Dining Rooms From The Orient

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Here are some examples of dining rooms designed by Yang Ming Design Group, a well-known Taiwanese interior design studio. Although they have a decidedly modern look, the Asian influence is evident.

People who enjoy cultures different from their own enjoy oriental furniture sets. An Oriental-inspired dining room complements a conventional or traditional (with a twist) design. Creating an Oriental-inspired dining room set entails picking the right furnishings and accessories. Furniture includes dining tables, chairs, and side tables. Wall art, carpets, vases, and decorative lighting are all examples of accessories.

When furnishing an oriental-inspired dining room, do not overprice sets because you can easily find quality pieces at a reasonable price.

Many stores sell low-cost oriental furniture sets that appear beautiful in the store but fail terribly when used in a household setting due to poor build quality or excess inventory. Instead of buying a whole set, buy only what you need, such as a dining set with four chairs and a table rather than eight chairs and a table.

In this manner, you avoid having half-finished pieces laying around that detract from the aesthetic atmosphere you worked so hard to establish in your home’s dining area. You have successfully designed a good Oriental-inspired dining room by arranging appropriate seating configurations, furniture types, and quantity purchase rules!

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To build a decent dining room, you must first decide on the seating arrangement and the decoration style.

Seating arrangement relates to the number, position, and spacing of your dining table’s chairs. A dining table usually requires six to eight chairs. You can place your dining table in the center of your dining room or at a location that is visible from both ends of the room.

You may also place your dining table against a wall to keep it out of the way and save floor space. When deciding on a seating arrangement, keep in mind that there are aesthetic and physical components that contribute to proper table etiquette. For example, putting a tall table in front of short chairs makes for an odd visual line-up, while putting a long table near small chairs makes for physical improprieties like bumping knees and knocking knees onto the table during mealtime laughter.

Next, you must consider the furnishings that will support your chosen seating arrangement.

A dining room typically has a traditional appearance, with ornately carved seats and tables adorned with ornate carving and china pieces. Traditional items, such as paintings or antiques, can be used to enhance this aesthetic. Alternatively, you can go further by introducing vibrant modern pieces, such as accent chairs or side tables in primary colors, to complement your ornately carved pieces. All of these options should complement one another so that your eyes and comfort are both taken care of at all times throughout the lunchtime festivities.

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