Dorm Room Furniture

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Dorm room is a space that reflects ‘you’ in a lot many ways. It’s a place where you introspect, connect with yourself, brainstorm and ideate. You party here, invite friends over for a cuppa hot coffee or study sessions. For all times you need a space that has a sense of individualism infused into its every nook and corner. And PB Teen makes the process a lot more easier.

Gallery for Dorm Room Furniture

awesom-dorm-roomAwesom Dorm Room | Awesom Dorm Room.

white-bunker-bedsWhite Bunker Beds | White Bunker Beds.

stylish-dorm-roomsStylish Dorm Rooms | Stylish Dorm Rooms.

spacious-dorm-roomSpacious Dorm Room | Spacious Dorm Room.

purple-dorm-roomPurple Dorm Room | Purple Dorm Room.

music-lovers-dorm-roomMusic Lovers Dorm Room | Music Lovers Dorm Room.

minimalist-dorm-roomMinimalist Dorm Room | Minimalist Dorm Room.

green-dorm-roomGreen Dorm Room | Green Dorm Room.

black-and-white-dorm-roomBlack And White Dorm Room | Black And White Dorm Room.

gorgeous-dorm-roomsGorgeous Dorm Rooms | Gorgeous Dorm Rooms.

blue-dorm-room-1Blue Dorm Room | Blue Dorm Room.

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