Neutral, Modern-Minimalist Interior Design: 4 Examples That Masterfully Show Us How

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This series of four tranquil home tours feature a neutral, modern design with a minimalistic approach. If you’re not a fan of loud, saturated colors and prefer a more understated approach to expressing yourself, this collection is sure to provide some inspiration for your next craft or art project! See how these minimalist nests accomplish a domestic feel without the turmoil of a consumerist attitude by choosing a few quality contemporary furniture items over a collection of many. Living in an open floor plan with little decor and a minimal amount of possessions creates a serene atmosphere that is quite mesmerizing.

Gallery for Neutral, Modern-Minimalist Interior Design: 4 Examples That Masterfully Show Us How

bedroom-chairIn the bedroom, a simple glass vase decorates an integrated bedside shelf. A wooden bedroom chair matches with the bespoke wooden bed ensemble. | 40 |.

contemporary-interiorA mirrored panel reflects some of the natural light into the walkway. | 39 |.

round-dining-tableThe green view and retractable doors provide an al fresco-like dining experience. | 37 |.

slatted-wood-panelThings grow a little darker toward the back of the home, which is where cosy lighting comes into play. | 38 |.

small-side-table-2The living room rug is cut with geometric shape. A small side table curves gently into its pile. | 35 |.

unique-pendant-lightA unique pendant light bows over the round dining table by a window. | 36 |.

slatted-room-dividerA slatted wood room divider marks the change in use between the lounge and the dining room, whilst still allowing sunlight and the visual to flow through. | 34 |.

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white-wall-panelsPerfectly smooth white wall panels smooth out the walls of this home, gently lit from above. | 32 |.

low-level-coffe-tableEach piece of furniture inside this living room is of a low profile design that leaves the layout feeling airy. | 33 |.

white-loungeOur last trip is to a home that celebrates a beautiful green view with its inner serenity. | Visualizer: 0932 Design Consultants.

modern-bedroom-2A decorative wall sconce glows between mirrored panels on one side of the room. | 29 |.

luxury-bedroom-designThe mirrored panels reflect the natural light from large windows. | 30 |.

headboard-wall-designWooden planks line an accent wall inside the bedroom. The different widths of wall plank create added interest and texture, which is highlighted by a warm white LED strip light along the top of the headboard. | 27 |.

modern-wall-sconces-3Two black modern wall sconces punctuate either side of the bed, shining down on built-in bedside units. | 28 |.

modern-window-seatThe modern window seat is underlit as a final touch. | 25 |.

reading-nook-1-1An accent chair joins the simple reading nook. | 26 |.

textured-kitchen-islandShiny chrome fixtures give the kitchen a polished finish. | 23 |.

wood-interiorWood wall panels cloak the walls toward a window seat. | 24 |.

modern-pendant-lightA curvaceous glass panel screens the kitchen from the living room dining room combo. | 20 |.

modern-dining-pendant-lightThe base of the kitchen volume is clad in slatted texture, to match the treatment of a structural column in the room. | 21 |.

modern-dining-table-1A simple table centrepiece keeps a low profile whilst taking the plainness of the top. | 22 |.

modern-sofa-1-1A modern couch backs onto a simple dining area; its low back allows the two different zones to connect yet still remain defined. | 18 |.

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modern-floor-lamp-1The sofa faces onto a tv wall that is clad in mirrored panels. As an alternative to watching tv, a neat floor lamp provides reading light to the sofa. | 19 |.

minimalist-home-office-1The white desk of a minimalist home office area is built in beside plain white wardrobes, so that all blend quietly with the white backdrop. | 16 |.

open-plan-living-room-designThird up is a room with a view. With a sweeping view like this there is little call for distracting decor. | Visualizer: 0932 Design Consultants.

minimalist-bedroom-designLED strip lights accentuate the sharp, clean edge of the wall recess in the minimalist bedroom. | 15 |.

marble-kitchen-islandA white marble kitchen island stands behind the dining area. | 13 |.

white-bedroomInside the bedroom, a cutaway in the wall forms a moment of interest at the head of the bed. Two bedside chests of drawers are built into the nook. | 14 |.

minimalist-dining-roomThe minimalist dining room area is just as fresh as the lounge, with a white dining table set, bare white floorboards and plain white walls. | 12 |.

minimalist-living-room-2Our second tour takes place in an 88.6 square metre apartment. A single decorative piece provides pattern to a minimalist living room. For this interior, the designer tried to “convey a sense of ease and comfort, operating only with light and form. As a result of the experiment, a very light and laconic interior is obtained, where the accent is the form, not the material.” | Visualizer: Kanstantsin Remez.

round-coffee-tableA small round coffee table holds a plain vase, set upon a snowy white rug. | 11 |.

one-bed-apartment-perspective-drawingPerspective drawing emphasising the new storage wall in the home entryway. | 9 |.

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floor-runnerA neutral floor runner dresses the new entryway, where plentiful storage hides behind wood slab doors. | 7 |.

Для ФШFloor plan illustrating the new layout. | 8 |.

minimalist-kitchen-2Cream and wood tone dining chairs and dining table join the minimalist kitchen. | 6 |.

neutral-kitchen-dinerA white kitchen is cut through with a black marble backsplash for contrast. | 5 |.

light-modern-sofaThe wood grain doors of the tv cabinet match with a wood panelled wall behind the sofa, and add further texture to the neutral room. | 3 |.

neutral-decorThe rest of the room and doors are painted soft white. | 4 |.

tv-wall-ideasThe tv is hidden from plain sight behind two great cabinet doors, which draw back to fill the tv wall in its entirety. | 2 |.

modern-linear-sofa-1Home number one is located in Minsk, Belarus, with an area of 72.6 square metres. This was a renovation project that required a complete refiguration of the space. The original layout had the common space divided into small segments and limited storage areas were scattered in separate rooms. Now there is rational use of space, conciseness of form, and simplicity of materials. There is a new kitchen-living room configuration that is designed with conversation in mind. A modern sofa faces two mid century modern chairs in anticipation of good company. | Visualizer: Kanstantsin Remez.

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