Incorporating Red Accents On Grey Decor

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Grey decor makes a great neutral canvas for many accent colours, red being one of the most popular. Red accents counteract the coolness of a grey scheme, and inject bold personality. Getting the balance just right can take practice though – too much colour can swamp and dominate the chilled grey backdrop you created, too little and the accent may look misplaced in the room. We’ve gathered together three great examples of how to do the red on grey thing just right, in various quantities and styles. We also have the privilege of taking a peek around the rest of these modern homes, filled with chic furniture and finesse.

Gallery for Incorporating Red Accents On Grey Decor

Pink-bathroomPink tinted glass screens off a shower area with pink floor tiles. | 11 |.

Black-bathroom-tapRouge pebbles bed down beneath a unique bathroom sink, which cuts straight through a low level modern bathroom vanity. | 10 |.

Grey-bedBlack wall sconces provide reading light. | 8 |.

Black-wall-unitA black wall mounted unit serves as a media cabinet and as a dressing table. | 9 |.

Black-side-tableThe wood herringbone floor treatment continues up as a feature behind the headboard and small side table at each side. | 7 |.

Bedroom-lampsIn the modern bedroom, a single red scatter cushion picks out the red piping that trims the beds grey upholstery. | 6 |.

Red-pendant-lightsHowever, the kitchen bar counter pendant lights in the galley kitchen are a completely different story. Two strawberry red shades dangle over the breakfast bar, and reflect in a mirrored wall at the other end. | 4 |.

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Wood-kitchen-stoolsWood kitchen bar stools make warm accessories to the pale grey kitchen cabinets. | 5 |.

Red-and-grey-dining-roomThe dining area sits right by the red sofa, so the dining table and chairs are finished in black, grey and wood tone so as not to compete with the hero piece. The opportunity to add colour through lighting choice is skipped here too, with a black swing arm wall lamp illuminating the table. By holding back on colour use in the dining table set and fixtures, a piece of red wall art is allowed to really stand out against a charcoal painted wall. | 3 |.

Tv-wall-ideaThe tv wall opposite the sofa is a much plainer affair, where light and layering has been used to add interest to a white wall, rather than colour. | 2 |.

Red-sofa-1A red sofa sets the tone in this living room dining room combo. A digital wall mural puts shades of grey and contrasting blue tones behind it. | Visualizer: Dali Design Studio.

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