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There is actually tremendous talent in the Chinese interior design business. Most of their work tend to go unnoticed in the English part of the world wide web. Recently a contact of mine from China mailed me some work he had seen from a design firm there called DYEast Design Consultants. From what I have seen so far, they seem to be just too good. Take a look at some samples, yourself:

Gallery for Inspirational Chinese Interior Design

stylish-asian-interior-designStylish Asian Interior Design | Stylish Asian Interior Design.

traditional-restaurantTraditional Restaurant | Traditional Restaurant.

modern-oriental-livingModern Oriental Living | Modern Oriental Living.

oriental-style-living-roomOriental Style Living Room | Oriental Style Living Room.

modern-asian-homeModern Asian Home | Modern Asian Home.

modern-oriental-designModern Oriental Design | Modern Oriental Design.

chinese-lounge-designChinese Lounge Design | Chinese Lounge Design.

chinese-restaurantChinese Restaurant | Chinese Restaurant.

chinese-restaurant-designChinese Restaurant Design | Chinese Restaurant Design.

awesome-asian-homeAwesome Asian Home | Awesome Asian Home.

chinese-bedroom-viewChinese Bedroom View | Chinese Bedroom View.

asian-restaurant-designAsian-restaurant-design | Asian-restaurant-design.

asian-style-bathroomAsian Style Bathroom | Asian Style Bathroom.

asian-traditional-bedroomAsian Traditional Bedroom | Asian Traditional Bedroom.

asian-modern-diningAsian Modern Dining | Asian Modern Dining.

asian-modern-living-roomAsian Modern Living Room | Asian Modern Living Room.

asian-hall-design-1Asian Hall Design | Asian Hall Design.

asian-living-roomAsian Living Room | Asian Living Room.

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