek grey units form the remainder of the kitchen design, making smooth contrast with the rough rock island. | 36 |.

open-riser-staircaseA cool modern staircase design wraps around a zen garden like snake vertebrae. | 35 |.

black-kitchen-1The kitchen island appears to have been carved straight out of a rockface, before being topped with black concrete. Black kitchen bar stools hang out by its side. | 34 |.

dining-room-pendant-lights-4Massive sliding doors reveal a towering library off to the side of the dual story living room. | 33 |.

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modern-dining-room-ideasThe hoop pendants are echoes of a circular cutout in the slatted side of a mezzanine level. | 32 |.

black-dining-roomImpressive dining room pendant lights form hoops above a dark modern dining set. | 31 |.

dining-room-chandeliersThe seating area faces an awesome rugged wall of rock, which undulates in charcoal peaks from the modern fireplace all the way up to the high ceiling line. | 30 |.

large-modern-chandelierLastly we visit a decidedly plusher industrial style apartment in Melbourne, Australia, measuring in at 180 square metres. Concrete nesting coffee tables are embraced by a softly upholstered sofa design and rippling area rugs. A modern chandelier rain sparkles from the ceiling. | Designer: Nazar Tsimbalyuk.

modern-bedroom-design-1Wall to wall windows let the daylight wash in. | 28 |.

industrial-bedroomAn open fronted closet system furnishes one entire wall of the industrial bedroom. The array of garments soften the look of the raw room. | 27 |.

home-libraryThere is landing with a home library on the other side. | 26 |.

staircase-design-1A unique staircase rises to a walkway of copper doors. | 25 |.

outdoor-dining-areaFrameless glass doors pivot to give entry back into the extraordinary house. | 24 |.

outdoor-dining-tableConcrete dining stools stand permanently in their place. | 23 |.

modern-outdoor-dining-tableA slender concrete outdoor dining table makes a sympathetic addition to the grey pebble bedded courtyard. | 22 |.

courtyard-designGreenery contrasts against the rosy hue of the walls. | 21 |.

living-room-with-courtyardA cherry tree grows in the courtyard. | 20 |.

modern-home-interiorThe living room projector plays on a wall of coppery panels. A rug echoes the russet tones of the wall treatment. | 19 |.

black-modern-sofaThe copper coloured elements continue into the interior, where a modern sofa awaits at the bottom of an open sided staircase design. | 18 |.

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modern-home-exterior-3Moving on to Guangzhou, China, our second featured home design has a copper exterior. | Visualizer: Alexandr Kishlari.

marble-bathroom-sinkCopper fixtures complete the luxe look. | 16 |.

open-plan-ensuite-bathroomAn open plan ensuite bathroom is a triumph of all white marble volumes. | 15 |.

marble-ensuite-bathroomThe bed is built from a slab of black marble, with a white marble headboard. | 14 |.

contemporary-bedroom-pendant-lightsFlat disc-like bedroom pendant lights hover above the bedside tables, which are a twist on the kitchen bar stools design. | 13 |.

industrial-grey-bedroomRaw concrete shapes the grey bedroom decor too. | 12 |.

marble-decor-ideasMarble plinths display artifacts under spotlight, standing to attention against a cool concrete wall. | 11 |.

marble-kitchen-designThe kitchen floor tiles lay out diamond patterns to add a homier element. | 10 |.

marble-kitchen-sinkEven the kitchen sink is a solid marble creation. A copper faucet sits brightly on the ledge of the white and grey veined block. | 9 |.

marble-kitchenSolid stone sophistication does not stop at the kitchen island. This is a wall to wall marble kitchen, with marble effect drawers, marble countertops and backsplashes, and marble wall shelves. | 8 |.

unusual-kitchen-bar-stoolsA bar light of the same design illuminates a black and white marble kitchen island. Three unique peg-like kitchen bar stools are loosely patterned with fiery tones. As we learned in the living room, books are prominent in this house, so in the kitchen an open shelving volume in the base of the island presents an ideal nook for a cookbook collection. | 7 |.

modern-dining-chairs-2The central concrete column in the room is a structural support, but it is also a solid room divider between the lounge and dining room. A black marble dining table stands behind the concrete column, with six brown modern dining chairs lined up along each side. A copper linear bar light shines over the full tabletop. | 6 |.

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concrete-interior-decorA white marble shoe storage volume runs along a concrete passageway, located at one side of the large living room. | 5 |.

accent-lounge-chairStone bookshelves cross the width of the living room. A brown lounge chair and black marble coffee table complete a comfortable reading nook. | 4 |.

modern-floor-lampA floor lamp illuminates the marble base of the unique sofa design. A matching black marble feature wall floats by its left side. | 3 |.

industrial-decorMood lighting highlights sharp edges around the room, creating rivers of bright light and falls of dramatic shadow. | 2 |.

brown-ottoman-coffee-table-1A majestic Bonsai tree leans into the centre of a huge industrial style living room in this 177 square metre home design, located in Chisinau, Moldova. A low-line brown sofa stretches out across the floor by the tree, as though it were a bank of earth from which it grows. A lighter brown ottoman coffee table fills the space in front of the seating, where rugs are scattered around and about. | Visualizer: Alexandr Kishlari.

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