Luxury Home With Indoor-Outdoor Family Living Spaces

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Truly borderless indoor-outdoor family living has been achieved in this 1030 square metre house design, created by architect team Studio Guilherme Torres. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the luxury home includes multiple living rooms that each link with a pool patio and green garden. Two of the lounges are sandwiched between the garden and a courtyard on the other side; the effect is a completely immersive experience of nature, wrapping the homeowners in perfect peace and tranquility. The interior is filled with an array of modern wall art and furniture, which is offset by some vintage pieces and family heirlooms, resulting in a unique and personal space.

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ground-floor-planGround floor plan. | 39 |.

first-floor-planFirst floor plan. | 40 |.

concrete-garden-planterThe white concrete structure melds with the clouds. | 38 |.

contemporary-home-exterior-2The home entryway goes almost unnoticed from the street, with an elevated garden shrouding the lower part of the modern home exterior | 36 |.

white-concrete-home-exteriorThe massive concrete volume beds mature palm trees, and hides the concrete steps that lead to the yellow gateway. | 37 |.

unique-hanging-plantersA bathroom receives green accents from a tiny courtyard and unique hanging planters. | 34 |.

modern-loungerThe homeowners can relax on sunloungers on a first floor terrace, enjoying the warm rays that filter through the wood slatted panel we observed from down on the pool patio. | 35 |.

unique-dining-setBrown dining chairs tone with the wood grain walls. | 32 |.

storage-chestAnimal print patterns the master bedroom. An antique chest evokes the idea of travel to far flung places many moons ago. The aged look of the chest is juxtaposed by a fresh white modern pendant light. See more modern bedroom pendant lights here. | 33 |.

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blue-tableAbstract wall art complements the hue of the table. | 31 |.

hallway-decorSkylights illuminate a quiet hallway. | 28 |.

dining-pendant-lights-2The formal dining room is home to a unique blue glossy table. | 29 |.

unique-pendant-lightsUnique pendant lights bring geometric shape to the decor. | 30 |.

wood-and-glass-tableThere is a family dining area in this room too, where a large driftwood and glass dining table seats eight. | 25 |.

wood-wall-treatmentsBack out into the home entryway, we can see the courtyard peeping in through a picture window. A cool floor lamp lights the dark wood wall. The first tread of the staircase gives rise on the right. | 26 |.

high-backed-chairThe tyre track wall mural wraps around the stairwell. Whilst the walls showcase contemporary artwork, the furniture is a curated collection of modern, vintage, and treasured family pieces. | 27 |.

red-rugA chimney breast has been decorated with a unique wall mural of tyre tracks. This wall is actually the back of the stairwell that leads up to the first floor and bedrooms. | 21 |.

unique-wall-muralsTeal lounge chairs are arranged upon a contrasting red area rug by the modern fireplace. | 22 |.

unique-decor-ideasThis conversation spot has a view through to another living room, which can be accessed by crossing the corner of the pool patio when the glass doors are drawn back–or by a hallway around the side of the fireplace when the doors are closed. | 23 |.

black-white-and-blue-sofaThe internal route to the extra living room goes via a solid white sliding door. | 24 |.

sliding-doorsAt the end of the courtyard walkway, there is solid wood main entry door. This door is the access point to the interior of the home when the sliding doors stand closed in place. | 17 |.

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glass-wall-homeYellow wall art echoes the colour of the yellow entryway at the opposite end of the courtyard. | 18 |.

yellow-decorOnce through the door, modern art adorns white and wood panelled walls inside the foyer. | 19 |.

teal-chairsThe entryway leads around to the open and airy living room that connects with the pool patio and garden on one side, and the view of the courtyard on the other. | 20 |.

home-with-courtyardSunlit plants make a warm welcome. | 14 |.

courtyard-treesThe wooden ceiling panels make light patterns over the floor and yellow door. | 15 |.

decorative-panelLED spotlights are set into the wood floor to provide illumination at night. | 16 |.

wood-deckingAnother set of sliding glass doors can be drawn across to seal the home from the elements when required–locking the wooden walkway and the courtyard outside. | 10 |.

deck-designThe gateway to the home is concealed behind a sunny yellow panel to provide complete privacy. | 11 |.

indoor-outdoor-living-spaceWe can see here how the stone wall that provides privacy in the rear garden actually runs the entire width of the house also, and finishes here at the main entrance and courtyard. | 12 |.

garden-deckingThe yellow glass panel pivots in its frame to give access to the courtyard walkway. | 13 |.

cool-outdoor-chairsGiant sliding glass doors retract to open up the ground floor to the pool patio and green garden area. | 6 |.

modern-accent-chairsAs we look through the retractable doors and into one of the lounge areas of the home, we can see that a courtyard design has been situated at the back of the living room. This creates the feeling of being completely surrounded by nature, to provide a peaceful and revitalising effect. | 7 |.

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courtyard-design-1The courtyard design allows more sunlight to tumble into the ground floor of the home. | 8 |.

garden-plantsPerforated wood panels filter the sunlight over the walkway. | 9 |.

modern-outdoor-chairs-1A set of modern outdoor chairs make a gathering spot out on the back patio, where the family can relax and converse together. | 3 |.

pool-patio-2The swimming pool runs perpendicular to the house, set right up against the high stone wall. A lawn covers the end of the garden, where a mature tree adds to the refreshing green view. | 4 |.

pool-terraceThe white concrete exterior of the home appears to have an area of wood cladding, however, this is actually a run of wood slats that allow the sunlight to filter through into a first floor terrace. | 5 |.

large-home-with-pool-1A huge stone wall along the back of this property provides privacy from the street. This means that family life can comfortably flow between the interior and exterior spaces. | 1 |.

modern-home-exterior-2-1The house has been designed so that multiple living areas are fully integrated with the garden, so that indoor and outdoor activities link naturally without any thought of borders. | 2 |.

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