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Eclectic and oh-so-stylish, the Scandinavian theme stretches to most living, dining and bedroom areas – but the kitchen is where it really comes out to shine. A step inside the kitchens of these fifty homes shows the Scandinavian can be much more than just white walls, wooden floors and lined tiling. Here, bright mustard cabinetry and chequered floors meet dreamy pastels and block monochromes. Stencil frames and finer elements wind boxes around benches, and cubby holes around ornaments. Plant life hangs and hides simultaneously, a breath of fresh air in light and airy spaces. Take our tour to see.

Gallery for Scandinavian Kitchens: Ideas Dan Inspiration

red-oven-mustard-fridge-Scandinavian-kitchenMix up the colour palette in hues of mustard, charcoal and red. This space holds them all with white wooden brick tiling and square shapes as a background. | Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov.

yellow-accents-kitchen-black-cabinetry-wooden-chairsMake your kitchen look like an eatery. This-yellow segmented kitchen offers cabinetry in black, a dining area in wood and intermixed white elements to make a restaurant at home. | Visualizer: Tigran Hakobyan.

Scandinavian-kitchen-open-plan-black-low-hanging-lightsTake a trip to the country with a wooden chest bench. Plates hide in the drawer, while black stools, drop lights and honeycomb tiling play to Scandinavia. | Visualizer: Alex Dorokhin.

Scandinavian-kitchen-exposed-brick-wall-French-windowsAn exposed brick wall and floor-to-ceiling French windows make this space inspirational. White cabinetry and wood-feature benches extend to a potted plant to the side. | Visualizer: Tung Le.

mustard-inlet-white-cabinetry-Scandinavian-kitchenShow off your kitchen space with a brightly-coloured inlet. This kitchen frames it in white, leaving the living room to add counterparts. | Visualizer: Miiguel Luque.

chrome-fridge-yellow-accents-Scandinavian-kitchenPrimary colours add the kitsch in this Scandinavian space. Bold block lighting meets with a pea-green chair on a wooden floor, as white and chrome hold the ornamental. | Visualizer: Salih Gocmen.

Scandinavian-monochrome-kitchen-black-accents-white-fridgeSitting on a marble floor, this Scandinavian-inspired space brings elegance with curved white chairs, thin-stencilled tables and a simple white light. A chalkboard panel hints at rebellion. | Visualizer: Vüsal Abbasov.

industrial-kitchen-chrome-cabinetry-white-wallsTake the industrial route with a kitchen clad in steel. This kitchen-come-burger-bar features a chalkboard menu, light-wooden bench shelving and white-and-black idea lights. | Visualizer: Denis Krasikov.

Scandinavian-kitchen-white-walls-white-drop-lightA Scandinavian kitchen can line a room. This kitchen wows in all-white, while simple prints and a patterned splashback show its function. | Visualizer: Linee Studio.

Scandinavian-dining-room-inspirational-chalkboard-quotesThis black-and-white kitchen is a hipster’s heaven. Black dome lighting over a wooden table and chair sit beside a chalkboard wall, bike, and opaque cabinet doors. | Visualizer: Mockup Render.

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kitchen-with-Scandinavian-design-white-walls-chalkboard-featuresA chalkboard can beautifully blend black and white elements. White cabinetry and chairs sit amongst a black bookcase, stove and wooden table, while white-on-black chalk creates harmony between the two. Do check out our feature on similar black and white kitchens if this theme excites you. | Visualizer: Anastasiia Andreichenko.

inspirational-quote-on-blackboard-wall-Scandinavian-kitchenA blackboard can also extend a space. White cabinetry with a black inlet looks spacious enough to house large calligraphic writing, chairs and a bike. A black wall plays the same trick with large, square windows. | Visualizer: Mockup Render.

yellow-fridge-polished-wood-floors-Scandinavian-kitchenChalkboards don’t have to be a feature. A yellow SMEG steals its thunder, while wood-topped floors and benches play among industrial white lighting. | Visualizer: Sergey Prudkyi.

compartmentalised-kitchen-block-cubby-holes-grey-cabinetryFeature walls can be functional. This kitchen boasts wooden cubby holes as a living wall, while grey beehive tiling and white-and-grey cabinetry offer a background. | Visualizer: Lyudmyla Dumin.

all-wood-cabinetry-Scandinavian-kitchenWhy not let white be the feature? This kitchen uses wood as the background, white as the wow factor in an LED-lit inlet, tables and chairs. Monochromatic aspects compare and contrast, culminating in a geometric black-and-white floor. | Visualizer: Kul Design.

