Modern Mediterranean Style Interior Design

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Envision the sun in the sky and the glittering Mediterranean Sea lapping against a beach just down the road, as we take a long meander through five homes with modern Mediterranean style interior design. In true Med style, much of these homes are decorated with a cooling white backdrop and relaxed neutrals – but these chic spaces offer high-end styling that’s not found in a typical beachside villa. The rooms are uncluttered yet homey, with quality wooden furniture and natural accent pieces. Picking through this gallery of five inspirational home tours, we’ll see a mixture of new and old, like traditional wicker decor put with shiny modern lighting ideas, rustic stone feature walls and contemporary white concrete interiors.

Gallery for Modern Mediterranean Style Interior Design

glass-sinksThe bathroom door is camouflaged with the wall for a streamlined look. | 58 |.


feathered-pendant-lightA feathered light shade adds a whimsical touch to the room. See more bedroom pendant lights. | 52 |.

wood-side-tableSlimline pendants drop at each side of the bed. | 53 |.

wood-sideboardA full length mirror is suspended from a rail that spans the width of the room. | 54 |.

figurine-sculpturesDecorative items are displayed inside a wooden tray on the sideboard. | 55 |.

freestanding-bathtub-1Stunning views stretch out in front of a freestanding bathtub. | 56 |.

double-sink-bathroom-vanityA double sink bathroom vanity floats above a pebble floor. | 57 |.

black-glass-vaseThe glass vase set on the floating media cabinet are the Échasse vases by Menu. | 48 |.

artists-mannequinAn artists mannequin poses at the opposite end. | 49 |.

mocha-vanity-unitInside the bathroom, beige and mocha tiles pattern the shower enclosure. A mocha vanity unit floats against a smooth white marble clad wall. | 50 |.

mediterranean-bedroom-decorNeutral colours fill a second double bedroom. | 51 |.

wine-glasses-1Wine glasses sit right at home on an outdoor side table, next to some lounge chairs by the pool. | 44 |.

modern-black-side-tablePatio doors retract to adjoin the interior and exterior spaces. | 45 |.

platform-bed-1An olive platform bed features a winged headboard design inside the master bedroom, to keep the sleep space feeling cosy. Two simple wall sconces provide reading light above it. | 46 |.

indoor-plantAn indoor plant dresses a plain corner. | 47 |.

marble-kitchen-backsplashBlack bar stools contrast with the ice white kitchen island. A white marble kitchen backsplash introduces subtle pattern and movement. | 42 |.

unique-kitchen-bar-stoolsThe black kitchen bar stools are complemented by a black decorative vase on the countertop and a black faucet. | 43 |.

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black-vaseThe dining room stands open to a kitchen with an island. | 40 |.

linen-drapesAnother set of figurines dress the dining table. | 41 |.

modern-figurinesFigurines decorate a side table. | 38 |.

brown-dining-table-setThe dining table set is pushed into the corner where two sets of patio doors meet. With the doors open, this becomes an al fresco dining spot. | 39 |.

modern-accent-chairsDried pampas grass plumes from a decorative vase; it’s impact is doubled by a decorative mirror propped behind it. | 35 |.

modern-chaise-loungeAn ultra modern chaise lounge keeps a low profile in front of glass doors, so as not to obstruct the view. | 36 |.

unique-pendant-lightA second lounge area opens up on the opposite side of a modern fireplace. A Vertigo pendant hangs above a crescent sofa. | 37 |.

black-round-coffee-tableOur last tour takes leave from the rough and rustic Mediterranean style, in favour of a more crisp and contemporary Med vibe. A simple round coffee table stands at a modern sofa in the lounge. At one side of the couch, two unique accent chairs sit as smooth as pebbles on the beach. | Visualizer: Anna Sergeeva.

small-side-table-4Two wooden accent chairs furnish the other side of the lounge arrangement, along with a small side table. | 33 |.

swing-arm-wall-lampA dual headed swing arm wall lamp provides focussed lighting over the sofa. | 34 |.

nomadic-interior-styleBy day the textured decor may not appear quite as rugged but this remains a unique place, with something interesting to admire in every direction. The stonework from the lounge wall ebbs away by the foot of the bed, replaced by white concrete. The plainer walls allow the beauty of the natural log columns to take the spotlight. | 29 |.

mediterranean-interiorRustic wall decor hangs above the pillows in place of a headboard; a rattan side table echoes the circular form. A raw timber side table matches the bedroom columns. | 30 |.

large-planterMature cacti push a refreshing green accent colour through the room. | 31 |.

wicker-pendant-lightTree trunk columns tower around the bed, bringing the interior closer to nature. | 27 |.

wicker-furnitureTwo concrete steps lead up to a faux fur covered bed. Rattan bedroom pendant lights hover at each side. | 28 |.

cosy-interior-decorWe go next to a highly textured and mood lit rustic abode. The studio layout holds the bed upon a raised level of the open plan space. Down in the lower lounge area, a modern sofa is arranged in an L-shape with its twin. | Visualizer: Amir Cherni.

