Simple Bedroom Decorating Idea
Simple Bedroom Decorating Idea

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Make Your Space Stand Out

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Did you know that you spend over a third of your life in your bedroom? Well, in your bed to be more exact but you get the point. There is a huge benefit to creating a bedroom that you love, and these simple decor tips can help you create a room your friends will rave about.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Make Your Space Stand Out. Comfortable seaside space styled room with hovering platform bed

Stand Out With Comfort

The first and most important characteristic of any bedroom is comfort. Your bedroom must be comfortable and allow you to achieve deep quality sleep so you can wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated every morning.

To make your bedroom stand out in terms of comfort, you can’t look past a memory foam mattress. Do some research – you will quickly discover that memory foam mattresses are the best-rated mattresses for incredible sleep. One of the key reasons they are rated as the best is that memory foam creates a cooling mattress. A cooling mattress is a perfect companion for better sleep.

A memory foam mattress can help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Sleeping on the most comfortable bed will guarantee that your bedroom stands out with comfort.

Stand Out With Color

Color is an effortless way to make a statement and allow your bedroom to shine as the best room in the house.

The best bedroom colors need to look good but also help you sleep. Try to stay away from bold and distracting colors such as red and purple – while they might look good; chances are they will keep you up at night.

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The best bedroom colors include blue, grey, white, light yellow, light green. Anything that has a calming effect and is accessible on the eye.

If you do want to use a loud statement color, a simple way to achieve the best of both worlds is to use the color as a feature wall behind your bed frame. Doing so will ensure you can make your room stand out and still get fantastic sleep.

Stand Out With Creativity

There are endless ways to make your bedroom stand out if you are a creative soul. Artwork is a popular way to add flair to the bedroom. A big statement piece of artwork above the headboard can set a tone of creativity in the room. Similarly, a statement piece of furniture can achieve quite the same. Large printed cushions, macrame-designed textiles, faux fur rugs, and luxurious ottomans will transfer your bedroom into one that you really love.

Stand Out With Functionality

While some love creativity, others prefer to function. Functional bedrooms are great as they are easy to clean and promote more minimalist design, which is said to have links to better wellbeing.

A key place for functionality is at the bedside – a gorgeous pair of 3 drawer nightstands are the way to go if you want to make the most of the space you have. Modern nightstands with 3 drawers provide ample space for storing everything you need within arms reach when you lay in bed.

We can accumulate quite a lot at the bedside. Think books, chargers, remote controls, water bottles, medicine, tissues, paperwork – the list goes on. A nightstand with drawers is an absolute must-have if you want your bedroom to stand out with a functional design.

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There are so many nightstand options on the market. You can find a 3 drawer nightstand to suit just about any style of bedroom decor. Silver nightstands or grey nightstands are great for minimalist design.

Other ways to stand out with functionality are to create creative storage solutions that assist with decluttering the bedroom. A storage bed frame or metal bed frame with enough storage underneath helps you tuck away any extras and increase your floor space.

Floating shelving is another functional bedroom styling solution that creates more free space in the bedroom.

Stand Out With Greenery

Indoor plants are all the buzz at the moment, especially in the bedroom. The reason why plants have become so popular is that they add a great sense of vibrancy, freshness to decor, and the air in the bedroom.

The best indoor plants that can help your bedroom stand out are:

Snake plant:  Snake plants are popular because of their two-tone colors, long beautiful shape, and easy care.

Corn plants: Corn plants are also straightforward to care for. They can grow big and are perfect to place in the corner of the bedroom. If you’re lucky, you may even see some small flowers on the plant.

Kentia Palm: These big glorious palms enjoy the shade and can stand alone as a statement piece in the corner of the bedroom. They have a really lovely arch that demands attention – but it’s so easy to care for!

No matter how you would like your bedroom to stand out, always put your comfort first – when you are feeling nice and rest, you will always have the energy to decorate! The key essential is a comfy, best-rated mattress where you can wake up energized and stand out in the world!

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