Spot-tiled-floor-black-cabinetry-Scandinavian-kitchenThe tiles do the talking in this black French kitchen with light-blue inlets. Matching walls and an amber light add the regal to floored potted plants. | Visualizer: İbrahim Ethem kısacık.

chequered-floor-kitchen-mustard-cabinetryA dramatic twist, a chequered floor is a perfect match for mustard cabinetry. White provides a canvas in a bench, walls and dining area, while six monochrome prints bring them together. | Visualizer: Bora Evgar.

IKEA-kitchen-varnished-wooden-panelsThe seventies become contemporary in this wood-laden space, resplendent with living wall. Long drawer handles and a boat steer are afforded space by white matte walls. | Visualizer: Mockup Render.

white-wood-stencil-chandelier-Scandinavian-kitchenThe little elements can make all the difference. A golden cobweb chandelier sits over a beachy wooden table. White chairs join the party with different-coloured wooden legs. | Visualizer: Level Archviz.

grey-benches-checkered-floor-art-deco-kitchenThe Scandinavian achieves a more contemporary look in grey-panelled cabinetry. Wooden floors and white walls add the traditional, while a teardrop light and potted plants lure visitors in. | Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd.

Scandinavian-kitchen-stencil-wooden-bench-frameBreak the mould with wooden features that extend to the ceiling. This wooden ceiling box stores plates, houses ornaments and hangs black dome lights. Patterned grey tiling lurks beyond in an inlet, while a table, rather than bench, opens up the space. | Visualizer: Oleg Sidorov.

simple-wooden-frames-Scandinavian-kitchenA kitchen can look stunning with a feature wall. This charcoal matte beauty is matched by a grey-patterned counterpart, as a wooden stencil table frees up more room. | Visualizer: Akshay Yaravalli.

Scandinavian-kitchen-low-hanging-chrome-extractor-fanLove clean lines? This kitchen is after your own heart in a crescent extractor fan, chrome splashback, and black wooden cabinet in the simplest of detailing. | Visualizer: Kaan Kılıçay.

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number-led-kitchen-white-extractor-fan-large-calendarA darker kitchen adds a factor of surprise. This black-and-white beauty pops off silver drop lighting as it forms cylinders, black boards and Venetian blinds. | Visualizer: Wiktoria Ginter.

Scandinavian-kitchen-oscillating-wooden-panelling-leaning-elementsAlternate wooden panelling with a striking recycled-wood floor. A six-piece painting draws the eye to white cabinetry housing dark wood. | Visualizer: Vladimir Prichina.

white-and-wood-kitchen-Scandinavian-feel-pink-tulipsMake the lightest room a corner, with this space for inspiration. A gorgeous French window opens up to white cabinetry, beige inlet tiling and wooden-topped eating and cooking spaces. | Source: Svenskfast.

feature-art-kitchen-varnished-wooden-benchArt offers a focal point for any kitchen. This space drapes the lady in stencil lanterns and exposed white brick, foregrounding in a wooden inlet and dipped stools. | Visualizer: Int2 Architecture.

rustic-kitchen-white-exposed-brick-wooden-chestsEnter a modern jungle with hanging plant life, dark wooden chest benching and grey wooden floors. Chrome-look pans and exposed brick add the urban. | Visualizer: Volkan Kaçar.

black-cabinetry-kitchen-monochrome-distressedMake monochrome art-deco with distressed black benches and alternating coloured switches. A gold-rimmed clock and tap watch afront classic tiling. | Photographer: Jonas Berg.

house-plan-showing-kitchen-ScandinavianPlan your rooms with this alternative view of a kitchen space. Lightly-patterned wallpaper greets white, black, grey and wood to help integrate scattered elements. | Visualizer: Victor Naumik.

eclectic-kitchen-drop-lighting-honeycomb-tilingAccent your kitchen with art deco tiles. This space uses squares and stencils in wood and black, to add just enough character to a busy floor. | Visualizer: Zrobym Architects.

scandinavian-exposed-brick-kitchen-yellow-accentsPops of yellow shine on a Scandinavian canvas. A sunshine-yellow storage frame hangs over a grey-lacquered benchtop, exposed grey brick and mint-and-mesh stooling. | Visualizer: Fırat Bekiroğlu.

