Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas

Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas

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The ceiling is a bit like a “sky” in four walls. It has become generally accepted that it should be white because it creates the illusion of space in the interior. Indeed, bleached tones give the living room lightness, but the color can give the interior of the house a unique character. How to diversify the interior using the ceiling? There are many ways to do this, but in order to choose the best one, you need to carefully analyze the specifics of the room. Not only its size is very important, but the height and amount of daylight that permeates the living room. Consider the best ideas for arranging a modern ceiling in the main room of the house.


  1. Variety of ideas
  2. Stretch ceiling
  3. In the kitchen-living room
  4. Drywall
  5. With backlight

Classic designed living with carpet and colored ceiling symmetrical zones

The Ceiling in the Living Room – a Variety of Ideas

The modern ceiling gives many opportunities for interior design. This plane of the living room can be effectively highlighted. Thanks to modern materials and technologies, it is easy to make decorative undercuts, recesses, holes, patterns, or different levels. Stylish interior design will create a unique atmosphere.

Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas. Mirroring glossy top of the room with spot lights

Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas. White top and windows for casual decorated room with mild beige furniture

Ceilings in the Living Room: Photos of Small Rooms

Small, low rooms do not like an extravagance, especially if their windows face north. In this case, it is better to avoid a bright or very dark ceiling. It should be remembered that rich colors optically reduce the size of the living room. If you are not a supporter of white, the ceiling in a small room will look great in gray or soft beige. It is great if the shade of the ceiling is several tones lighter than the color of the walls.

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Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas. Strict limear design for high-tech room with gray curtains and carpet

Bright Living Room Ceiling Design

Owners of high apartments can afford the ceiling of “insanity”. Strong colors are just recommended here! The room will seem much more comfortable if you paint the ceiling, for example, in a shade of dark blue. Other colors that look good are dusty purple, dirty pink, or bottle green. It is advisable to aim at orange or vibrant red. But such colors, even in very high rooms, can tire and greatly distort the proportions. If you dream of something refreshing, choose turquoise. In combination with white, it looks fashionable and stylish. Do you have to paint the ceiling a uniform color? Of course not! If you are a supporter of experiments in the interior, then you can be tempted by bold combinations.

Living Room Ceiling Best Fresh Design Ideas. Classic design with rounded forms, purple ceiling and yellow furniture

Modern Ceiling in the Living Room – Raw Loft

Bet on industrial style. For example, trendy concrete or brick may appear on the ceiling. If their shade is very saturated, then you can add lightness to the living room using a light floor or pastel shades of walls. To prevent the internal climate from becoming harsh, soften it with wood and thick warm fabrics. Decorate the floor with a down rug and a sofa with several soft pillows. It will immediately become more comfortable!

Unusual installation at the ceilng in the chattnig zone of the drawing room

Mix of modern styles for living room with concrete wall and artificial fieplace

Wooden Ceilings in the Living Room of the House

In the past, the wood on the ceiling was very popular. Richly carved wooden arches in apartment buildings or estates were a sign of good taste and wealth of the owners. Now, this material has returned to the decoration of modern ceilings. This type of solution is ideal for both a chalet and a Scandinavian or minimalist interior. In order not to give the impression of a wooden cage, it is worth balancing the arrangement with the light color of the walls and the raw accents. A wooden ceiling will create a great company for industrial concrete or fine stone.

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Skillful ceiling design with multilevel inlays in black to contrast with austere living room walls

The Living Room Ceilings in the Apartment Connected to the Wall

The ceiling should not be completely “wall-independent”. Designers offer original solutions in which the wall goes into the ceiling. Wallpaper or decorative panels can go out of the wall frames. This stylization can be very extravagant, so it works best in spacious interiors. It is also worth making sure that the unusual decor occupies only part of the ceiling. Too large a patterned surface can strain your eyes and become too intrusive. If you have a fancy false ceiling, wallpaper only some parts of the wall.

Red wall and ceiling design to revive white idyll of the living room with huge sofa

Stretch Ceiling in the Living Room

Today, you can meet stretch ceilings in almost every house or apartment. They are commonly used to hide or lower a slightly high ceiling. This finishing option also plays a decorative role, because the LEDs hidden in it perfectly highlight and illuminate the space. The stretch ceiling is ideal for the living room as it will create a unique atmosphere in any interior.

In the living room, the ceiling is often a wonderful way to diversify the interior. In addition to the undoubted decorative characteristics, the stretch ceiling also serves to hide irregularities in the plaster or communications. It is also a great way to share space thanks to the play of light, which can often surprise you. Thanks to this decoration, you can create intimate lighting with LEDs.

Gray glossy ceiling and corresponding little rug at the floor of the minimalistic designed living room
Classic living room with patterned wallpaper and stretch ceiling
Lighweight living room atmosphere with blue ceiling and light oak laminated floor

The Ceiling in the Kitchen-Living Room

The stretch ceiling in the kitchen plays a decorative role, just like in the living room. LEDs or halogen lamps installed on it will make the common room original. Of course, thus you can hide some flaws or installation.

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Yellow design of the ceiling stretch inlay and pastel color theme for living room
Gray designed open layout living room with dining zone

Plasterboard Ceiling in the Living Room

Thanks to the false ceilings, you can bring a real chic look to the living room interior. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to create many levels in order to get an interesting shape. With the help of a false ceiling, you can separate zones or just create original highlights.

Great modern black and white solution to decorate modern designed living room
Modern living room interior design with stone cladded accent wall and black sofa

Illuminated Ceiling in the Living Room

As you know, the light in the living room plays a very important role. A false ceiling is a convenient solution that can be used in most homes. The most popular among them are structures that can be made of drywall, as well as metal, wood, or plastic panels. Stretch ceilings made of special flexible films are very popular.

White living room design with backlight ceiling
Multilevel ceiling with LED lights in it for ivory colored living room

Thanks to the suspended or stretched ceiling in the living room, you can get an extraordinary character of interior lighting, especially if the surface is made in several planes and combined with effective spotlights. With the help of suspended ceilings made of drywall or fiber-drywall, it is also possible to form bevels, arches, and arcades.

Starry dotted ceiling and marble floor for modern living room with panoramic windows

The modern design of the ceilings is so diverse that you can choose the most suitable option for your house or apartment.

Soft casual living room design in pastel colors and classic chatting zone at the angular sofa

Classic designed living with carpet and colored ceiling symmetrical zones
Coffered ceiling for large classic styled living room with light color scheme
Contemporary styled open layout living room with dark brown inlay in the ceiling
Chocolate colored living room with dark wooden trimming
Wavy classic design of the living room with vintage touch
Light gray colored living room with nible wooden laminated floor

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