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Mid Century Drop Leaf Table as a Classic Way to Optimize Space

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Small living space can cause the need to optimize the available square meters. However, there is a lot of furniture that can facilitate this dilemma. The modern technological world invents many forms and shapes to arrange square meters without losing attraction. It could be both long-time famous and known pieces as sectional sofas, convertible multifunctional kitchen cabinets, etc., and the unwonted types of furniture as a kitchen helper. So, we consider the good old drop leaf table a nice way to optimize space. Let’s find out whether it is relevant for classic and retro interiors only.

Kitchen or Dining room Location of Drop Leaf Table

The most logical allocation of the table is surely the kitchen or dining. And, as we will see it below, the classically styled ambiance is the best location for the mid century drop leaf table.

Strict disposal of things, sensible minimalism that puts all the elements at their places is a real classic approach. Nevertheless, it will not be odd to compliment even the descreet room with an unexpected accent. The black dining set of chairs is a perfect setting off for a light decorated dining room. A large drop leaf table can only emphasize the design flow. And if your party suddenly achieves bigger scale, you can always get extra space at the table.

Mid Century Drop Leaf Table. Galley kitchen in white with snall dining zone

But not only the restrained classic is up to accept the retro table. The casual interior of the kitchen with a simple yet effective design is also in a row. The all-white atmosphere with matte surfaces of the kitchen set and the same design for walls and even splashback is also a great place to accommodate the drop leaf table. You can arrange a small dining zone and small storage. The advantage of increasing-on-demand is still available in case you decide to chat with friends in the kitchen.

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Mid Century Drop Leaf Table. Open beam ceiling in the wooden trimmed house with large carpet, metal lattice chairs and wooden table

Village style is probably the most relevant place to fit the drop leaf table. It will be in colour with the carpet, wall decoration, and even an open-beams ceiling. And as you already may spot it, here we also have black chairs. There is no surprise as it is a great backdrop and/or zest of any light decorated room.

Mesmerizing dining room design with plastic chairs and steel lamp over the table along with zoning woden lattice

Anyway, modern design flows and trends are also open to drop leaf tables. Contemporary styled dining room with its scope can easily get used to the classic table. the framework of the room with an abundance of wooden elements is an ideal place for such a table that will reflect the perfectness of the situation around.

Drop Leaf Table at the Living Room

The sitting and chatting room is a great bay to anchor a drop leaf table either. We can find dozen of successful examples of such interiors. But today we will review just a couple of them. Usually, drop leaf table constitutes a detached zone for drinking coffee or reading.

Classic living room design with large windows and light color scheme

It is also a great addition to the living zone as the side table. You can add it to the back of the sofa to put all the necessary things and to emphasize the separation between zones.

Open space layout of the classic designed house with pompous furniture and large sofa in front of the fireplace

A great round drop leaf table that you can fold and place to the wall to form a semi-circular stand is a real finding. In a natural wood execution, it is relevant for the classic interior. And imagine it in white glossy appearance. It momentarily turns to an enhancement of modern styled interior.

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Mid Century Drop Leaf Table. Casual and classic designed dining room with large windows, round table and the sofaGreat Classic design in light pastel color theme for the dining room with wooden chairs and artificial gypsum decorated fireplace

Hall/Foyer/Corridor Complimented with Drop Leaf Table

The main feature and advantage of drop-leaf tables is their ability to transform and economize space if needed. That’s why such a design is a great addition to the corridor or entrance hall where you need to undress while having some personal things at hand. Drop-leaf table can provide universal storage with the possibility to use it whenever in your home on demand.

Mid Century Drop Leaf Table. Wooden table and mirror frame in the foyer of the classic styled house in white color schemeMid Century Drop Leaf Table. Small improvised dining zone at the window with small white table and the plant on itBright and attractive emerald green drop leaf table for the corridor


We all gravitate to long-tern and universal solutions. The drop-leaf table is one of them. In addition to a wide range of designs and forms, it is a successful complement to almost any space of your home. With that keeping in mind, we may consider this classic table design still relevant and even trendy for modern conditions.

Mid Century Drop Leaf Table. Classic bathroom design with the wood planks sheathing and cup like sink

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