Luxury Apartment With An Industrial Vibe And A Cool Hallway [With Floor Plans]

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A one-of-a-kind interior design concept, crafted by Alexander Senchugov and Evgenia Aborina, was revamped when two pre-existing apartments were merged to form a new spacious abode measuring 265 square meters. The designers revamped their initial plans to create an even more opulent and expansive apartment interior that exudes a stylish industrial aesthetic. The open-plan living room boasts a relaxed yet lavish atmosphere, featuring a grand luxury kitchen and a modern formal dining area. Additionally, the apartment features a unique hallway design, incorporating crafted geometric patterns adorned with striking lighting fixtures and captivating artwork. The geometric theme is seamlessly integrated throughout the space, creating a sleek and contemporary ambiance.

Gallery for Luxury Apartment With An Industrial Vibe And A Cool Hallway [With Floor Plans]

floor-plan-1Floor plan, illustrating the combined space of the two integrated apartments. | 35 |.

blue-bathroomThe children’s bathroom is a vibrant blue and white creation, with geometric stripe cutting in. | 32 |.

blue-and-white-bathroomA tower of shelving over the bath holds an army of toiletries. | 33 |.

black-towel-heater-1Wooden pendant shades match the wooden vanity unit. The black trapezium shaped legs of the vanity unit are matched perfectly by a mirror of the same shape and colour. | 34 |.

soap-dispensersSoap dispensers are scattered casually along the wooden window sill, along with a black wire basket of fresh towels. | 29 |.

bathroom-pendant-lightsThe double sink bathroom vanity has shelves stacked at either side of it to stow away more bathroom essentials. | 30 |.

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double-vanity-unitBeautiful pendant lights dangle by the basins. | 31 |.

wall-hung-toilet-and-bidet-set-1A wood slatted wall crosses behind a hung toilet and bidet set. | 27 |.

black-bathA black bath tub crosses diagonally between the window and shower screen. | 28 |.

grey-platform-bedStorage niches, bedside wall sconces and electrical sockets are all fitted right into the wooden headboard wall behind the platform bed. | 23 |.

headboard-wall-ideaA modern chaise-style sofa lounges by the windows, under a floor lamp for reading. | 24 |.

industrial-bedroomCreative industrial bedroom lighting is fashioned by stringing bulbs from a tree limb. | 25 |.

black-bathroom-1The master bathroom is a dramatic vision of black and rich wood. | 26 |.

unique-bathroom-vanityIn the wash area we find the black accent is carried through. A unique black vanity, black faucet, and a black wall mirror are mounted against a black section of wall; a black vertical radiator stripes the colourful slab at its side. | 20 |.

black-flush-plateBlack bathroom fixtures and accessories pepper the rest of the room. | 21 |.

cool-master-bedroomA blue and brown colour scheme fills the master bedroom, with the brown hue being brought in by an enthusiastic use of wood. A wood plank headboard feature wall extends upward and over the ceiling, and wooden doors slide away behind it on rails–barn style. | 22 |.

black-swivel-chairA black swivel chair pulls up at the grey modern home office desk. | 17 |.

unique-bathroomInside the office’s bathroom, dashes of red and blue splash across the walls. | 18 |.

unique-wall-treatmentA black doorway stands unsympathetic to the light and bright wall colour scheme. | 19 |.

modern-grey-poufsBlack and grey poufs are arranged around the floor of the hallway, offering sitting opportunities in different locations and at different heights. | 13 |.

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hallway-designA gallery wall leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms in the back, and a dedicated home office. | 14 |.

wall-planterInside the modern home office, a wall planter arrangement dots a geometric wood panelled wall behind the sofa. Small trailing plants overhang their circular wall beds, dripping greenery over the rich wood tone. The remaining half of the wall is dominated by a large black bookcase beside the desk, which visually zones the work area. | 15 |.

home-office-designMore bookcases cover the opposite side of the room. | 16 |.

wood-and-metal-kitchen-bar-stoolsDark wood kitchen bar stools pull up around two sides of the light wood breakfast bar. | 9 |.

cool-lighting-ideasMoving out of the living room, we’re met with a cool hallway design. A geometric wall installation of LED strips serve as both modern art and atmospheric lighting, which highlights the raw concrete behind. | 10 |.

cool-interior-lightingPunctured metal panels make up a second lighting feature in the hallway, where illumination pushes out from the column like bright polka-dots. Another geometric wall design is built in rich wood sections, and lit around the sides. | 11 |.

grey-poufThe black walls display the work of contemporary artist Andrei Berger. | 12 |.

grey-ktichenThree different shades make up the grey kitchen island, producing a layer cake effect. A wooden tabletop overlaps the dining end of the island to match it with the neighbouring formal dining table. | 5 |.

round-wall-art-1Block side tables in the lounge, and diagonally laid flooring, also follow the natural wood grain theme. Flora fills a piece of round wall art above the L-shaped sofa. | 6 |.

grey-kitchen-islandA stainless steel shelving unit descends over the central kitchen island, which holds tableware. Drinking glasses are stored in large backlit cabinets along the back wall that create a sense of occasion. | 7 |.

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kitchen-backsplash-ideaBrown ribbed tiles make up a textured kitchen backsplash, where black cooking utensils and a set of black kitchen knives hang. | 8 |.

double-wall-lampConcrete walls drop a textured grey canvas behind the furniture layout. A Serge Mouille style double wall lamp extends from the raw concrete corner of the room to chase away the shadows. Original available here. | 2 |.

green-dining-chairsMoss green dining chairs and a wooden dining table invoke the beauty of nature. A clear glass vase holds a pure white sprig. More botanical inspiration unfolds across the tv wall, where enormous fronds make up a lively print. | 3 |.

modern-open-plan-living-spaceThe grey kitchen sprawls across the entire width of the room, with a long cooking and dining island placed in front. | 4 |.

modern-sofa-3A modern sofa serves as a border around the lounge area in an open plan living room. Behind it, a six seat modern dining set stretches out in front of floor to ceiling windows, between twin tall bookshelves. | 1 |.

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