simple-Scandinavian-kitchen-black-dome-lightingA blackboard wall is a simpler approach to monochrome. Block black and white are softened by light wood, while multi-colour chalk plans out the week. | Visualizer: Tomek Michalski.

stencilled-white-kitchen-pastel-huesScandinavian backdrops are the perfect canvas for lighter shades. Stunning light-wood stencilling frames a milk-shed interior, as three teal kitchen pendant lights dangle through. | Source: Muuto.

simplistic-kitchen-white-walls-potted-treeTight on kitchen space? This design has the answer in a varnished wooden floor, wall-hugging white cabinetry and marble LED-lit inlet. | Visualizer: Vitaliy Chubko.

bare-Scandinavian-kitchen-white-tiled-floor-open-black-framed-windowRough elements introduce a rustic feel. White benches, seating and flooring welcome textured walls, a rough wooden table and pillar. Dome One-Light is the dining pendant used here and Caravaggio, the kitchen pendant. | Visualizer: darstellungsart.

white-and-wood-kitchen-minimalist-stencil-stoolsKeep it sweet with honeycomb detailing, a point of difference for any Scandinavian kitchen. A light curtain billows into white block elements and careful warm-wooden edging. Two kitchen bar stools and a lantern play with stencilling. | Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov.

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Scandinavian-kitchen-light-and-white-black-stencil-clockWhite and wood help features stand out. Potted plants, a black kitchen clock and wooden edging draw the eye. | Visualizer: Tyron Humphris.

light-and-bright-Scandinavian-kitchen-hanging-potsAchieve practicality with class. This kitchen calls on a drilled wooden wall to juxtapose tailored French cabinetry and a charcoal window ledge dotted with concrete herb planters. | Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia.

70s-Scandinavian-kitchen-cube-design-silver-and-black-tiled-floorMonochromatic hues find expression in this zen-themed kitchen. A striking tile design shows Asian influence; scattered books, pots, and potted plants Scandinavia. | Visualizer: Zenit Design.

grey-and-light-wood-Scandinavian-kitchenHousing ornaments in wood, this space exudes pure white space. A grey slingback, simple illustration and chiffon curtains sit to the side. | Visualizer: Dark Room Studio.

plain-white-cabinetry-chrome-features-Scandinavian-kitchenGo minimalist with wide, white cabinetry with pops of chrome. A French window and hanging plant introduce nature. | Visualizer: Mohit Sanchaniya.

White-minimalist-kitchen-hanging-pot-plantsCreate a more natural feel with lighter wood tones. More potted plants drape and hide behind grey accents on large-format slate tiling. | Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko.

studio-kitchen-all-white-minimalistForm shapes in simple white, for the smaller space. This kitchen winds around an all-white stove, extractor fan and bench to add light to the room. | Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny.

Scandinavian-kitchen-light-wood-white-simple-round-featuresLit by a camouflaged lamp, this kitchen adds to the Scandinavian with pastel blue cabinetry, light wood, plain white shelving and a classic SMEG. | Visualizer: AM Studio.

simple-kitchen-white-and-wood-ScandinavianStencils create character in chair legs and differently-shaped drop lighting. Wide panes of white and wood form shapes, while traditional Scandinavian elements peek behind white brick. | Visualizer: Kanan Mammadov.

white-brick-wall-bench-shelving-Scandinavian-kitchenBring black to Scandinavia with French cabinetry in a darker hue. A chrome fridge and oven make classic white and wood contemporary. | Visualizer: Natalia Okolus.

Scandinavian-kitchen-green-and-blue-chairs-black-and-white-tilesMake thinly-lined tiles the feature in an urban jungle atmosphere. This kitchen mixes it up with a black SMEG and cabinetry, hanging plants and mismatching schoolboy chairs. | Visualizer: aTng 糖.

relaxed-Scandinavian-kitchen-striped-rug-schoolboy-chairsThe Scandinavian is simple enough to act minimal. Wooden floors and a white tiled inlet meet a striped rug, wide-paned cabinets and a death star-style lamp. | Visualizer: MSR.

light-wooden-floor-white-brick-Scandinavian-kitchen-1White brick and cabinetry open a light and bright space dotted with white accessories, a central wooden table, black stencil legs and lighting. | Source: Stadshem.

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