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Another round of kitchens sorted by color! The color that we will feature today is red and it is associated with passion, lust and generally used to signify intense feelings and emotions. Red is also said to induce hunger and want and it is a well known fact that most fast food companies use this color for their logo and branding to get more business. Modern decor and designs in shades of red are increasingly gaining popularity and this is no exception when it comes to designing stylish kitchens. Here we take a peek into few such trendy red kitchen designs by European makers Snaidero, Mobalpa, Errebie Spa, Nolte Kutchen & Pedini.

Gallery for Red Kitchens

gatto-cucine-spa-red-kitchen-interiorGatto Cucine Spa Red Kitchen Interior | Gatto Cucine Spa Red Kitchen Interior.

red-kitchensRed Kitchens | Red Kitchens.

ala-cucine-red-italianAla Cucine Red Italian Kitchen | Ala Cucine Red Italian Kitchen.

errebi-srl-redErrebi Srl Red | Errebi Srl Red.

febal-red-italian-kitchenFebal Red Italian Kitchen | Febal Red Italian Kitchen.

mobalpa-red-kitchenMobalpa Red Kitchen | Mobalpa Red Kitchen.

errebi-srl-red-italian-kitchenErrebi Srl Red Italian Kitchen | Errebi Srl Red Italian Kitchen.

errebi-srl-red-kitchenErrebi Srl Red Kitchen | Errebi Srl Red Kitchen.

dema-cucine-red-kitchenDema Cucine Red Kitchen | Dema Cucine Red Kitchen.

febal-red-kitchenFebal Red Kitchen | Febal Red Kitchen.

red-white-kitchenRed White Kitchen | Red White Kitchen.

gatto-cucine-spa-red-kitchenGatto Cucine Spa Red Kitchen | Gatto Cucine Spa Red Kitchen.

gatto-cucine-spa-red-italian-kitchenGatto Cucine Spa Red Italian Kitchen | Gatto Cucine Spa Red Italian Kitchen.

red-kitchen2Red Kitchen | Red Kitchen.

armony-cucine-redArmony Cucine Red | Armony Cucine Red.

modular-kitchenModular Kitchen | Modular Kitchen.

red-kitchenRed Kitchen | Red Kitchen.

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ala-cucine-red-kitchenAla Cucine Red Kitchen | Ala Cucine Red Kitchen.

designer-kitchenDesigner Kitchen | Designer Kitchen.

beautiful-kitchen-1Beautiful Kitchen | Beautiful Kitchen.

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