Grey Based Neoclassical Interior Design With Muted Dan Metallic Accents

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Adding metallic and muted colour accents to a grey based neoclassical interior, like this one designed and visualised by Quadroroom, brings the sophisticated aesthetic to life. This particular interior is a family home, so there are beautiful kids rooms here too, with a mixture of new and classic style inspiration. The entire apartment scheme straddles the gap between the modern and the traditional, to create eclectic spaces that elegantly serve the everyday routine with a flash of finesse. Find inspiration to create a stunning neoclassical style lounge, a metallic accented kitchen, a unique shared kids’ room, a bijou dining room, and a wainscot covered bathroom with truly modern twists.

Gallery for Grey Based Neoclassical Interior Design With Muted Dan Metallic Accents


white-vanityCircular vanity mirrors echo the shape of round vessel basins. | 34 |.

black-bath-faucetWall panels provides a chic backdrop behind a freestanding tub. | 35 |.

double-sink-bathroom-vanity-1Coloured strips, luxurious white marble and cool white LEDs run vertical behind a double sink bathroom vanity. | 31 |.

round-vanity-mirrorsBlack frames underline the white storage cupboard and vanity unit. | 32 |.

shower-enclosureWhite marble backs the shower enclosure. | 33 |.

metallic-vaseBehind the bedside unit, a closet holds out of season garments and seldom used items. Two more easily accessible closets are located at either side of the door–just like in the shared kids’ room. | 28 |.

mint-green-desk-chairA mint green desk chair makes sweet contrast with the pastel pink bedroom accessories. A designer lamp lights one end of the desk, and they could use a headphone stand! at the other. | 29 |.

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modern-chandelier.1The wall mounted media unit under the tv is arranged in a stepped formation with the floating desk. | 30 |.

black-marble-vanityGold veins run through the black marble vanity shelf and backsplash, which are accentuated by the gold faucet and bathroom accessories. The golden pieces work perfectly with two deep blue accent walls in the room, coming together to create high-end luxe. The black marble vanity area is matched by a black wall hung toilet pan and flush plate. | 24 |.

pink-bedroom-1There is a teenagers bedroom in the home too, which is a pink bedroom with a house shaped theme headboard. The pink padded headboard is complemented by a giant pink flamingo at the other end of the bed. | 25 |.

pink-and-white-bedroom-1Design books line a recessed bookcase, kept company by sweet knitted elephants. | 26 |.

white-bedsideA cylindrical white bedside unit holds a very grown up floral display and a traditional alarm clock. | 27 |.

kids-deskLED lighting illuminates the book stack. | 22 |.

sputnik-chandelierIn the bathroom, a golden sputnik chandelier creates a feeling of grandeur in such a compact space. | 23 |.

custom-built-shelvesA bookcase is built in by the window to make a perfect kids’ reading nook. There is also a cupboard underneath it to stow away some more toys and games. | 20 |.

kids-studyA kid’s study is decorated in soft pink and yellow hues, with a cute whale illustration as wall art. | 21 |.

toy-basketA stylish modern toy basket helps organise kids’ clutter. | 18 |.

kids-room-ideas-1Opposite the beds, a flat screen tv is mounted against decorative wall panelling. | 19 |.

unique-headboardA fun kids’ headboard design fills the entire wall behind the two kids beds. | 16 |.

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grey-and-yellow-kids-roomTwo kids’ closets are fitted at either side of the door. They disappear into the decor with their white coating and textured panelling. | 17 |.

gold-accent-kitchenBronze cocktail shakers and kitchen utensils accessorise the bench behind the central island. Grey granite makes a patterned backsplash. | 13 |.

gold-faucetA designer gold faucet stands out against black marble in the bathroom. | 14 |.

shared-kids-rooms-1The shared kids’ room has a predominantly grey colour scheme that is given lift by yellow accents. Playful bunting is strung from the bedroom pendant light. See more ideas for shared kids’ rooms here. | 15 |.

gold-bar-stoolsA glass vase holds a floral display at one end of the navy blue kitchen island. | 12 |.

white-decorative-vaseA white decorative vase serves as a centrepiece on the table. A floating sideboard underlines a mirror on the dining room wall. | 8 |.

metallic-kitchenMetallic kitchen accents add finesse to a blue, white, and grey kitchen design. | 9 |.

blue-kitchenGlass cabinets take the centre spot in the run of wall units, displaying a collection of fine wine glasses. LED strips illuminate the display cabinets. | 10 |.

unique-kitchen-pendant-lights-1Two unique kitchen pendant lights are surrounded by a modern track that provides more focussed task lighting around the edge of the kitchen space. Decorative coving gives the light track a beautiful border. Down on the floor, three sleek kitchen bar stools match the pale gold finish of the pendants. | 11 |.

elegant-reading-nookOff the side of the lounge there is a reading nook by the window. | 3 |.

blue-bench-seatA pair of unique shelving units stand against one wall, displaying a small library of books interspersed with some decorative and treasured items. | 4 |.

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modern-shelving-unitA dark blue bench seat sits in front of the two shelving units, along with a small side table just like the one that appears over in the adjacent lounge area. | 5 |.

unique-shelvesNatural light glows through sheer window voiles and pale grey drapes at the floor to ceiling glass. | 6 |.

modern-wall-sconces-1A stylish dining room pendant light dangles over a small round dining table in a bijou dining room. A pair of modern wall sconces add to the dinner time mood lighting. Two blue, and two light grey dining chairs have been seated at the white marble table for a contemporary mix and match aesthetic. | 7 |.

neoclassical-interior-design-1This neoclassical interior design is a scene of serene elegance and subtle designer touches. In the living room, fine gold accents add luxurious sheen to the soft grey palette. | 1 |.

modern-chandelier-1A gold modern chandelier hangs in halos above the neat lounge area in the open plan. A gold stemmed side table and a white marble coffee table serve a pale grey sofa. | 2 |.

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