DIY Paperlamp Kits That Will Delight Animal Lovers

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Handmade in dyed paper, these beautiful DIY paperlamp kits have been designed in the shape of elephants both large and small, hippos in different poses, perched parrots, varieties of owls, poised penguins, shrunken cachalot whales, upright rabbits, and trudging tortoises. Animal decor collectors, animal lovers in general, and crafters will all get a kick out of these unique additions, which bring soft cosy light to the home in a unique way. Whether you want to brighten up a shady corner, add ambient lighting to a wall of shelving, or add interest to an underused side table, perhaps one of these little animals will make the perfect character to adopt to come keep you company.

Gallery for DIY Paperlamp Kits That Will Delight Animal Lovers


tortoise-paperlampFrida the tortoise lamp could be teamed with Dolores the rabbit to create a magical woodland scene reminiscent of the childhood fable ‘The Tortoise & The Hare”. | BUY IT.

tortoise-lampTortoise – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Slow and steady wins the race, and this trudging tortoise has certainly won our hearts. | BUY IT.

precut-paperlamp-kitsThe lamps take on a different look by day and night. | BUY IT.

DIY-paper-rabbit-lampHer asymmetrical pricked ear pose give her bags of character. | BUY IT.

rabbit-decorPop her next to a vase of fresh or dried flowers for a charming nature combo. | BUY IT.

rabbit-paperlampsDolores is another basic skill level papercraft kit, consisting of just 10 pieces. With ears pricked up, this curious young rabbit measures 34cm tall. | BUY IT.

rabbit-lampsRabbit – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Enjoy a springtime vibe in your home all year round with Dolores the bunny rabbit. | BUY IT.

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whale-shaped-lampsThe crisp paper folds create geometric pattern that would fit with many modern decor elements of the moment. | BUY IT.

paper-whale-lamps-1Laying on his belly with tail swishing, his open mouth and eyes emit slivers of bright light. Softer light emanates from his oversized head. | BUY IT.

whale-lampCachalot – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): One of the largest mammals on Earth, this Cachalot –aka Sperm Whale– has been shrunk down to a dainty 38cm x 21cm so that he can swim right into your home. | BUY IT.

penguin-themed-lampsFans of origami might find this papercraft to be a brand new obsession! | BUY IT.

penguin-lampsAvailable in all of the standard shades for this collection, you could team up a few to make a cool colony. | BUY IT.

penguin-paper-lampHe’s a friendly looking fellow with a glow in his belly. | BUY IT.

penguin-shaped-lampSmall Penguin – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): The next bird in the flock is a fellow from the Antarctic. Measuring 42cm tall, this proud penguin would make a perfect nightlight companion for kids and grown ups alike. | BUY IT.

paper-owl-table-lampMeasuring 38.5cm tall, and arriving in 30 pieces, Aurora is more difficult to construct than her smaller Barn Owl companions – but so worth the extra effort. | BUY IT.

paper-owl-lampWe think wise old Aurora would make a beautiful addition to a desk, a side table in a study, or standing guard over a library of books. | BUY IT.

owl-paperlampNight Owl – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Are you a night owl? If so, then meet Aurora. WIth her big owl eyes, she will keep watch all night long. | BUY IT.

owl-decorAs with the other kits, only one colour is supplied as standard, but alternative choices are welcomed. These simple kits can be used to pass the time alone or to complete with some crafty friends. | BUY IT.

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owl-table-lampsBarn Owl – Three DIY Paperlamps (pre-cut papercraft kit): Twit-two owls not enough for you? Then how about the three owls in this trio kit? | BUY IT.

owl-lampsBarn Owl – Two DIY Paperlamps (pre-cut papercraft kit): From birds of the tropics to birds of the barn, these two little 15cm tall barn owls make an adorable partnership. This is a great beginner’s papercraft kit that allows you to build two easy and small models. Each one will take around an hour to carefully and comfortably complete. | BUY IT.

bird-lightsWhy not couple up with a duo of shades? This 72cm feathered friend comes in a variety of colours, including cotton white, sandy beige, caramel, sienna, cadmium yellow, light grey, soft blue and soft pink. | BUY IT.

bird-decorPerch the pretty boy on the end of a shelf, or a chunky picture frame for a unique decorative addition in any room of the home. | BUY IT.

parrot-decorParrot – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Parrot Alberti has left a distant tropical rainforest to roost in your home. | BUY IT.

hippo-decorNot just for hardcore crafters, these kits come with a step by step assembly guide, plus an extra practice model to get you in the swing of things. | BUY IT.

hippopotamus-lampsRoaring Hippo measures in at 38cm x 22cm, and Lazy Hippo is just a smidge smaller at 34cm x 18cm. The two new members to your household can be personalised from the online colour palette to suit your own specific decor requirements. | BUY IT.

hippo-lampsHippo Duo – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): No need to decide whether you want a Roaring Hippo or Lazy Hippo, the Hippo Duo pack has both. | BUY IT.

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unique-table-lampsThe animal models are cut from high quality 160g paper for good resistance and durability. Each arrives with a base complete with E14 light bulb socket (which requires an LED bulb) an electrical cord with switch, and a europlug CEE7 (type C). Other plug options include UK plugs (type G) and EU to US plug adapters (type A). | BUY IT.

animal-lampsMama and baby elephant come in the same colour as standard. However, it is possible to ask for a personalised colour kit, which can be selected from an extensive colour palette. | BUY IT.

elephant-lampsElephant Family – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Mama Elephant and Baby Elephant come together in this kit to create a majestic family unit. Mama measures in at 32 cm tall, next to her 24 cm height baby. | BUY IT.

novelty-lampsSome elephant youngsters roam the dry grassy plains of the African Savanna, but this one looks right at home on a glossy tabletop in a modern living room or a rustic cabinet in a bohemian bedroom. | BUY IT.

diy-elephant-paper-lamps-1Baby Elephant – DIY Paperlamp (pre-cut papercraft kit): Measuring in at 24 cm tall, this little baby elephant is sure to delight all who she greets with her cute upturned trunk. | BUY IT.

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