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modern-sofa-3Uplighters exaggerate a deeply textured stone wall in the living room. | 26 |.

decorative-woven-basketsThe decorative woven baskets are scattered in descending sizes across the blank wall. | 22 |.

gold-pendant-lightsGold pendant lights hang at the end of the modern L-shaped sofa, highlighting its extended concrete base that’s used as a side table for the candles. The media unit opposite the sofa has a matching concrete base–and the same style of black seat cushions make a comfy bench at one end of it, which serves as seating for the dining table. | 23 |.

tv-benchThe dining ‘table’ is a suspended countertop. A pair of dining pendant lights hang low above its surface. Behind, a cane ceiling feature brings rustic texture and colour to the white kitchen. | 24 |.

open-plan-llving-roomRecessed strip lights glow at the centre of the living room ceiling. | 20 |.

basket-wall-decorOur third stop is a living room with a decidedly circular theme. Rattan baskets dot one of the white concrete walls, a large circular tray holds candles by the sofa, and round coffee tables stand on a round area rug. | Visualizer: Office4.

chaise-sofaA freeform rug design edges across the room, spreading blocks of neutral colour below a brown pouf, and a wall mounted sideboard against a stone wall. | 18 |.

white-dining-chairs-1Six modern dining chairs line up along an unusual marble and glass dining table. A trio of dining pendant lights visually anchor the eating area in the open plan. | 19 |.

bedroom-furnitureDuotone curtains hang from a recess in the dropped ceiling. | 15 |.

white-makeup-vanityBack behind the makeup vanity, Hollywood lights border the vanity mirror, which features a jewellery bar at the bottom of its frame. The vanity chair used here is the Wishbone chair. | 16 |.

modern-home-interiorThe second of our five Mediterranean home tours has inspiration for a much narrower living room layout. An L-shaped sofa faces into a modern tv unit, adorned simply with white decorative vases against a white backdrop. Keeping the colour scheme simple prevents the room from appearing cluttered and closed in. | Visualizer: Office4.

bedroom-pendant-lights-2The bedroom lighting scheme also includes recessed LEDs below the bed base, and a pair of beautiful bedroom pendant lights suspended at one side. | 13 |.

bedroom-lightingThe bedroom vanity setup that faces the foot of the bed serves as a tv wall on its opposite side. | 14 |.

modern-wall-sconce-1Moving into the master bedroom we find another rustic stone feature wall, this time with climbing plants forging a green border where it meets the ceiling. LED perimeter lights shine down over the emerald leaves. More soft illumination is cast upward from a wide headboard design, accentuating the white painted stonework. A modern wall sconce glows against the wooden headboard, above a built-in bedside shelf. | 11 |.

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bedroom-with-plantsA dressing table is positioned opposite the foot of the bed. | 12 |.

fruit-bowlsFruit bowls fill the wooden centrepiece of the white marble dining table. | 9 |.

white-L-shaped-kitchenA circular rattan rug fills the floor of the white L-shaped kitchen. | 10 |.

narrow-bookcaseA narrow tower of display shelves dress the blunt edge of the curvy tv wall. | 6 |.

decorative-wooden-bench-seatWood slats make a deep frame around a wooden doorway, giving it a unique and cosy effect. | 7 |.

round-dining-table-2Whitewashed rustic stone builds a kitchen diner feature wall. A tight cluster of smooth metallic dining pendant lights dangle in front of the rough stone wall. A touch of subtle colour is introduced via a pink accent dining chair at the round dining table. | 8 |.

white-L-shaped-sofaThe modern L-shaped sofa has a built in side table at one end; it’s wooden top complements the other wood tone and natural elements in the room scheme. | 2 |.

White-rugThe yellow ochre scatter cushions on the sofa are mixed with plain and patterned white pillows to give the room a more relaxed vibe. | 3 |.

modern-chandelier-3A modern chandelier descends over the centre of the lounge area. LED strip lights are recessed into the ceiling and wall at one edge of the room, to distribute extra illumination along its whole length. The lighting strip also defines the walkway through the room, which leads from the entry door, past the lounge and into the kitchen diner. | 4 |.

macrame-wall-hangingWood panelling wraps the lower half of a curvaceous concrete tv wall in the lounge. | 5 |.

wooden-coffee-table-1Starting off with a summer house in Rhodes, Greece, we find a beautifully carved wooden coffee table in the centre of a white living room with yellow ochre accents. A macramé wall hanging echoes the natural coloured rectangular silhouette of the coffee table, and adds interest to a crisp white wall. | Visualizer: Office4.

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