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Have fun while you’re at it with luxurious home office decor. Whether you prefer a regal neoclassical office setting or a cutting-edge, futuristic home office, this selection of gorgeous interiors offers something for everyone. You’ll find lots of ideas for opulent decor; distinctive desks and stylish chairs; engaging office lounge spaces; tasteful home office storage solutions; a profusion of designer desk lamps; gorgeous bookcases; and beautiful statement lighting. In the spirit of professionalism, let’s get straight down to the task at hand and avoid any unnecessary chit-chat.

Gallery for Awesomem Luxury Home Office Design

modern-wall-sconces-1A cosy sofa pulls up to the glow of illuminated library shelves and two modern wall sconces for perusing literature and documents, or taking five. | 51 |.

brown-and-cream-home-office-designSophisticated and stately, this elegant brown and cream design is tailor-made for the lord of a modernised manor. | Visualizer: Martin Sanchez Crocci.

ergonomic-desk-chair-1Custom fit furniture utilises every inch of our final home office layout. | Visualizer: Makseem Knife.

custom-fit-deskDesk drawers on castors allow the long desk area to be split into multiple workspaces as desired. | 50 |.

black-marble-deskThe golden glow of backlit shelves floods through this glass wall home office design to enrich the neighbouring space. | Visualizer: Li’s Design.

grey-home-officeA deep window reveal is clad with wood effect panelling in a bid to meld the walls, window and floor into one smooth, undistracting entity. | Visualizer: Dolorem Interior Design.

Reuleaux-triangle-deskThe Reuleaux triangle desk is cool, but as the floor lamp sharply points out, it’s all about the view in this one. | Visualizer: A1 Vision.

home-office-loungeThe other side of the room firmly establishes a decidedly more contemporary feel, with a curved sofa design, statement lounge chairs and an ultra modern metal chandelier. | 42 |.

sputnik-chandelierAnother for neoclassical lovers, this spectacular room houses a sleek home office arrangement with emerald accent chairs and an imposing white and walnut desk design. A sputnik chandelier engages the eye with the magnificent ceiling rose. | Visualizer: Romuald Chaigneau.

double-workspaceReposeful in its simplicity, this room design sets down neutral ground for a double workspace. | Visualizer: Black Cube Archviz.

home-office-with-lounge-areaAs part of a bedroom, facing the desk toward the back of the room keeps work and relaxation areas separate. A lounge area makes an ideal soft transition zone. | Visualizer: Kaminskyi Interiors.

home-office-walk-in-wardrobe-comboThis bedroom office area attaches fully to a walk in wardrobe via bifold doors–befitting surroundings for those in the fashion industry. | 40 |.

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home-office-ideasScholarly books, intriguing art and interesting artifacts conjure the ambiance of an eccentric university professor’s office. A modern desk keeps the look sharp and current. | Visualizer: Ermek Tolo.

desk-linear-suspension-lightBond villains always have the most luxurious headquarters, and this rugged rock statement wall reminds us of a cool secret mountain lair. Black panel overlays keep the look sleek and sophisticated. A black linear suspension light boldly spans an understated desk design. | Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects.

black-home-officeWood ceiling planks build contrasting warmth across the unique grey and black room design. | 38 |.

stylish-desk-lampA stylish desk lamp elevates the desk arrangement. | 34 |.

desk-chair-with-castorsIf there’s no obvious place to display art within the home office, then let outdoor space become your gallery with an opportunely placed garden statue. | Visualizer: Ruslan Latypov.

black-deskThis particular home office actually gains boundless beauty from edge-to-edge garden views on both sides. Rows of floating shelves nestle evenly between the glass, behind a centrally situated desk. String pendant lights push the layout off-centre to disrupt the uniformity. | 36 |.

black-marble-tv-wallLuxe black marble pulls the eye toward a huge TV with striking white vein, like bolts of white hot electricity. In smart contrast, the remainder of the room is traditional panel moulding under a quietly cream finish, which zones a relaxing sunny lounge. | 31 |.

cosy-home-officeLuxurious does not necessarily mean large scale, as this small home office design proves. A modest desk and slimline desk chair fit neatly into a nook of bookshelves. Two small stools provide practical space-saving extra seating. | Visualizer: Nilüfer Taşkın.

linear-pendant-lightAn awkward wall shape has been turned into a positive feature with luxe decorative wall panelling. A unique sideboard provides extra storage and the opportunity to display art. A lighting soffit hugs the perimeter, flooding light over every detail. | 33 |.

designer-floor-lampAn understated settee reclines tastefully across the window wall, under the illumination of a unique modern floor lamp. | 28 |.

unique-chairsA big boss needs a big desk, and this one should do the job very well. The L-shaped work area is so large that it’s been possible to set up a stylish meeting area right in front with two lounge chairs and a coffee table between. | Visualizer: Mirna ElSharkawy.

round-rugA huge round rug maps out the main stage, whilst a sociable coffee area with an attached kitchen unfolds at the back of the room. | 30 |.

neoclassical-interior-designDeeply decorative crown moulding instantly sets a luxurious tone for this neoclassical interior design. Raw concrete rushes up to contrast the classical element. | Visualizer: Max Chapliuk.

