Industrial Style Dining Room Design: The Essential Guide
Industrial Style Dining Room Design: The Essential Guide

Industrial Style Dining Room Design: The Essential Guide

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The new industrial dining area features a light blue color scheme with white furniture for a clean, modern aesthetic. Each window has white drapes to block the sun’s rays while still letting in daylight. Two other lamps, also light blue because it’s a happy color, sit on either side of the round table.

In addition, white chairs are utilized all night as cozy seating options. White is often used as an accent color in a number of other places around the house to create a consistent look.

Since wood chairs are cheaper than leather ones, most modern homes choose them over leather ones.

Antique wooden chairs in the style of the industrial revolution are still popular in many households. Therefore, these chairs are well recommended for any industrial eating space. They’re well padded without being cumbersome or unpleasant to sit on for extended durations. There are black iron side tables tucked neatly under each chair for prepping food before the main course is served.

A house isn’t a home without a dining room.

They serve as the primary meeting places for families. Historically, dining rooms reflected the style of the era in which the home was constructed. Yet modern dining room layouts should reflect the varying needs of families.

Dining room designs need a creative imagination to guarantee they are on trend with the times. A talented decorator, for instance, can craft a stylish industrial-inspired eating space.

The new dining room design features a round table in the middle, with four chairs facing it on both sides.

Wooden seats and lamps in an industrial style make the room bright while also making guests feel at home. Having a round table is also a good idea because it helps to visually reduce the size of the room. Only two chairs are positioned on either side of the round table, rather than the usual four found in a dining room. Since less space is required for objects placed on each end of the table, more people can be seated at it.

This essay offers a fresh take on the traditional dining room layout.

Diners will feel at ease in the room’s cool blue and white tones, thanks to the wooden chairs and round tables set with two seats instead of four.

Like the look of factories and warehouses in your home? Do you want to give your dining area a new, updated look? This manual may be of interest to anyone. Take a look at these 40 beautifully designed industrial dining rooms for ideas on how to revamp your own space, including what colors to use, where to buy your furniture, and what kinds of materials to use. If you’re lucky enough to already have an industrial dining room, you might get some new inspiration for finishing touches. There’s a little bit for everyone among these modern interpretations of industrial furnishings. Which of these dining room setups do you like the best?

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Gallery for Industrial Style Dining Room Design: The Essential Guide

wood-industrial-dining-room-and-kitchenAnd finally, let’s close out the post with a home that combines industrial interior architecture with a sophisticated contemporary decor theme. The pendant light is a show-stopping centerpiece – a design by Lindsey Adelman. | Visualizer: Andew Sadokha.

industrial-dining-room-pendant-lightsDon’t have the resources for concrete finished walls, but still want to show off the material? Consider investing in concrete pendant lights, planters, or other cool accessories. And if you’ve been looking for a metal chair with a more modern look, this Eames-inspired wire chair is a great pick. | Visualizer: Pix 3D Studio.

brushed-steel-industrial-kitchen-and-dining-roomBrushed steel is another interesting material choice to get that industrial look. This kitchen is as gorgeous as it is practical. | Visualizer: Javier Wainstein.

elegant-industrial-dining-room-and-kitchenDark matte-textured walls like these do make the environment look darker, but tend to look a lot “softer” and more comfortable than the standard concrete so common in industrial interiors. | Visualizer: Int2 Architecture.

wood-and-metal-dining-tableTexture is another great tool for creating an industrial theme. Here, the concrete on the leftmost portion of wall adds a touch of relaxing blue and provides a rugged aesthetic to the space. | Designer: Bricks Amsterdam.

natural-industrial-dining-room-decorPlants are always an easy way to add color. Paired with wood, they can make any interior style feel fresh and natural. | Visualizer: Yo Dezeen.

chalkboard-wall-industrial-dining-roomAren’t chalkboard walls so much fun? They’re also a good way to add impromptu color – a new theme every day! The black table and Eames style chairs go with everything. | Visualizer: Rue Temple.

industrial-dining-and-kitchenDon’t be afraid to go big! This brilliant blue upholstery influences the atmosphere of the entire room. Industrial decor doesn’t have to be minimalist. | Designer: Ivan Yunakov.

