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Loft Style Bedroom Best Design Examples with Photos

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The history of the Loft style dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that the former factory buildings were used for residential purposes for the first time. Paris Bohemia was the first to do this. Large areas of empty factories made it possible to work comfortably, and well-lit rooms were ideal for artists. However, loft-style fashion was created only 60 years later in New York, where art circles became interested in industrial premises again. In the article below you will learn how to equip one of the rooms in the loft-style apartment. Focus on the bedroom – the place where relaxation is most important. So what does a modern loft-style bedroom look like?

Loft Style Bedroom Best Design Examples with Photos. Platfotm bed and spider chandelier to compliment joyful room with yellow walls


  1. Matching colors
  2. Floor and wall selection
  3. Metal or wooden furniture
  4. Bed
  5. Bedroom-living room combination

Loft Bedroom. Matching Colors

If you want to be inspired by the interiors of factories, then of course you will not use a bright, colorful palette to decorate the walls. In a loft bedroom, shades of white would be the best solution. As you know, the cheapest paint is white, so this is the color that was chosen to cover large wall surfaces in factories.

Another solution is a brick wall in your bedroom. However, it should be remembered that this idea will work in really large rooms. In small bedrooms, a brick wall can visually reduce space even further. If the rest-and-sleep room is not very large, you can choose brick accents, for example, stripes.

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The industrial design is dominated by white and gray colors, thanks to which the room looks rather damp and belongs to the post-factory climate. These colors will work perfectly in the bedroom. From the rich spectrum of gray, it is worth choosing bright shades that visually enhance the interior, making them more spacious. You can boldly experiment with black, brown, and brick red. As for materials, concrete or brick of natural or bleached color definitely prevails on the walls, and wood on the floor.

Loft Style Bedroom Best Design Examples with Photos. Brutalist concrete walls, exposed electical wiring
Loft Style Bedroom Best Design Examples with Photos. White and black combination for austere bedroom with headboard wall picture
Loft Style Bedroom Best Design Examples with Photos. Great idea with wooden headboard and the backlight

Loft Style Bedroom Interior: Floor and Wall Selection

The most common choice for industrial-style rooms is a wooden floor. You can paint wood planks in a light color, but with this solution, it will be more difficult to maintain order in the room. Another interesting idea is to paint the long wooden boards black. This is a fairly radical step, so it will not work for all rooms. However, the easiest way to set up a loft bedroom is to leave the timber in its natural form. Such floors will work in any arrangement!

Contrasting in materials and colors industrial bedroom

The floors in the former factory buildings were mostly of concrete. This solution gives a raw, industrial character to every room. Concrete is unlikely to work in the bedroom, but if you want to incorporate it into your interior, you will have to think about rugs so that your feet are not cold when you walk on the floor. Concrete floors are widely used in the kitchen to alleviate cleaning.

Black headboard wall and white bed

Quilted headboard for pastel colored contemporary bedroom
Exposed ceiling beams, zoned into a couple of parts bedroom with brickwork accent wall

Loft Style Bedroom Design with Metal or Wooden Furniture

Although it is difficult to abandon materials specific to a loft, such as concrete, metal, or glass, they can be used sparingly. Wooden elements will make a cozy atmosphere: a wardrobe, a table, or a bookcase. The most effective will be those made of aged wood. Metal furniture is also suitable but in rich colors such as yellow, red and green, which you can repaint with special paint. Do not forget about the proper lighting: a minimalist floor lamp will become a practical decoration, and even two in the case of a matrimonial bedroom.

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Sloppy whitewashed headboard and creamy colored curtains

Improvised canopy over the bed and wooden planked headboard

Japanese minimalism for real bedroom with log platform bed, glass wall and dark wooden background

Loft Style Bed

The bed is the main element of any bedroom. Currently, there are many models of beds that are of an industrial style on the market. It seems that the best solution here would be metal structures, whose natural nature fits perfectly into the loft style. Metal beds are also the most durable, so you can enjoy them for many years.

An interesting and quite popular solution is to assemble a bed of wooden pallets. This model also fits into a minimalist interior in an industrial style. All you need is a few pallets, screws and a mattress to get an interesting effect!

Simple decorated bedroom with gray walls and whitewashed brickwork accent
Reusable pallet bed platform and white painted headboard wall

While furniture made from Euro pallets usually reigns in traditional, cool, factory interiors, a real bed can be placed in the bedroom with a soft loft.Artistic interior design for casual styled bedroom with colorful picture at the brickwork wall

A classic elegant bed with soft upholstery will not only add seriousness and character to the interior but will also break the typical layout of the loft in an interesting way. Until recently, large beds equipped with a quilted headboard were mostly associated with glamorous bedrooms. Today, designers are happy to place them in different interiors. For the bedroom, decorated in the style of a soft loft, you can choose a model with a simple headboard, designed in neutral gray tones. The variety of pastels is also great: pistachio, pale pink, and beige. Fans of vibrant colors can choose velvet upholstery in one of the most popular colors this season: green or golden mustard.

Do you like the industrial style but can’t imagine it in the bedroom? If the loft style is too radical for you, equip the bedroom in a more comfortable version – a soft loft. Wood, nice fabrics, a little color, and a well-chosen bed will make the room in the style of a soft loft much more comfortable. A properly designed interior will be really very comfortable.Grayish color scheme for casual bedroom with quilted leather ottoman

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A little bit of industrialty in the bedroom

Chalet touch in the through wooden trimmed large bedroom

Loft Bedroom-Living Room – Play with Accessories

The interior, styled as a soft loft in the bedroom-living room, also means more fabrics. You can decorate the bed with pillows having geometric patterns or, for example, a black and white plaid, and place a fluffy rug on the floor. A concrete wall will look friendlier if you hang colorful posters and paintings on it. Remember the golden rule of restraint and do not add too many additions to the bedroom, as this can create a feeling of randomness and chaos.
Chic royal bedroom interior in noble wooden finish and white cotton and fur filling
Scandi minimalism for white ceiling and light wooden floor
Simple yet effective interior decoration for modern bedroom

The loft-style bedroom, of course, will not only contribute to a night’s rest but will also be an ideal place for long autumn evenings. Choose the most suitable option for yourself among the photo ideas below.

White painted wooden top and brickwork walls of the loft bedroom
Headboard and ceiling in wooden finishing for modern bedroom

Log set large bed platform and faux concrete painted walls in the urbanistic bedroom
Orange tint in the decoration of the loft bedroom


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