How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment for Maximum Space
How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment for Maximum Space

How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment for Maximum Space

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We all know that the studio apartment is the smallest in the neighborhood. Space is a luxury, and being in a small area can definitely make you feel down. But you can never rent a small space for good. There are some things you should do to make the most of the space you have. After all, you’ll need to use every inch of space to store and organize everything.

What is a Studio Apartment Home

A studio is also known as efficiency is the smallest residence in a larger apartment community. Usually, this is best served for one person. Although 2 people potentially could live in the space, it would be extremely uncomfortable.

How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment for Maximum Space. Minimalistic set of the small open layout home

Only one room and a bathroom make up the efficiency. There are no dens, extra rooms, or studies. The only reason anyone would want to rent a studio is because it’s almost always the cheapest room in the area. A studio might have between 300 and 500 square feet of space.

How to Choose the Right Furniture

When you rent a studio, you’ll need to think about what kind of furniture will work best in your new space. You won’t be able to have too many things. Only the most important things will fit. Most of the time, this means a bed, a desk, and maybe a chair.

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If you’re moving out of your parents’ house or just finished college, you probably don’t have much to bring with you. This will make things easier to dots’ house or just finished college, you probably don’t have much to bring with you. This will make things easier to do. But if you are moving from a bigger place, you will have to give away or sell some of your things. It’s too big for a studio.

Did you know that some pieces of furniture can be used for more than one thing?

Yellow transformer bed

Many couches fold out into a bed. There is even a coach on the market that turns into a full-size bunk bed with a ladder. This means you could have friends stay over!

Tips to Create More Storage Space

Remember space will be a luxury. You will need as much as you can. Be sure and see if your studio comes with a closet. if it doesn’t you will have your work cut out for you

  • Store stuff under your bed
  • Store belongings under a coffee table and sofa

You want to buy a bed with a frame that it sits on. The higher the bed, the more vertical space is available.This will let you buy crates that you can see through. Put as much stuff as you can into these clear boxes and slide them under the bed.

If your boxes aren’t clear, you’ll have to write on them so you know what’s inside. You’ll be amazed at how much you can put in them.

Spaces must have more than one use.

If the lack of space is starting to stress you out, think about how you can use the same space for more than one thing.

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With a coffee table or sofa that can grow, you can have people over in the middle of the day. When it’s time to sleep, fold up the furniture to create your bedroom.

Make space between things.

You can definitely make different “zones” or walls that act as dividers to split a room in half. You could separate your bedroom from your living room with a set of bookshelves.

Twig woven partition between zones in casual styled studio


Still, you can see your whole apartment, which makes you feel like you have a full-size one-bedroom apartment home. Also, with that bookshelf, you just made a way to store things. They don’t have to hold books. Try new things!

We have seen renters use curtains to close off their bedroom space. This helps make it look like a bedroom. When they go to bed at night, they just close both ends of the curtains. Make sure to ask your rental agents for more suggestions. There are some studio apartments in the Woodlands TX that have great floor-plans and just need someone with an imagination.

Curtains also can serve as partitions helping to divide up your studio into 2 separate rooms.

Even more ideas can come from space.

Even though studios don’t have as much space as other types of apartments, they have the same amount of height. You shouldn’t be afraid to use this to your benefit. You should think about how to use wall shelves.

You can now get more things off the floor and into the air. This will also make your room feel bigger than it actually is.

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What to Take-Away

Although efficiency apartment homes are small, all you need to employ are a few good ideas to make you feel comfortable

  • Use furniture that serves more than one purpose
  • Storing items under beds and coaches will be a must
  • Think about using curtains to created separate mini-rooms

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