red-and-purple-industrial-decorDarker hues can lend a sophisticated touch. The deep plumb and carmine work well with the exposed brick and the cool-hued dark grey cabinetry. | Visualizer: Alex Koretsky.

industrial-tableSome people avoid exploring industrial decor themes because of the perceived lack of color. But that isn’t always the case! These bright pillows add tremendous character to the room. Lemons on the dining table draw out the yellow, but the same effect could be gained by fresh flowers or a nice fruit bowl. | Visualizer: Catherine Domracheva.

french-industrial-dining-room-decorWith relevant artwork and accessories that allude to fashion, this dining room is perfect for the devoted Francophile. While the metal chairs and pendant lights are easily found online, the coatrack would make a great DIY project if you can find a mannequin dress form to start with. | Visualizer: Koj Design.

art-deco-industrial-dining-roomUnique statement pieces can also be a great way to impart your industrial dining room with a more specific motif, like the chandelier that gives this space a distinct Art Deco vibe. | Visualizer: Koj Design.

modern-industrial-dining-tableA little bit of spray paint and sandpaper can take any wood or metal chair from ordinary to on-theme. The table is a little more difficult but similar industrial dining tables are available online. | Visualizer: ReFL Studio.

eclectic-industrial-dining-room-chairsAlthough all of these chairs are relatively common and easy to find, the eclectic combination is what makes them uniquely suited to an industrial dining room. One is an acrylic take on the classic Eames side chair, one is a classic white Eames chair, the red metal armchair is the familiar Tolix design, and the white bentwood chair was inspired by Thonet. | Visualizer: Int2 Architecture.

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industrial-style-dining-room-tablesNext, let’s move on to industrial dining rooms that make their mark with unique furniture selections. This incredibly unique industrial table is available ready-to-stain to match your interior. The woven side chair to the left is more widely available – it’s a design by Eric Trine. | Visualizer: Double Aye.

unique-industrial-dining-chairsIndustrial decor often falls on the side of heavy, rugged, and weighty design. These translucent dining chairs stand in contrast to the aesthetic the rest of the dining room carries. | Visualizer: Javier Wainstein.

industrial-dining-table-and-chairsAmple concrete, a marble backsplash, a sturdy wooden table, and molded plastic chairs cover a wide range of material options – each one suitable for a stylish industrial interior. | Visualizer: Javier Wainstein.

sophisticated-industrial-dining-roomHere, unfinished wooden boards serve as an attractive covering for the shelves and add a neat rustic touch. The contemporary chairs stray far from rustic – the sleek dark brown dining chairs are from the Ginger collection by Roberto Lazzeroni. | Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate.

colorful-industrial-dining-roomEclectic tiles aren’t a common staple of industrial decor, but they play a crucial role making this space look playful and bright. The blue and red tones unite elements like the metal chairs and brick-colored sofa. | Visualizer: Nudesign.

industrial-dining-ideasNow let’s look at a few industrial interiors that make good use of unconventional materials. This chalkboard wall is a fun and practical touch that looks fabulous even without the writing and illustrations. | Designer: 2B Group.

industrial-dining-room-with-mid-century-furnitureMid-century modern designs are a great way to add classic comfort to an otherwise stark interior. These iconic dining chairs were inspired by the famous Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner. | Visualizer: Form 8 Studio.

glass-and-stone-industrial-dining-tableSometimes a touch of non-industrial style is a nice way to lighten a theme. These gorgeous woven chairs are another Patricia Urquiola design, this time from the unique Tropicalia collection. | Visualizer: Anton Medvedev.

industrial-kitchen-stoolsHere’s another dining room that uses Tolix style metal armchairs. The designer seating collection by Patricia Urquiola. | Visualizer: Javier Wainstein.

industrial-dining-room-chair-inspirationNeed more chair inspiration? This ultra-modern industrial dining room features Tolix-inspired metal chairs, Eames molded plastic armchairs, and Eames Wire chairs. Illuminating the arrangement from above are white industrial pendant lights from the Lampara collection by Archivio Storico. | Designer: Dmitry Sheleg & Zrobym Architects.

industrial-table-and-chairsWhile the rest of the room seems simple, fresh, and modern, the dining arrangement itself stands out with strong industrial influence. The unique pendant chandelier and the mixture of chairs matches the eclectic nature of the open shelving. | Visualizer: Oliver Burns.

