House Plans That Are Simple But Luxurious

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The community’s need for homes is growing over time. As a result, many people examine their dream home to satisfy their family’s future needs. A modest but elegant house is one of today’s most popular home designs. Let’s look at some choices for grand yet straightforward home plans, which are compiled from the Pinoy plans listed below!

3 Bedroom House Plans

1. Arcilla

Archila 3 Bedroom House Plans

Only one floor with three bedrooms can be built in the Arcilla design. It can be made on land that is 12 meters by 20 meters. Because the tiny house design wants to use up as much space as possible, it has a high wall on the right side and a two-meter distance on the left side. It has a garage, a foyer, and the main bedroom at the front of the house.

With an open living area, the dining room and kitchen may flow without obstruction. It’s tucked away on the walled side with two windows on the back to allow fresh air. If you want to relax and have a snack or a cup of coffee in the morning, this design has a tiny bar. Two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and a standard toilet and bathroom are located at the back of the house. Because the service area is close to the kitchen, which has a small storage area and a wash or laundry area, it can handle any extra work.

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2. Wanda

Wanda 3 Bedroom House Plans

Two bedrooms in a modest house design. If you have a short or narrow lot, you may want to consider the Wanda home style. To build Wanda’s house design, you must have a land area of at least 10 meters wide and a minimum length of 14 meters. Based on the construction site design, the garage of this modest house must be at least three meters away from the front border. Take a 1.5-meter-long left turn and retreat backward.

Maximizing space is the primary goal of this two-bedroom house’s design. Wood-paneled doors and analog powder-coated windows with 6 mm thick bronze-tinted glass are utilized to create the main entrance of the building. The roof is constructed with a simple gable shape to give the illusion of more depth. The column can be used as a fence post because it is already on the boundary line.

The walls of this house are painted in a neutral tone, with white paint taking center stage. The Minimalist columns in the terrace area are painted a light gray tint, while the right-side firewall is painted the same color as the columns. A particular stone treatment extends up to the roof level on a unique accent wall in our dining area.

3. Pia

Pia 3 Bedroom House Plans

Then there’s Pia’s basic yet magnificent two-bedroom house plan. The garage created here can be used efficiently as storage space for prospective car owners. There is also a tiny playground in this modest but elegant house plan, which may be utilized as a bedroom while the family saves a car. The minimum area required for this two-bedroom house plan is roughly 227 m2, with 1.5 m of retreat on all sides, 2 m of withdrawal on the back, and 3 m of retreat on the front. The minimum ground width is 11.6 meters, but this can be decreased to 10.1 meters if the left is a firewall.

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There are two stairs to enter the front porch or around 300 mm from the natural gradation line. The living room is 20 m2, making it suitable for a medium-sized family. A classic sofa configuration is U-shaped with a television on the right side of the wall. The living room is open to the eating area, but it can be customized further by using wooden barriers.

As a result, three modest but beautiful house layouts have been recommended for your consideration. The three simple but elegant house plans are ideal for anyone looking to construct a home that isn’t too big but still looks luxurious and minimalist. Furthermore, the house mentioned above is perfect for those of you planning a family home since it has a variety of rooms that may accommodate your family’s diverse needs.

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