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neoclassical-home-officeGolden bookshelves stand poised on slender legs against a rich wood chevron floor design. The substantial desk has been selected in a perfectly matching deep wood tone finish. | 26 |.

neoclassical-home-workspaceA huge canvas props behind the desk to add culture to another rugged concrete covered wall. | 27 |.

mid-century-deskA retro inspired pendant dangles a moment of sculptural art over the mid century modern desk design. An ergonomic desk chair ensures hours of comfort at the computer screen. | 22 |.

gold-deskUnusual forms give this workspace a cheeky fun factor. From a zebra stripe balancing bear sculpture and a balloon loving bunny to an eccentric sloping desk design, this place is as unique as it is chic. | Visualizer: 梦太初.

designer-deskCopper accents create warm lustre inside the black and white room decor palette. Concealed storage spaces pale into obscurity behind handle-free slab front unit doors. Black book shelves arrest the eye and draw in the onlooker with mysterious columns of vertical light that trickle between the stacks. | 24 |.

hexagon-coffee-tablesAn arty rug design brings a blast of upbeat yellow into this trendy home office interior, which has a quirky mid century modern essence. | Visualizer: Korobov Vladimir & Ekaterina Korobeynikova.

unique-coffee-tablesAn inviting home office lounge has been fashioned at one side of the room, where one can take a breather or take in some important reading beneath the elegant modern floor lamp. A pair of hexagon coffee tables step a white and walnut finish over the multicoloured rug. | 20 |.

indoor-plants-2Dual aspect floor to ceiling windows surround the home workspace with the energising effects of nature. A small family of mature cacti are grouped on the concrete floor, bringing the great outdoors inside. | 21 |.

futuristic-deskA cutaway bookshelf follows the line of the desk to create one sweeping statement. SImilar silhouettes cross the dropped ceiling design just beyond the partition wall. | 16 |.

designer-table-lampLED ribbons stripe the depths of a dark bookcase design in our next sophisticated scheme, where chrome accessories reflect the glow. A designer table lamp dips its beak toward the desk’s surface like a wading waterbird. | Visualizer: Vũ Hưng Thịnh.

home-office-bookshelvesCreamy window drapes complement the soft cushioned desk chair and blend gently with light paintwork. | 18 |.

rectangle-chandelierHundreds of tiny bulbs shape a modern chandelier above the desk. A modern chandelier lights up the adjacent wall. | 11 |.

large-deskThe desk top extends a cantilevered edge, outstretched toward the window. | 12 |.

large-luxury-deskBlinds open up to reveal a smaller courtyard window situated between two entry doors. A television screen rises from inside of a secretive black cabinet, and descends again to reveal the green vista. | 13 |.

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stylish-desk-chairA projector screen fills the stretch of wall space above the ultra long fireplace. | 14 |.

futuristic-interiorThis futuristic interior features a gravity defying desk design that would look at home on-board an interstellar ship. A sleek ergonomic desk chair awaits the captain. | Visualizer: Yekaterina Mar.

modern-chandelierBookshelves are set aglow on each side of the armoury wall to build drama and intrigue. A regal chesterfield sofa stretches below the display, accessorised with grey and black scatter cushions that complement the steel blades and leather scabbards. | 8 |.

luxury-workspaceUnique walnut wall panels feature subtle geometric cuts pieced inside the grain to create an exquisite border across the width of the room. A stunning modern chandelier bestows a crown of crystal light. | 9 |.

luxury-home-officeFit for a CEO, this golden office space is the height of sophistication. An imposing desk design dominates the huge room, set against a scene of textured tile and tasteful wall panelling. | Visualizer: Yekaterina Mar.

buddha-statueA pewter Buddha statue rests peacefully on a small plinth to one side of the sofa, evoking a meditative spirit. | 6 |.

decorative-swordsPeace is forgotten in our next piece of luxury home office inspiration, replaced instead by a huge combative display of weaponry. Decorative swords are sectioned into categories to create a diligently ordered arrangement. | Visualizer: Maxim Goryachev.

bonsai-treeThe marble planter houses a beautiful bonsai tree, which brings nature kissed serenity to the desktop. | 4 |.

small-green-sofaAt the opposite side of the zen home office, a small green sofa complements the bonsai tree’s uplifting green accent. Delicate floral artwork is stretched over an elegant rounded canvas and gently backlit to create soft mood lighting. | 5 |.

globe-pendant-light-1Gorgeous green infusions, nature themed art and buddist sculpture promote a zen atmosphere inside our first luxury home office design, which is blessed with a tranquil garden view. | Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko.

desk-with-planterA paper pendant light floats like a celestial orb over the desk, burning its bright form against a backdrop of dark walnut panels. | 2 |.

modern-home-office-desk-1-1A chic white marble planter builds one side of the modern home office desk, whilst a clear perspex support makes an almost invisible counterpart. | 3 |.

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