industrial-dining-tablesThe table is a little harder to find. Industrial crank tables like these require some thorough hunting but they’ll last forever once you find one. | Visualizer: Nordes.

red-industrial-dining-room-chairsCraving more interiors that use Tolix-inspired seating? While it’s possible to find similar red metal chairs on the market, it’s even easier to decorate your own at home with a can of durable spray paint. | Visualizer: Nordes.

metallic-industrial-dining-room-chairsThis interior makes great use of matte textures. Serving as a source of contrast, the Tolix-style chairs boast a bright metallic finish. | Visualizer: Martins Architects.

industrial-dining-chairs-and-stoolsYou’ll see them again and again because they’re such a versatile choice for anybody looking to create an industrial interior aesthetic – stools and a chair inspired by Tolix-style seating line one edge of the table to great effect. | Visualizer: Koj Design.

industrial-dining-room-seatingDrawing from a variety of influences is a great way to create a balanced industrial style that still feels homey. This designer chose to go mid-century modern at the head of the table with an Eames-inspired armchair. The series of shapely pendant lights are Tom Dixon’s iconic Beat Lamps, a very contemporary selection. | Visualizer: Koj Design.

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industrial-dining-room-lightingStrong accents are invaluable to cohesive decor themes. This striking adjustable chandelier is called Dear Ingo, the work of designer Ron Gilad. | Visualizer: Ando Studio.

color-accent-ideas-for-industrial-dining-roomHere’s another interior with a cohesive color palette shaken up by a vivid accent. While most of the metal dining chairs blend into the environment with a black and wood finish, a single bright yellow chair stands out as a focal point. | Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky.

industrial-dining-setGlass and concrete make for an especially luxurious theme. The only possible downside is the lack of color – easily addressed here with a set of smooth blue dining chairs by designer Hee Welling. | Visualizer: Denis Krasikov.

industrial-dining-room-with-leather-chairs-and-glassLooking for more leather chairs? These are attributed to French architect Charlotte Perriand. Transparent glass jar pendants give off a strong industrial vibe without visually weighing down the room – and the good news is that there are plenty of relatively inexpensive options available online. | Visualizer: Algimantas Raubiška.

industrial-diningLeather is an oft-overlooked material that works great in industrial interiors. These leather upholstered chairs are from the Roadhouse collection from CB2. The slate-colored concrete, exposed brick, and heavy-looking wood are staples that look great in any interior with this theme. | Visualizer: Dimitar Karanikolov & Veneta Nikolova.

industrial-style-dining-chairsMixing industrial decor with distressed rustic elements is a great way to create a rugged farmhouse vibe. Vintage wood furniture and beat-up steel chairs are a great place to start. | Visualizer: A+Z Studio.

industrial-dining-chairsThis dining room goes eclectic with its industrial decor by mixing and matching red metal armchairs and Ludovica Palomba’s Sunrise Easychair. The wood and concrete pendant lights are a great streamlined alternative to the bulkier models that are popular in industrial-inspired spaces. | Visualizer: Dmitry Tisnoguz.

industrial-style-dining-table-and-chairsHere’s a handsome dining room that plays off the exposed brick already present. Metal dining armchairs preserve comfort stay on-theme with industrial flair, while the modern table feels very natural and easily adaptable to other themes. Stylish green shelving contrasts against the multiple red elements throughout the room. Of course, repurposed barn lighting is always a good addition to any industrial interior – two similar models are available here and here. | Visualizer: Dattran.

exposed-copper-pipes-in-industrial-dining-roomMost surfaces remain simple to allow the distressed copper and natural wood accents to really “pop”. | Visualizer: Alexander Uglyanitsa.

industrial-dining-room-1While industrial decor can sometimes make an interior look rustic, this dining room keeps things modern by starting with simple contemporary chairs and a minimalist table. Then, it pushes into industrial territory with smart accessories like a repurposed propeller – a unique divergence from the typical metal wall art style. A unique dome pendant with a gritty rusted finish adds rich texture, and the spherical mesh pendants to the left tie the two aesthetics together. | Visualizer: Alexander Uglyanitsa.

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